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  • CNC machined from G-10 laminate material for a perfect fit
  • Thinnest grips available, anywhere, for the 90 series Beretta
  • .075" thinner than the 724 grip series
  • Aggressive textures for enhanced grip under any range conditions
  • Small palm swell
  • For all full size Beretta® 92/96 compatible frames

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Beretta Grips
Excellent buy!
I read a review that said these transformed their 92. I was skeptical. I shouldn't have been. These transformed my Brigadier. Just buy them. You won't regret it.
Good Lord, why did I wait so long? It is like a new pistol. Definitely recommend.
Grips arrived today and my 92FS feels like a new gun. These grips are a must have.
Grips help with positive control of weapon
Purchased the ultra thin grips for my old model 92FS. It made a significant difference of maintaining control of the weapon, specifically during rapid fires. Some one with small to medium hands would benefit greatly. That being stated, having been conditioned to fire the weapon with its stock components changed up my shooting with the new grips so I have to re adjust, but thats not the weapons fault. I bought the grips during the Christmas special so I got a great deal... recommend thank you Wilson
Game Changer
Just received my Ultra Thin grips today and installed them. It made the Beretta much more ergonomic and allowed me to reliably actuate the mag release without a huge grip change or needing to install an extended mag release. Just what I needed
Amazing transformation !
I got these ultra thin WC grips for my Elite II along with the short reach trigger, it made such a noticeable improvement on a gun I have been shooting for over 14 years. I would recommend this upgrade for all Beretta owners who wants a better grip and an amazing transformation !
One word, WOW!. Buy it, you wont be disappointed.
Dramatic difference
Make it your first upgrade. They make a dramatic difference. Completely removes the chunky feel of the pistol. If I had to choose only one upgrade to make, this would be it.
These grips make a world of difference! They fit perfectly, installed easily, and completely change the ergonomics of the gun. These grips essentially solve any problems you may have with the chunky grip of the 92. Buy these grips - theyre worth it. Screws are NOT included.
Very nice
I installed these before I even shot the weapon. The feel was so much nicer and it proved true when I took the gun out for the first time. Very comfortable and just the right texture
VZ ultra thin grips
Got mine today and immediately installed them. Along with the other Wilson Combat parts Ive installed I now have the perfect combat/carry 92fs going. The grips add a nice accent, a superior feel and grip and a touch of class the factory grips just dont have.
Excellent grip replacement for my 96A1
I have read VZ Grip reviews and loved the WC logo so I figured Id give these a try to replace my stock plastic grips. I figured, how ultra thin can these possibly be, since the original grips already seemed fairly thin, considering.. Amazing how just a fraction of an inch can translate into such a more comfortable feel. This grip feels more like my Px4 Storm, than my 96A1 as far as thickness is concerned, and with the texture, these grips are completely awesome! Im not usually a 5 star kind of guy, but there it is.
Just installed a pair of these on my Beretta 92fs Expensive but worth every cent. Thanks WC
Thinnest Beretta 92 Grips Found
These grips are the thinnest and strongest Ive found anywhere. EXTREMELY thin. Perfect texture for good grip, but not rough on the hands. Absolute perfect fit. These feel close to having no grips attached to your pistol at all, but with great texture. Purchase if you are looking for the best manufactured, thinnest grips for the Beretta 92, anywhere.
Great grips!
Grippy, very thin, and extremely comfortable! Miles above the factory grips as well as others Ive tried. And they look absolutely gorgeous. Ships with rubber o-rings to secure against loosening screws. Expensive, but Im glad I made the jump. Worth every penny.
Transforms the feel of my Beretta!
What a change in the fit and feel - perfect! Have tried lots of different ones and these are hands down the best. Totally transforms my 92FS. Thanks for a great, high quality product!