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*Color of Tan Module may be darker in personal than depicted in photos online*

The impressive modular capability of the SIG-SAUER P320 is why it has become a favorite with practical shooters and itís thoroughly tested design will be the official US Military sidearm for many years to come. 

Wilson Combat has now reengineered the P320 grip frame to optimize its practical shooting potential.  This all new molded polymer grip module will enhance your grip and improve recoil control.  Our significant improvements in shape, texture and overall ergonomics will give your P320 the superb feel of an expertly hand sculpted custom gun with a simple grip change.

Our fresh look at the P320 grip module incorporates the suggestions of tactical trainers, champion shooters and firearms experts into the final product that has a look that is unmistakably ďWilsonĒ.  We believe it is the most practical, comfortable and stylish P320 grip available and the ideal choice for practical shooting or defensive handgun use.

These are non-serialized, newly manufactured grip modules and are not a serial numbered firearm.

The Wilson Combat SIG-SAUER P320 Polymer Grip Module features:

  • Caliber Availability - 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG
  • Upgraded, high-cut 1911-style beavertail grip tang for smooth draws
  • Undercut front-strap and reshaped, radiused trigger guard for the highest grip possible
  • Enlarged, integrated magwell opening for fast reloads-compatible with the latest generation SIG-SAUER X-series factory basepads
  • Improved grip traction and increased grip pattern coverage with Wilson Combatís exclusive Starburst grip pattern on the sides and aggressive texturing on the front and backstrap
  • Frame reference serrations for support hand thumb or index finger positioning
  • Internal Slots for Rod-style Tungsten Weights** (Click Here for Tungsten Weight Kit)
  • Angled "Holster Cuts" on light rail to aid in snag-free, re-holstering
  • Factory SIG-SAUER magazine release, spring, and lock included
  • Compatible with all standard holsters
  • Compatible with all current production, X-Series basepads

**Not compatible with X-Five Tungsten Weight


DISCLAIMER: "SIG" is a federally registered trademark of SIG SAUER Inc. and is one of many trademarks owned by SIG SAUER Inc. 

Neither Wilson Combat nor this website is affiliated in any manner with or otherwise endorsed by SIG SAUER Inc.  The use of "SIG" or "SIG SAUER" on this page is merely to advertise the sale of SIG pistols, parts, or components.  For genuine SIG SAUER Inc. products and parts, visit


P320 Grip Removal/Replacement:

  • Unload and clear your pistol.
  • Remove the slide assembly and set aside.
  • Remove the takedown lever out of the factory grip from right to left and set aside. You may need to twist/tap the takedown lever out with a non-marring tool as it is retained by a spring in the chassis.
  • Lift the chassis straight up and forward out of the stock frame.
  • Install supplied magazine catch, spring, and lock into the WCP320 Grip Module
  • Reverse the process to install the chassis into the grip frame and re-install the takedown lever.
  • You may need to tap the takedown lever in place with a non-marring tool. 
  • Reinstall the slide assembly and move the takedown lever into the locked position.
  • Ensure that your pistol functions properly and your magazine drops cleanly after installation of the new grip frame.


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The perfect fitting grip module for P250's and P320's
The Wilson Grip modules are the perfect upgrade for the Sig Sauer P250 and P320. I have installed five different variations onto two P250 and three P320 guns. I keep coming back for more, they just fit the hand perfectly and being able to install the additional weight makes the shooting feel much more solid and stable. Thank you. Keep the great products coming.
What a difference!
Iíve never had a pistol grip that felt better in my hand. It made an instant improvement in my shooting as well in that Iím no longer pushing every shot to the left.
Great product could not be happier!
This was very easy upgrade to my sig sauer p320 xfull. Would love to post a pic.
Good grip module
Good grip module. Fits perfectly for medium sized hands. The original grip was quite large for my preference. I learned a few things through the process of getting and installing this module. I had a stock sig x-five vtac with the coyote/tan slide. The coloring on this is slightly different (darker), and I love the look. The carry is slightly shorter than the full size, but I like the look more with the slide overhang. I have a TLR-1HL on it and the Streamlight P-320 adapter felt loose. I swapped in the 1913 insert and it fit perfectly. 600+ rounds through the new grip module, and I am very happy. It is well worth the money.
Rob K.
I just received and installed these lowers on both of my P320's, and these are nothing short of perfection.They fit my hand like a glove and the stippling is just right. These are as functional as they are beautiful. Your P320 will not be complete until you install this amazing lower.
This grip is phenomenal! The front strap and back strap texturing is the most aggressive of any polymer pistol Iíve ever felt. I can only describe it as being like a scaled down version of a navy ship deck. I love it! The undercut on the trigger is perfect in conjunction with the ergonomics of the beaver tail. It feels much slimmer than it looks in pictures. Wilson, please make this in the P320 15rd module and a P365 option!
Just Right!
The original black grip that came with my X-Carry looked great but never fit my hand. I donít have massive hands but I do have large hands and as I would draw and present using my normal grIp the barrel would not be lined up like normal. I ended up having to practice choking up on the grip when I drew which was a PITA because I had no problems with my Vickers19 RTF2 Or my Legion 226SAO. I ended up buying a standard grip module to replace it and it worked but was rather bloated feeling even though it lined up well without having to choke up. I ran across this Wilson grip which looked like a good cross between the two and decided to try it.... Wow! Itís actually better than a mix of the Sig grips. Both my 226SAO and the G19 have a finger groove on the front strap though I cut out the one on the G19 myself and they are MUCH more comfortable. The Wilson p320 has the same cutout and itís as good as the 226SAO and better than the G19. Also the size and contours are spot on for being in line when drawing and presenting. It looks fantastic as well. Easily worth the cost for me. For a hand size comparison I wear an extra large Mechanix glove.
Fits Like A Glove!
Replaced Sig grip the W.C. module made it fell like a glove instead of a brick in your hand. Fine add on any P320 Thanks Wilson
I'm using this Wilson combat, carry size grip module with my full size, black p320 slide. Fits like a glove! I wish we could upload pictures with the review so y'all could witness the awesomeness! This is replacing a full size x series grip module that I bought for the regular p320 slide. I absolutely love the sig x-series grip, but this Wilson combat module is my new baby! It hits all the points that the x series did and then some. Relief cuts for your thumb, a more aggressive texturing, a small flare at the base of the grip and a slight Palm swell where the x-series was flat. It's just a better feel all around. The tolerances are impeccable! Get it!
Definite Improvement
When SIG first came out with the 320 I tried them at my LGS and found them to be lacking in the area of the grip and the trigger. When they came out with the X models I checked them again and found it was better in both areas so I bought an XCarry and shot it. It worked well, but I did find I felt there could be improvements in the contour and feel of the grip module. Recently I saw SIG had a new grip module on sale that had the pattening "hand" cut in a more aggresive manner. I checked it out and found they wanted $160 for this, not for me. Then I saw a discussion from the SHOT Show that listed you had a new grip module that was improved from the SIG. I decided to check it out and found I liked what I saw and the price point, so I ordered it. It arrived yestereday and I immediately tried it out before installing it. I liked it. The front and rear grip areas are aggresively cut. The patterning on the sides help me grip it better. The subtle rounding of the bottom rear of the module feel better in my hand vs the squarer cut of the original. The mag well is much larger than the factory well. All in all, an improvement over the factory unit at a decent price.
P320 grip module
The grip is a great fit and feels good in the hand no grip tape need stippling is aggressive but not too aggressive that it rough on your hands or clothes a definite step up from the sig grip modules