Frontstrap, Checkered, Stainless

Frontstrap, Checkered, Stainless
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Our drop in checkered frontstraps provide a non-slip surface for quick follow-up shots, even with wet hands. This wraparound checkered frontstrap is an inexpensive user-installed substitute for hand checkering. The frontstrap is secured in place with your handgun's grip panels.

  • Drop-in
  • Stainless finish
  • Fits full-size 1911 pistols (Government size frame)

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Not even worth one star. Very thin, cheap looking tin. Not wide enough to fit under both grips. Would not stay in place even with rubber grips much less G10s. On top of that the "stainless" finish was way brighter than the SS on my Colt Delta Elite.
Just great!
Ordered one for my RIA Government FS. Easy install but had a little trouble keeping it centered on the front strap but once I did it looks and works fantastic. Compliments my SS checkered main spring housing. Thanks Wilson Combat!
WOW, is all I have to say.
This drop in front strap checking really works. Ive recent acquired a Family 1911 officers model from my Father who polished the crap out of it. Looks fantastic, but lacks in the grip department. After adding a set of VZ Operator 2 grips and the drop in front strap checkering. The grip is where I like it to be on my 1911s. It feels like 30 LPI.
Best $10 upgrade for the Kimber Custom II
I ordered this frontstrap for my brand new Kimber Custom II full size 1911. This totally improved the feel & function of my pistol. Was a little tricky to get centered on the frame, but once installed it looks like its part of the pistol. This is a great upgrade and I highly recommend it!
A must have
Non checkered 1911s are sad. This Wilson Combat upgrade will make it sweet! Installed nice and easy. Appears to be on tight. Looking forward to range time. This review only covers install and initial appearance.
Worked out very well
Worked out very well, and improved the grip on my full size Colt, especially after i removed the rubber after market grips and installed the original factory grips. Thanks WC.
Outstanding upgrade for little money
I installed one of the checkered frontstraps on my Springfield Mil-Spec to see whether I actually wanted to spend the money to upgrade to a checkered front strap on my Springer. I am so happy with my newly installed WC frontstrap that I may not bother to spend the money to have it permanently checkered. An excellent budget upgrade!
Fixes Slick frame issues, on the cheap!
I was quite pleased when I received this item. It is a very thin sheet of checkered metal, wraps around the from of the frame and goes under the grips. Fits good, does the trick. A welcome addition for us less well to do shooters. Fit my RUGER SR1911 like a glove!
No Brainer
1. front strap checkering $250.00+ 2. Learning to checker you self $$$$$$ 3. WC 100S checkered front strap SS $9.95 If you take your time this produce will stay in place and looks great. VERY EFFECTIVE!
Stainless front strap
Great product! Pleasantly surprised with the way it looks on my SR 1911 CMD. Really improves grip. Ordering was easy and shipping was on time! Highly recommend!
Incredible Grip Improvement
I ordered one of these for my Kimber Stainless Ultra Carry II and it really cements the front strap to your hand. The checkering could be a little less sharp.