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  • CNC machined from G-10 laminate material for a perfect fit
  • Thinnest grips available, anywhere, for the 90 series Beretta
  • .075" thinner than the 724 grip series
  • Aggressive textures for enhanced grip under any range conditions
  • Small palm swell
  • For all full size Beretta® 92/96 compatible frames

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A true game changer!
After installing the Wilson Combat short reach trigger, 13# hammer spring and now the ultra thin G10 grips my 92A1 is my perfect all around handgun! Amazing Fit!
Worth every cent and then some!
Initially the price had me skeptical and after a few months of mulling it over the sex appeal of the Wilson Combat Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical got to me and I had to buy a set for my 92A1. Having never owned a pistol that the grips werent integral to the frame, I unknowingly assumed that aftermarket grips served primarily aesthetic purposes and any minor improvement over the factory grips was a secondary feature. Over the past 6 months Ive steadily been upgrading my 92A1 with Wilson Combats Beretta parts wanting the grips for the looks aline all the while. I bought these grips on sale at 10% off and holy ****** **** what an incredible difference theyve made! The looks alone were the reason I bought them initially but now that I have them the grip that they provide over Beretta factory grips is the reason I love them. They are unparalleled even by Hogues rubber style grips. If youre unsure if they are worth $75 then take my word for it that they are worth even more! I went with the Ultra Thin version since I have about average sized hands and the 92A1s grip is a tad on the large side for my hands. They have made my 92A1 feel like a custom shop quality pistol. I can get a full purchase and rock solid grip that has given me a new confidence with the pistol. Knowing now the difference that these grips make to the 92A1 I would gladly pay double for them and Ill have a set on every pistol I own in the future that can wear them. The only con is that one grip didnt sit all the way down properly out of the box and I take to a tiny amount of material off the upper screw hole to get it to sit properly. It took less than 30 seconds with a sharp pocket knife to round out a slight flat spot in one of the drill holes. After that they fit perfectly. Aside from that I have absolutely zero complaints and can easily over look that tiny issue and only mention it because Im trying to curb my enthusiasm and love for them to write an accurate review.
No brainer
These grips are an absolute must. I installed them on my 92A1 and they completely changed the look and feel of an already great pistol. The thin profile makes it much more comfortable to handle and the Dirty Olive is a nice way to break up the monotony of the all black. Thanks for the great addition, WC!
Beretta Perfection
I just installed a set of the Ultra Thin grips on my M9A1 and without doubt, these are the best feeling grips I have ever used on a 92-series pistol. Combining these grips with the 14 lb chrome silicon hammer spring has literally transformed this pistol into a totally different animal. Thank you Wilson Combat for putting the effort you have into the 92 platform.