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Wilson Combat® Ultima-Lube II is a blend of petroleum and synthetic lubricants specially formulated to insure optimal performance of any firearm and inhibit wear.

Ultima-Lube II Grease

  • Ideal for Heavy Wear Areas
  • Stays Put Under Extreme Conditions
  • 40° to 350° F Temperature Range
  • Recommended for Full and Semi-Auto Rifles and Carbines, Optimal in AR Style Rifles at Temperatures Above 50° F

Wilson Combat® Ultima-Lube II is a blend of petroleum and synthetic lubricants specially formulated to insure optimal performance of any firearm and inhibit wear. The unique blend of lubricating fluids has proven ideal for today's high-tech semi-auto weapons, whether manufactured of conventional steels, aluminum alloys or stainless steel. In addition, we have found nothing superior to Ultima-Lube II for the proper lubrication and protection of the hand-fit custom firearms that Wilson Combat® is known for.

Ultima-Lube II is Available in Four Formulations:


Ultima-Lube II Lite Oil - Very low viscosity. Ideal for extreme cold weather use. Recommended Uses: Tightly fitted handguns of minor caliber.

Ultima-Lube II Oil - Thin viscosity penetrates hard to get to areas. Ideal for cold weather use, 10° to 350° F temperature range. Recommended Uses: Tightly fitted handguns of all types.

Ultima-Lube II Universal - All purpose lube for all types of firearms. Stays put under extreme conditions, 40° to 350° F temperature range. Recommended Uses: Service pistols/revolvers and broken-in custom handguns, Long guns of all action types, AR style rifles in the 20° to 50° F temperature range.

Ultima-Lube II Grease - Ideal for heavy wear areas. Stays put under extreme conditions, 40° to 350° F temperature range. Recommended Uses: Full and Semi-Auto rifles and carbines, Optimal in AR style rifles at temperatures above 50° F.

General Recommendations on Lubricating Firearms:

  • ALWAYS wear safety glasses when disassembling or reassembling any firearm!
  • Do NOT over lube!!!
  • Once your firearm is broken in, lube only those areas where you see visible wear, lubricating areas that don't have contact will only attract debris and fouling.
  • After lubrication and re-assembly, cycle the firearm several times and wipe off any excess lubricant that may seep out. If you have lubed properly this should be minimal.
  • For firearms that will be used at constant temperatures below 10° F, we recommend you use a very light coat of a very thin lubricant like Break Free CLP or FP-10.

Ultima Lube II Grease MSDS

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including petroleum products, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Yes this is grease..
I was thinking when I seen this.. Grease in a squeeze bottle with a needle tip? Yes that’s what it is. Looks like a thick oil almost like 80/90 but it’s not like “grease” as normally comes to mind that comes in a tub. The sort you need a toothpick to apply it. Really goopy stuff, this isn’t that. Really stringy and sticky stuff, stays put. Doesn’t take much. As usual, Wilson makes the best and it’s all I’ll use.
Excellent lubricant for your gun!
I have a Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact. Lately, when I have shot Blazer ammunition, I have gotten a lot of failures to feed; however, Spear Gold Dot has worked flawlessly. I decided to lubricate my slide with Wilson Combat Ultima-Lube Grease. I then went to the range and shot eight rounds of Blazer ammo, plus some other assorted rounds. The Blazer (and everything else) performed flawlessly. Apparently the WC Grease did the trick!
Keeps my M1 Garand going
I picked up a 1940 M1 Garand about a year or so ago, and I have been using nothing but Wilson Ultima-Lube II grease for the bits that rub on this old timer. I have to admit, she runs just as reliably as my newly minted AR. I have nothing but praise for this lube.
Best AR Rifle Lube on the Planet!
This is is the best product I have found for lubing your AR-style rifle. It stays where you put it and does not break down like other lubes. All of Wilsons lubes are the cream of the crop. Use their handy reference chart to see which is best for your firearm and temperature range. I use Wilson lubes exclusively and are the only ones I recommend.
My go-to AR lubricant
This is the perfect AR lubricant. I use it exclusively on my bolt and carrier assembly here in Texas. None better than Wilson Combats Ultima-Lube II products. The 4oz. bottle will last forever. I really like the precision applicator tip.
barrel surface protection
I use a very thin film of Ultima-Lube II grease on my Glock/HK/Sig finished barrel surfaces since new. The stuff sticks to the surface like glue. I have gone 2500 rounds plus on a Glock 34 barrel with no visible signs of barrel surface wear using the Ultima Lube II. It also keeps my CQB Elite stainless barrel looking shiny as the day I bought. Great product.
Great Lubricant
I am a first time AR15 builder. I watched several videos on AR15 lubrication and wondered why they never paid more attention to the steel bolt running in an aluminum frame.Oil is not enough. This is exactly what I needed.
Very Slick & Stays Put!
I already tried and use the New Ultima Lube II Universal, its VERY SLICK! This grease I bought for my Protector 1911 Wilson for the slide rails, a couple drops on each rail will do. It made the gun rack like its on ball bearings! I Highly Recommend this grease! Im going to also use it on my AR-15 bolt carrier group. I am sure it will work Excellent!
Slick and stays put
I tried every popular lubricant for my CQB and each one either dried out or splattered out from the back of the slide whenever I was shooting. I was tired of having to constantly relube my slide every couple hundred rounds. I was also tired of having oil in my face at the range. My problems were solved when I used Ultima-Lube II. A little goes a long way. I apply a few drops to the rails and barrel bushing, then I use a brush to spread it. After a few thousand rounds, the slide continues to function smoothly. When I finally strip my CQB down to clean, the Ultima-Lube is still there. It stays put and doesnt evaporate like oils do. When I finish my bottle which will be a very long time from now, Im definitely buying more.
Keep it working as it should
After viewing the Wilson Combat online lube video I ordered the grease for my stainless CQB Compact. I could immediately tell a difference in the additional smoothness of the slide motion.
It Works!
I used it the moment I recieved it. It made the action on my Wilson Combat Protector much smoother. I then used it on my Kimber SIS 45 ACP and my Kimber Eclipse. I got the same result. I then applied it on the rest of my handguns. Needless to say, I will be buying more of this product.
Great Grease for Your Guns
This stuff is amazing. It flows really good, very easy to clean up, and stays put. Great for carry guns.