Full Moon Clip Case Extractor, Blue

Full Moon Clip Case Extractor, Blue
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Detailed Description

Full moon clips allow faster speed reloads/unloading than traditional speed loaders and are less bulky.

  • Easily Extracts Empty Cases from Full Moon Clips

  • Works Equally Well with Either Hand

  • Does Not Damage the Full Moon Clip or Empty Cases

  • Blue Finish

At last, an easy way to extract cases from full moon clips. Works equally well with either hand and does not damage the clip or cases. Once you've used one you'll wonder how you got along without it.

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Moon Clip Case Extractor
Quick and easy to use. Great at the range to reload a few moon clips or dozens at home. At this price buy two one for your range bag and one for the loading bench.
Great LIttle Gadget
Wilson Combat moonclips are nice and strong. Easy to load holding the clip perpendicular to a table. But unloading them without this gizmo is quite simply a pain
Works Great
This tool works better than my $30 De-Mooner. Its cheap and easy to use. I recommend buying 2, one for the range bag and the other for your house. You cant have enough of these things.