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  • CNC machined from G-10 laminate material for a perfect fit
  • Thinnest grips available, anywhere, for the 90 series Beretta
  • .075" thinner than the 724 grip series
  • Aggressive textures for enhanced grip under any range conditions
  • Small palm swell
  • For all full size Beretta® 92/96 compatible frames

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Oh My God
I have smaller hands and my Beretta M9 has been great but not perfect in terms of grip. I was searching for thin grips for a long time and finally purchased this one. It came in 4 days. As soon as I put them on, oh, my, God, such a huuuuuuuge difference. I’m amazed how big of a difference it made just because of the curvy shape in the middle of it. I was totally shocked. The gun became a part of me with this grip. I’m so happy. Definitely recommend! Can’t wait to go to the range. Even my wife who has 0 interest in guns said it felt different!
G10 Ultra Thin Black Cherry Grips
Purchased these grips for my Beretta 92FS just over a year ago. What an improvement over both factory plastic and the checkered wood grips I had purchased! The grip size is noticeably thinner and much more comfortable/controllable than any I've tried. That said, the G10 grips have started to fade/oxidize. What can be done to bring back the original color?
Night and Day Difference!
I have had my 92FS for 28 years now, and it has always seemed to feel like more of a "handful" compared to my other high capacity pistols. I installed these grips today, and I must say, what a difference! Way to go Wilson Combat!
Love these grips
These grips take my beretta to the next level, they really make it feel at home in my hand
Made a world of difference
I have a 92A1 and have gone through a couple of different grip sets but was never happy and always ended up putting the factory black plastic grips back on it. I had looked at these grips many times before and just never bought them because I thought I could save some money and get another set that would work. Man was that a costly mistake. When I finally bought these and slapped them on my 92A1....holy sh*$!! These are the grips that all other grips should be judged by. I dont have to break my grip to press the mag release now. I was really amazing at how much better my beretta feels. I have been recommending these grips to everyone I know that has a beretta. If you are on the fence about buying a set, I cannot recommend these grips enough. Do yourself a favor and get them!
100 Percent Awesome!
I recently purchased a set of these G10 ultra thin grips for my 92FS. I found the factory Beretta grips to be adequate, and the pistol fits my hand like a glove but wanted just a bit more. These grips are perfect. They added more aggressive texture and are slightly thinner just below the dovetail. It allows for more reach with my trigger finger and seats the pistol firmly in my grip. I highly recommend these for those who want to take their 92 series to a whole new level.
Huge difference in my 92A1! Takes the gun from feeling kind of chunky in the hand to almost feeling slim - I gained almost 3/8 additional reach to my trigger finger. I have to say I was a little apprehensive ordering these due to the cost, but am shocked in the difference. The grip screws sit flush using the provided o-rings as locking devices - I did not experience an issue with screws protruding in contrast to some of the other reviews.
Just Perfect!
I have long loved the Beretta 92 but being a short guy with smallish hands have always felt like the pistol grip was SLIGHTLY too meaty for my paws. I just installed the new grips and now my 92 feels perfect in my hand. The black cherry color, almost brown, is mild enough to not disrupt the aesthetics of a black pistol yet give it a subtle characteristic that sets the gun apart from its stock counterparts. It also fits perfectly and was a breeze to install. I highly recommend this quality product.
Excellent grips
A little on the pricey side but well worth it if you want to have a firm grip on your fs92 note youre really gotta hunker down on the screws with the rubber rings provided to get the grips panels to fit tight at least I had to but overall very satisfied very cool makes a gun look great thank you Wilson Combat
On a 92FS INOX
Pretty pricey, but functional. My search for the most thin grips for a Full Size Beretta ended with Wilson Combat. They are made by VZ but look very handsome with the Wilson Combat medallion; also these Ultra Thin grips cannot be found on the VZ website for sale.
This is what I was looking for
This gives you a grip on a double stack M9/92/96 very similar to a single stack 45acp 1911. Not sure if youll feel the difference? You will, absolutely you will. If youre looking for a thinner grip, this is it - and its a high quality grip with great texture. Did I like it?- yea, I bought the same thing for my 92 compact.
Beretta Ultra Thin Grips
Just installed the grips on my Beretta 92. Love the feel and looks, simple easy to install and fits perfectly. Thanks Wilson Combat for another great item.
Thats a spicy Meatball!
Momma Mia what different feel, going to put these on all my 92s.. try it youll like it. If your looking for a smaller grip the handle on these are the best your going to get.