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Now you can have a high ride beavertail grip safety on your 1911 pistol without modifying the frame.

  • Better Control of Your Pistol
  • Eliminates Discomfort and Hammer Bite
  • Return Your Pistol to Stock Condition by Simply Re-Installing the Factory Part
  • Designed to Work with a Commander Style Hammer or a Bobbed Spur Hammer
  • Fits Colt Style 1911 Frames


Our drop-in beavertail grip safety provides better control of your pistol while eliminating the discomfort and hammer bite that are possible with stock grip safeties. To return your gun to stock condition, simply re-install the factory part. The drop-in safety is designed to work with a commander style hammer or a bobbed spur hammer. Due to variations from one pistol to the next, slight modifications to the beavertail's trigger engagement area may be required for proper operation.

Compatible with the following pistols:

  • Auto Ordnance 1911A1
  • Auto Ordnance Pit Bull
  • Colt 1991A1
  • Colt Government Model
  • Colt Gold Cup
  • Ithaca 1911A1
  • Military Issue 1911A1
  • Norinco 1911 
  • Para-Ordnance GI Expert
  • Para-Ordnance P-12
  • Para-Ordnance P-13
  • Para-Ordnance P-14
  • Remington R1
  • Rock Island Armory Full-Size 1911
  • Rock River 1911
  • Springfield Armory Mil-Spec 1911


Read more about installing/fitting this beavertail grip safety here.

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I installed one of these on my 1991A1 probably 10 years ago. Minor fitting for the trigger bar and it works perfectly and looks terrific. Highly recommend it. I have also installed one on 2 Springfield Armory 1911’s and two Colt Commanders. All have required just a minor bit of fitting to the trigger bar. Small price to pay for the increase in shooting comfort and looks.
Drop in fit for Para 12 .45
After trying a couple of other options, this one was a winner. Direct drop in fit for my Para 12. Functioned with no fitting. Very happy with the purchase
Awesome part!
My Colt Delta Elite had a beavertail with a bump that bit the top of my hand.With only some minor filing and polishing part fits beautiful! No large gaps ,nice fit in the frame and feels great when shooting .Way to go Wilson!!
Ria 9mm 1911-a1 gi
True drop in part!! No fitting required! I upgraded from the original dove tail and absolutely love it
Would recommend
Great drop-in product. I installed it in my Springfield 1911 A1. I’m completely happy with it.
Doesnt fit Colt Series 70 Competition
Doesnt rattle as original Colt safety, has better bump than original Colt safety and works without any tweaks. Unfortunately doesnt fit my Colt at all as it leaves huge gap between beavertail and frame tang, will try commander one. Quality of finish way above my original safety.
Springfield Armory 1911-A1 Mil Spec
Beautiful parts, however I want to share for other Springfield Armory 1911-A1 Stainless or Parkerized that this is not a drop, a fair amount of fitting will be REQUIRED. Namely, the Radius on the frame will protrude out and even cut you if you have a proper high grip. The beaver tail safety wont move freely either. I am not saying this is a bad product not by any means but, rather for Springfield Armory 1911-A1 MilSpec, this is not a drop-in with minior fit and finishing with some 80 grit sand paper you will need a gunsmith or the skills of a competent one.
WC 629SG drop-in Beavertail
I added all new WC drop-in beavertail grip safety, hammer, hammer spur and trigger to my Remington R1S. The beavertail needed a little fitting in the notch on the tang. There is a gap on the beavertail, but I can live with it. It looks and feels great.
Colt 1991A1 Near Perfect Fit!
Bought this grip safety for my custom Colt 1991A1 we had made while in Afghanistan. This grip safety fits perfectly - it looks like it was made to fit the pistol! No gaps anywhere. I compared my Colt 1991 to a Colt 1911 Series 80 I have and the grip tangs seem a little longer on the 1991 so no gap! The only thing I had to do was file a small amount of material off the tab that meets the trigger bar - I used the old grip safety as a guide. I cant speak for other 1911 models but if you have a Colt 1991 this grip safety will fit very nicely!
Drop-in part for SR1911
This is a drop-in part for the SR1911 providing you like a large gap. It does work well, and is not in a location that pinches, or damages your skin.
Easy Switch
Drops right in like it claims. Needed no filing. Fitted to a AMC Government Model Mil Spec. Looks good, thank you Wilson Combat.
Real Drop-in parts!! Super
I was amazed the part was as they said Drop-in. no final fitting was needed. Thanks a lot!!
Drop in may be be not quite so drop in.
Bought this and a metric crap ton of other stainless upgrades for my RIA US Govt. 1911. Incl. 6SN thumb safety, 299S hammer, and 190 trigger. To say that this item was drop in is saying that a new 18 wheeler is just another ol truck. Things fit after some careful and gentle effort on my part. Not being a gunsmith I was at a marked disadvantage though. After a few hours of contemplation and polishing and fitting though I had a pretty sweet little pistol. First trip to the range verified that also in the delightful way that it performed flawlessly. First rate quality of manufacture here but be aware that it may be more than what you are expecting to do. Experience is your friend here. Best couple of days on and off of my life I have ever spent though.
RIA FS Govt. 9mm upgrades
Thanks to Wilson Combats drop ins I was able to truly drop this in along with 455B hammer and 314C sear. Fit is perfect!
Old school weapon with a face lift
Holy cow I had a worn out norinco 1911 put a few wilson parts in it and now its a 45 slinging beast! Grip safety feels like a dream after a little stoning to match my old frame.
Perfect fit!
Installed in my remington r1s and it really was drop in, no fitting was needed. this grip saftey looks awsome.
Drop in beaver tail
Awesome product fit and finish was top notch had the safety fitted in under an hour in my p12 accents the black finish well defiantly worth the money
Para GI Expert SS
Dropped right into the gun. No problem at all. Major improvement over the factory grip safety.
Great product
I got the hammer and tail they went in just like the factory parts I have remington 1911 R1 what a nice job you guys thanks I love them
A no-brainer, literally dropped into my RIA
I wondered how well these work, as I have used only fitted beavertails in the past. I bought an RIA 1911 in nickel finish, and didnt want to mod the frame. This part literally dropped into the RIA with no fitting, even of the safety arm. First time ever. The fit/look is better than I expected, and the function and feel in the hand is identical to fitted. Highly recommended.
Complete Drop In
I was pleased to see that on my Colt 1991-a1 Govt mod 80, the beavertail needed absolutely NO fine tuning. I plan on getting the combat hammer which is needed since the stock colt hammer would not cock back all the way hit the upsweep in the beavertail. For now, I just removed, with a dremmel, a small part of the hammer rail so it would fit down in the beavertail. Great Product.
parausa 1911 gi expert SS
no issues. beaver-tail dropped right in perfectly like a oem part. i tossed the standard GI grip-safety. definitely adds a distinct upraised value to any 1911...also purchase a stainless steel drop-in trigger...
best add on for the 1911
Ive carried the 1911 for 20years. Ive always thought how can you improve on perfection well now I know. I was ready to have to fit this to my gun when it arrived WRONG it dropped into my springfeild GI like it was fitted to it. Hand placement is the key to a good shot. Ive known that for years got the scars from it to. Made control so much better got me back on target faster and showed me where i was messing up.
Perfect product
If I could give it 6 stars....I would. It literally fell into place on my Para GI Expert. I had my file, vice, and patience all ready for it to arrive and didnt need any of them. I slid the mainspring housing down about a 1/4 of an inch, dropped it into place, tested it a little bit for any friction or resistance, and reassembled my weapon. Maybe I got lucky but this was a perfect fit, I didnt have to alter anything. The first thing you will notice is that once you get it in place, is that it looks outstanding. The second thing, and now most importantly, is that when you handle the weapon, your hand naturally goes in the correct postion. Im somewhat of an experienced shooter and still hunt for the best grip from time to time. The beavertail makes you hold the 1911 properly. I wanted to at least mention that because it seems like the focus is on the reduced chance for hammer bite on the webbing of you palm. Yes, it does eliminate that and thats why I bought it. But finding the perfect grip everytime without thought was a tremendous bonus. If someone had told me that it affects your grip so much, in a good way, I wouldnt have believed them. I wanted to fire the thing right there in my livingroom! The next day I shot 200 rounds and was amazed. It doesnt effect the recoil, but you dont have to readjust you grip every 4 or 5 shots. I have been averaging about a 3 inch group at 20 yards for the first few rounds but always had to stop to regrip. Thats time and accuracy lost. Since I stopped to adjust my grip that often, I had to get back on target half way through my mag. Now I can run 8+1 without any pause and my hand doesnt slowly move up the grip anymore. The 1911 is already a comfortabe weapon but unless you have a quality beavertail, its like only watching the previews to a great movie. Buy it.
All parts
I have a Colt 1991-A1 that I fitted this part to.Works great after fitting. I also have the Wilson trigger, hammer, mag release,firing pin stop, barrel bushing, speed chute,plus numerous 47d magazines, and one 10 round mag.Everything works great. Eventually the gun will be sent in for complete going going over by the Wilson crew.
does what it says it does
This part is a drop in, but do not expect it to work well without a few judicious strokes with a file to make it exact. This final fitting is expected and desirable for perfect operation in the weapon, as no two are exactly alike. Great addition, protects hammer and has the memory bump to put it where it needs to be. Would recommend Wilson parts to anyone who asks me, friends more than enemies.
A true drop in part
Installed this on my RIA GI. Literally pulled out of package and re-assembled. Looks fantastic and functions even better! Nice to have a true drop in part available. Thanks Wilson!!! I also purchased stainless bobbed hammer, and trigger. ALL PARTS DROPPED IN BEAUTIFULLY!