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Now you can have a high ride beavertail grip safety on your 1911 pistol without modifying the frame.

  • Better Control of Your Pistol
  • Eliminates Discomfort and Hammer Bite
  • Return Your Pistol to Stock Condition by Simply Re-Installing the Factory Part
  • Designed to Work with a Commander Style Hammer or a Bobbed Spur Hammer
  • Fits Colt Style 1911 Frames


Our drop-in beavertail grip safety provides better control of your pistol while eliminating the discomfort and hammer bite that are possible with stock grip safeties. To return your gun to stock condition, simply re-install the factory part. The drop-in safety is designed to work with a commander style hammer or a bobbed spur hammer. Due to variations from one pistol to the next, slight modifications to the beavertail's trigger engagement area may be required for proper operation.

Compatible with the following pistols:

  • Colt Commander Model
  • Colt Officer's Model
  • Colt Enhanced Government Model
  • Colt Enhanced Gold Cup


Read more about installing/fitting this beavertail grip safety here.

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Colt LW Officer's ACP
Needed some fitting at the trigger, otherwise it was drop-in. Fits the frame nice. Much better than the duckbill safety.
Would buy again
The grip safety fit the frame well and fits the hand well after fitting. I like the pad at the end of safety for positive engagement. The trigger stop has plenty of metal to allow to be fitted to a wide range of frames. Mine I had to shorten the length of the stop and bottom so the trigger bow would clear. Did not take a long time to fit.
Minimal Fitting/Not Exactly Drop-in
This grip safety replaces my original rat tail grip safety which the web of my hand is still healing. I took my time ~2 hours, which included minimal filing to the tab which blocks the trigger. When first installed, the trigger could not be pulled as the underside of the longer portion of the tab was still blocking the trigger bow. Careful filing & stoning of that underside portion of the tab got my grip safety and trigger working. Half this time was spent cleaning and reassembling my Series 80 version of Commander. I highly recommend this part and like the fit and speed bump on this safety.
Colt LW Commander
I bought this to replace the duckbill grip safety on my Colt LW Commander. It took me about 45 minutes of careful filing; checking, filing; checking...and it works perfectly and looks great! I just read up on it here and took my time. I am very pleased with the results. Thanks Wilson Combat.
Great part!
Against poor expectations based on the experts telling me an aftermarket beavertail would never work, this dropped into my llama firestorm compact with only minimal fitting. It looks great, works like a charm and I could not be happier. Thanks for a great part.
Colt 1991A1 compact
High quality drop in part with minimal fitting on my compact. Eventhough the safety is made for a commander it will fit real nice after a little work. Small amount of filing required to clear trigger bar and mainspring housing. Very nice fit at the frame and looks great. Im not a gunsmith and it wasnt hard to make this fit nicely on an officers size 1911. Great product.
Colt Commander
Very good product. Had to do a little dremel work on the piece that enages and disangages the trigger for it to fit properly but all in all it works like a charm.
An absolute gem
The duck bill safety on my enhanced series 80 Gold Cup did not allow the pistol to settle into my hand enough to take advantage of the deeply undercut trigger guard. After some careful fitting of the trigger engagement surfaces with a jewelers file, this safety has corrected that issue. The pistol is far more comfortable to shoot now, and I notice a reduction in felt recoil. The memory pad is smaller and somewhat less pronounced than the Brown safety on my new Dan Wesson, but quite frankly fits my hand better, and engagement/disengagement is no less positive. Fit of this drop-in is actually to closer tolerances than the factory Colt safety. The flats on the beaver tail dont match well with those on the frame, but as a form follows function guy, this bothers me little. I recommend the Wilson 429BC to anyone who does not wish to modify/refinish their receiver. It simply works as advertised. Pros: Absolute flawless function. No modification to the receiver required. Cons: Not a perfect match of all contours, but any mismatch is minor.
Fit like factory
I put this on a Colt Lightweight Commander from the 70s. It required only a small amount of filing to the leg that blocks the trigger. Otherwise the fit is great.
Not quite Drop-in for Colt New Agent, Series 90
purchased for my Colt New Agent Series 90 and it required fitting. After taking it David at Big G Outdoor Sports in Lancaster SC, he fit it perfectly and even made a slight modification to shorten the tail at the hammer. Its better than I couldve imagined, am very happy with the safety and with Davids work.
If you can thake the old one out you can put this one in
When they say drop in they mean it. I had my new one in within minutes. Easily the best money I have spent on my 1911 to date. Mine is a model 80 combat commander. Fits great looks great and fires great. I recommend it to everyone.
Great Customer Service and Product
I bought this for my Colt New Agent. This fits great at all points and makes the compact frame much easier for my wife to handle. Customer service had all the answers and they kept me from having to reorder due to me being a little to agressive with the file. I use only Wilson combat parts and they make all of my 1911s look and perform better.
works well
Loved it once I got it installed. Had to shave a little bit off of the rear of my frame to get the pin holes aligned.
Just like original equipment
You would never guess it did not come on the gun. It fit my Colt Commander perfectly and installed with just a very small amount of fitting to the trigger bow. Anyone could have installed it.
A True Drop-In
Many years ago I asked a local pistol smith to add an extended Beavertail to my Commander. Sadly at the time he said he could not install one. My Commander is the Lightweight model with an alloy and the smith said he could not modify the alloy frame. A few months ago I had the Commander worked on again and this time the smith working on my pistol said Wilson Combat had a Drop-In safety that required no modifications to the alloy frame. I had him order one and it was a true Drop-In part. It fits like a glove and matches perfectly to the frame. Colt could have not done any better if this had been an option when I origionally purchased the pistol. Believe it when Wilson Combat says it is a Drop-In part. You will not be unhappy with the products or with their service.