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Wilson Combat has reengineered the SIG-SAUER P365/P365XL grip frame to optimize its practical shooting and concealed carry potential.  These all-new molded polymer grip modules will enhance your grip and improve recoil control.  Our significant improvements in shape, texture, and overall ergonomics will give your P365 the superb feel of an expertly hand sculpted custom gun with a simple grip change. These six new models cover standard and XL P365 frames, with or without a manual safety in black and tan color.

Our fresh look at the P365 grip module incorporates the suggestions of tactical trainers, champion shooters, and firearms experts into the final product that has a look that is unmistakably “Wilson”.  We believe it is the most practical, comfortable, and stylish P365 grip available and the ideal choice for concealed carry and defensive handgun use.

These are non-serialized, newly manufactured grip modules and are not serial numbered firearms.

The Wilson Combat SIG-SAUER P365 Polymer Grip Module features:

  • Upgraded, high-cut 1911-style beavertail grip tang for smooth draws
  • Modified backstrap shape for more natural pointing and enhanced grip and recoil control
  • Undercut front-strap and reshaped, radiused trigger guard for the highest grip possible
  • Improved grip traction and increased grip pattern coverage with Wilson Combat’s exclusive Starburst grip pattern on the sides and aggressive texturing on the front and backstrap
  • Internal Slots for Rod-style Tungsten Weights** (Click Here for WC Tungsten Weight Kit)
  • Factory SIG-SAUER magazine release, spring, and lock included
  • Compatible with all standard holsters
  • 1.4 oz
  • 6 1/8" long
  • 3 1/8" tall
  • 2" grip (front to back)
  • 1 1/8" grip (side to side)
  • Compatable with P365-380


**Not compatible with X-Five Tungsten Weights

Light Compatability:

  • Streamlight - TLR-6 Tactical Gun Light
  • Streamlight - TLR-7 Sub Ultra-Compact Tactical Gun Light
  • Crimson Trace LTG 772 Lightguard
  • Crimson Trace LTG 422
  • Sig Sauer Foxtrot365
  • Surefire XSC Micro-Compact Handgun Light
  • Any light compatible with Sig Factory 365 Modules


DISCLAIMER: "SIG" is a federally registered trademark of SIG SAUER Inc. and is one of many trademarks owned by SIG SAUER Inc.

Neither Wilson Combat nor this website is affiliated in any manner with or otherwise endorsed by SIG SAUER Inc.  The use of "SIG" or "SIG SAUER'' on this page is merely to advertise the sale of SIG pistols, parts, or components.  For genuine SIG SAUER Inc. products and parts, visit

P365 Grip Removal/Replacement:

  • Unload and clear your pistol.
  • Remove the slide assembly and set it aside.  Keep your takedown lever in the down position.
  • Remove the rear frame pin from left to right with a small punch.
  • Lift the chassis straight up from the rear at a forward angle out of the stock frame.
  • Install supplied magazine catch, spring, and lock into the WCP365 Grip Module
  • Reverse the process to install the chassis in to the new grip frame.
  • After installation, ensure that the takedown lever is under spring tension and the slide safety lever isn’t blocking the slide, reinstall the slide assembly and move the takedown lever into the locked position.  Ensure that the slide lock and takedown lever have spring tension.
  • Ensure that your pistol functions properly and your magazine drops cleanly after installation of the new grip frame prior to use.


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Nice upgrade!
Installation was a breeze. The hardest part was keeping track of the little mag release spring. Nice upgrade from the stock grip module.
Awesome upgrade!!
After watching a 3-minute video on the Wilson Combat YouTube channel, I installed this grip module in 10 minutes, max. Great ergonomics and perfect texturing. Fits in stock holsters too. Better than grip modules at a much higher price point!
P365 Grip Module
Good value, easy install, excellent improvement in my grip. I do have larger hands and the WC grip module feels as if it was custom made for me. I like the slightly higher grip that I can achieve... the lowering of the bore axis is a real positive. I also appreciate the might be small, but it is a great add. Beyond all that, the aggressiveness of the grip surface is spot on to my preference. I certainly recommend considering this P365 improvement.
Simply put this grip is amazing and a huge improvement
To be honest I was skeptical that this grip would improve the 365 as much as it did. I haven’t shot it yet with the new grip panel, but the texture on the back is amazing, the extra width fits my hand stellar, and it’s nearly impossible to not get a perfect grip while drawing from a holster now. I love the feel and looks. I love, love, love this grip panel. Thank you so much for making it.
Fits hand better than stock frame
I thought this would print more on me but it doesn't. Conceals very well.
A little less comfortable than the stock grip
I purchased the wilson combat grip for my P320 and i absolutely loved it so i figured I'd get one for my P365. I really like the way this grip looks on the 365 but unlike the P320,i find the stock grip to be a little more comfortable than the WC grip. The stock grip has a space for your ring finger to sit where as the WC grip does not so i find that with a tight grip my ring finger gets pushed up against my middle finger making things rather uncomfortable. I intend to make a trip to the range before i make up my mind but unfortunately my first impression suggests that i may be switching back to the stock grip. Such a bummer, i was so excited for this grip. All in all this is a great product, it just doesn't work quite as well for me as i had hoped
Must have for the P365
Absolutely the best upgrade for the P365. I actually like the feel of the original grip, but after changing to the Wilson Combat module I can say that I have a much more control of the pistol, and it looks way better too. Thank you Wilson Combat for making the best EDC pistol even better!
Awesome Grip!
Read a few reviews about this grip and ordered it. Arrived after a few days. Easy change, great comfort and looks fantastic! Much better feel than the stock grip.
The best upgrade for the already-outstanding P365
Ever since our friends at Wilson Combat released their outstanding grip modules for the P320, I had been waiting for the same for the P365. Upon arrival, there were zero installation issues, and the grip module turned what was already an outstanding EDC firearm into a much superior one. Besides a flat trigger, this is, hands down, the best upgrade for the P365.
Great improvement
I have large hands, and have had a real difficult time shooting the P365 well. I just learned about these grip modules a couple days ago, Wilson Combat had it to me in 2 days, went to the range today and was amazed at how much better I could hit with it, even at 25 yards, Worth every penny!
I absolutely love this new grip! If you’ve shot your 365 you know by now the grip is less than desirable. Always wished it had a little wider grip and better mag well and the factory stippling is not aggressive enough. When Wilson released this I jumped on it. I absolutely love the way it feels the weights as well. I liked it so much I got it for my P320X I will be upgrading my Xfive and my carry models as well.
Excellent, other than not really for SAS model
The Good: New grip gives a much better hold in the hand than the factory grip. I also added the tungsten weights for a better balance, and between the better hold on the gun and the added weight, I have much tighter groups with more confidence and speed on follow up shots. The Bad #1: I expected a better fit on the tungsten weights. Without being epoxied in, they are loose. Additionally, the channels where they install are open to the magazine well, so you must be especially careful to not get epoxy into your well. Bad #2: I would not call this compatible with the P365 SAS model. Without filing down the ridge for the slide stop, it is inaccessible without a pick. I understand the need for the ledge for a standard P365, but I had to file the ledge off for the SAS model. There should be a note in the compatibility list, and it would be nice if it were easier to remove. I consider being able to properly clear a weapon as a mandatory requirement. Other than that, it is an excellent design, it just needs a little tweaking.
Wilson Combat quality
Wilson Combat always provides excellent quality. Install was straight forward. I installed the 365SAS and the slide release button which was useless to begin with now has a ledge effectively making it impossible. Doesn't bother me as always slingshot the SAS from the beginning, just thought would mention it. Biggest complaint is 12 round mags don't fit seemless anymore due to grip being slightly larger. I'm sure with feedback like this they will bring something to the market to fix this...hint hint. Highly recommend this though. The grip feels far superior and the finish and final product is awesome.
Feels great in the hand.
The look, feel, fit and finish are just what you would expect from Wilson. I have a medium size hand and the larger grip gives me more control and has made a really good feeling gun even better. Super easy to swap over from the factory Sig grip module. I would love to see Wilson offer matching matching magazines or at least matching base plates for the extended mags to fill the gap at the bottom rear of the grip. The gap isn't an issue in feel but it would look a lot better
The only upgrade you'll need for a 365
Comes with magazine release button kit and directions. The grip is slightly wider than the factory grip. The stippling/sun burst design gives a comfortable grip and really helps you lock your hand onto the gun. My fire control group didn't have any issues dropping into the Wilson Frame. I'm extremely impressed!
Exactly what you'd expect from Wilson Combat
Took about 5 minutes to install, looks and feels great in the hand. Other than the texture, the main difference seems to be a thicker back strap which feels good but also creates a strange position for an extended 12 round mag if you're using one. Not a big deal for me, it still functions fine, just creates a gap where the back of the grip and back of the magazine don't line up together. A standard 10 round Sig mag fits perfectly and lines up as expected. Overall it's exactly what I wanted and and happy that Wilson Combat listened to the customers and added the P365 to their grip module line.