Full-Length Guide Rod, Full-Size

Full-Length Guide Rod, Full-Size
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Detailed Description

The One Piece Full-Length Guide Rod will make your 1911 operate and cycle smoother.

  • Extends Recoil Spring Life
  • Improves Cycling and Overall Operation
  • Extends Life of Slide to Frame Fit
  • Can Improve Barrel to Slide Fit and Accuracy on Older Military 1911s

The One Piece Full Length Guide Rod replaces your stock recoil spring guide without pistol modification. Assembly and disassembly are the same as with stock components (however a bushing wrench is required).

Note: We recommend using our #22 or #22P Barrel Bushing Wrench with this product.

CAUTION: Safety glasses should be worn at all times when replacing or working with firearm springs. Failure to follow this safety precaution could result in bodily injury.

Package Includes: Full-Length Guide Rod, Plug

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Wilson Combat Full-Length Guide Rod 2/25/2020
BEAUTIFUL piece of machining. I work in manufacturing & it is obvious to me that this is a highly precision component - bought one for my full-size and commander 1911's.....50 Stars!
- Jeffrey Hamrick, OH
Much Smoother 7/12/2019
I use these on my Ruger 1911s and the action runs much smoother and more stable then with the government guide rod. Coupled with the 18 pound chrome silicone springs and they run well.
- Douglas Carnes, WY
Its Wilson Combat 6/23/2017
Replaced the short GI guide rod in my Remington R1, overall action is much crisper. First three mags all dead in 10 circle.
- Bob Starnes, TX
1/4 for the flat wire models. 9/20/2016
Great stuff. This one on my standard 1911, but wanted to do the same for my Sig and read....... . Just a note...it is not compatable the flat wire recoil spring Wilson sells or the stock one in my Sig...I found this out the hard way but dont regret a thing! ...............and was worried a bit. After a quick call, Wilson Combat hooked me up with a 1/4 full length guide rod that works perfectly with the flat wire spring here and of Sigs 1911s. Wilson is always helpful with their quality merchandise.
Kevin D Williams
Wow 3/5/2016
I really love this part. Now I dont need the allen wrench to remove the guide rod, and dont have to worry about the 2pc FLGR my Springfield Loaded came with breaking. Fit and function is Great and the gun shoots great. Thanks again to Wilson Combat for what you do.
- steven howard, SC
Full Length Performance 9/25/2015
A full length guide rod feels much smoother. Ive used wilson 1 piece guide rods for 11 years now. Combined with their Ultima lube and and youve got smooth slick reliability.
- Destry Tompkins, LA
Great product! 6/25/2015
I just purchased and installed one of these on my Wilson Combat CQB that Ive had for a dozen or so years, and it is great. Easy to install, works really well. Id like to see them made with a black finish in the future.
1942 Signal Special 5/13/2015
Popped this into my original Colt government model 1911 with bare hands, no problems. After reading the reviews Ill probably use a tool when I remove it next time. It tightens everything right up, no more rattle. This weapon was actually used in WW2 and I am proud to shoot it regularly at my gun club. What a great product. Just superb in every way. WC has a loyal customer here.
- J DiFatta, INT
Awesome Quality! 2/13/2015
Perfect fit on my RIA 1911 45ACP GI. Cant wait to test it out at the range!
Better Than New 10/16/2014
I cant believe my Colt Gunsite didnt come with one of these. With the new #20 spring, its like a new gun, only better! Thanks WC
- Billy P, TX
Great modification - but wear those safety glasses! 6/17/2014
I have the full length guide rod in my 1911. It cycles smoothly and is very tight - a perfect fit. However, do NOT try to remove or reinstall the plug without safety glasses!!! Im writing this with a half-moon cut beside my left eye - only the grace of God saved me from my own stupidity. WEAR THE GLASSES LIKE WILSON TELLS YOU TO.
No More Alan Wrench For Me 6/9/2014
Put this in My Springfield loaded to replace the crappy 2 piece it comes with. Easy to install, fits perfectly. Over all great addition. Just another Fine Wilson Combat product.
- Vince, DE
Remington R1 Enhanced 5/6/2014
Got this to replace the standard G.I. style guide mine broke and I wanted a full length to replace. This thing was a perfect drop in and really smoothed out the action compared to the G.I. Much better feeding and overall function.
- Robert, GA
No more coil springs 4/17/2014
Have been a Bill Wilson now Wilson Combat customer for years. His professional Gunsmiths are the best in the business. This Full-Length Guide Rod has extended the life of my springs after many matches.
Marcelino Maldonado
Looks better than factory 1/13/2014
Quick and easy install in my spring field. I will have to give it to Wilson for producing quality products but. Looks cool and I couldnt even feel a difference than my factory Stubby guid rod. 400 rounds at range 1-13-14
- Jmcc, FL
1911 SIG .45 10/27/2013
Fast installation and a smoother cycle. Quality product!
- Michael Thompson, CO
Perfect fit and operation. 6/16/2013
I successfully installed this product on a Colt Gold Cup Trophy series 80 and shot 300 rounds without a single problem. If yall decide to purchase this product I highly suggest using some of them shok buffs to go along with it.
- Javier Diaz, TX
Great Quality!! 5/6/2013
Installed on my remington r1 stainless. This full length guide rod fit perfect and installed in minutes. I am very happy with wilson combat products!
- john randall, MO
NICE fit in PT1911 5/6/2013
Drop in perfect fit for Taurus PT1911. Slide definitely feels smoother and obviously superior to the factory piece. Cant wait to try it out, can only be an improvement!
- P, OK
Nice!!! 4/13/2013
This guide rod is awesome and I would recommend it... Just a note...it is not compatable the flat wire recoil spring Wilson sells or the stock one in my Sig...I found this out the hard way but dont regret a thing!
- Jonathan, TX
Like Magic 3/26/2013
Makes my Para USA 1911 cycle like a gun three times its price range. I am happy!
- Phil, NY
25g a+ 3/24/2013
Recieved order really quick. Installed easy, and fit like a glove. Slide cycles smooth and solid every time. 0 issues with this item.
Wilson Combat does it again! 2/8/2013
Installed on my WC 1911 and Colt Gold Cup. Easy installation and perfect fit.
- Neal Bloomquist, NE
Awsome 2/6/2013
This guide rod is built extremely well. The shine and polish on mine was incredible it felt almost as if it had oil on it. My guns slide to frame fit is tight as ever, and my groups have shrunk down a noticible amount. I am solid Wilson Combat customer for life!! Thanks to everone there at WC!
Owen McQuade
Expected awesome and it was.... 12/6/2012
bought this for my Rock Island .45 and it really helped smooth the action. with the stock setup there was a noticeable rough catch, dropped in this guide rod and its 10 times better
- John, NC
Pleased with my purchase. 12/4/2012
Heavy duty and well built with every exspectation that this guide rod will serve me well for many years to come. Replaced the guide rod in my Rock Island A1 government model 45 ACP with a 5 inch barrel. Installation was easy and the fit was perfect. Really made a huge difference in performace and control. An upgrade you should consider. Pair it with a Wilson 18 # recoil spring and shock buff to make a great weapon even better.
- Michael, AL
Full length guide rod 10/3/2012
After dropping in my new full length guide rod from Wilson Combat my 1911 feels and operates so much better, cant wait to take it to the range.
- Rob, MA
Top notch part 8/30/2012
I bought this the put in my Springfield Range Officer because I like the looks of the full-length rods and because I have never had one before. Construction is very good; felt very solid and did not feel that I needed to polish it as I do some parts I buy. After shooting I would say there may be some very minimal reduction of muzzle flip from the extra weight. Hand racking the slide also seems slightly smoother.
- Dustin, MO
Good stuff!! 5/25/2012
This is truly a drop in part, very easy to install! 5 min. tops! Thanks for making it easy!
- Leonard Smith, MO
Top Notch FLGR 5/21/2012
Just outfitted my Remington R1 with the 25G FLGR and then fired a box of 50 rounds - result is smooth & controlled action; just what I wanted!!! Wilson Combat makes a great product here, total drop-in...
- Eric Laurer, NC
Fantastic Replacement 4/29/2012
Better then Colt original FLGR. My XSE functions faster & smoother with this Wilson part. I am now changing out other parts like the firing pin, extractor etc. Go Wilson!
great buy 1/8/2012
works great, helps smooth recoil. if you get it, you really need the bushing tool. very hard on thumbs with out the tool!
zeke Hare
Turn Your Gold Cup Platinum 10/19/2011
My new Colt Gold Cup was accurate out of the box. Very accurate. Now it is over the top. Best drop-in part I ever bought. Easy install, get the plastic wrench, no troubles. Bravo and high praise.
- Larry Angyal, AR
excellent quality 8/27/2011
I purchased this full lenth guide rod to put into my Colt Government model. Quality is excellent but a bushing tool is almost a must to install. The edges of the cap are sharp and my bushing fits tight and is hard to turn with my fingers.Get the tool and save your fingers.
- Randy Harlin, IL
para usa gi expert. 6/29/2011
bought this for my para gi expert.the only problem was that the plug took alot of presure to get it to go under the barrel lug. it made the frame/slide fit alot tighter though...great product highly recommend.
When will this 1 piece full length guide rod be in stock! I neeeeeeeed one!
- Robert E Lee, CA
Great Fit in Springfield Milspec 5/18/2011
Works pretty well in my Milspec. Blends in nicely with the stainless barrel. Lockup seems tighter and the recoil is more consistent.
- Ryan Johnson, OR
Great Fit 5/9/2011
I purchased this for my Para GI Expert ESP, great fit and looks great. Took all of about 4 minutes to do.
- Jacob Valdez, AR
quality part; improved performance 4/23/2011
dropped this in with a new 17# Wilson spring to replace the factory 2-piece setup and saw results that afternoon at the range.
When you need accuracy at a great price, 4/15/2011
i have a gi. 45 from a reputable company. The tolerances were loose and it shot all over. I installed this guide rod and it tightened up my slide enough. helped alot with shooting and got my groups at 20 yards to 2 inches. not bad for a assembly line gun.
Justin Ross
This is an outstanding drop in part. 3/31/2011
The fit in the GI Expert was even better than shown on the video. The bushing tool makes this an easy task, particularly if youre also putting in an 18.5 lb recoil spring at the same time. Wilson Combat simply works every time.
Springfield Range Officer 3/24/2011
The guiderod fit in nice and tight. Racking the slide is not as difficult as it appeared from previous reviews. Have yet to shoot with it installed.
- Joshua Metivier, IN
Quick, Simple and High Quality....Everything Wilson Combat 3/19/2011
Drops right in and fits perfect. Helped make the recoil in my Springfield Range Officer much more consistent
- Robert Larsen, NC
Excellent Craftsmanship! 2/24/2011
the quality of this guid rod is unsurpassed! dropped right in with no problems! another hit from wilson combat
Excellent! 2/19/2011
Great change from using and allen wrench on my Loaded Springer. Smooth and excellent quality. A+++++++++
- corey, NJ
Perfect. 2/7/2011
excellent part! fit my springfield loaded perfectly. good bye allen key!
- corey s, NJ
Great product and value 1/26/2011
the full length guide rod fit my para ordinance gi expert perfect highly recommend
- Matt, TX
1911 full length guide rod and plug 1/19/2011
This a great item and holds up to the wilson combat standard.
- Robert Bridges, CA
Replacement for a 2 piece guide rod 12/24/2010
Excellent replacement for the 2 piece guide rod that came with my 1911. Dropped right in without a problem. I will enjoy not having to tighten the guide rod while at the range.
- Carl Bailey, MI
Best thing for a 1911 12/10/2010
I have one in my Colt Commander XSE and just ordered four more for my four other 1911s. Definitely smooths out the operation of the slide.
- Deputy, NM
Govt Model 11/6/2010
Part dropped right in to my Colt 1991A1. No problems at all. I prefer a full length guide rod as a personal preference.