Follower, High Visibility, 12 Gauge

Follower, High Visibility, 12 Gauge
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Detailed Description

  • Improves Feeding
  • Neon Green for Visual Reference of Empty Magazine Tube 
  • Fits Remington® M870 | 1100 | 1187 - 12 Gauge
  • Follower is not grooved to fit newer 870 magazine tubes. The detent in the magazine tube may be filed down for follower fitting.


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Works Great for Mossberg 930 SPX too!!
On a suggestion from a Mossberg forum, I purchased this unit for my Mossberg 930 SPX Black Water Edition and it works great. The stock original steel follower would hang up on the 5th round at extension tube on every 3rd or so mag tube loading cycle, only allowing 5 rounds of 7 total to load. With this follower, no more hang ups!! Loads 7 without a hitch!! I didnt even have to trim the tail to allow for the seventh round,stock mag tube spring of course. So if you have a 930 SPX that has a stock follower that hangs up at where the extension tube meets the main mag tube, this is your ticket. I know this is made for a Remington 870, but I will definitely endorse for those who own a Mossberg 930 SPX.
Works Great for Mossberg 930 SPX too!!
I know its states for Remington 870, but this follower works well with my Mossberg 930 SPX Black Water Edition. No more extension tube hang ups!! And in my case, I was still able to load 7, 2 3/4 in, shells. Will definitely recommend to other Mossberg 930 SPX owners. Great product.
Safety First and Foremost
I run a tactical training company. I have changed all of the followers in my shotguns with these lime-green followers so my students, adjunct instructors, and Range Safety Officers can tell at a glance if the magazine tube is indeed empty. We only load our shotguns with five rounds maximum so the decreased capacity does not really matter to me. Safety first and foremost in firearm training. Im buying several more so I have them on hand.
Best follower for my needs. Slides smoothly with no hangups in the mag extension. Great customer service too. Couldnt ask for better. Thanks!
It works well...
I bought this to replace the OLD grey follower in my 870. It works as good as the stock follower in conjunction with the Remington factory 7+1 mag extension. The high viability is nice and I seem to have no problems. It seems a little expensive for the part though, as its an injection molded piece of plastic, which is the only reason it didnt get 5 stars.
Not the best Follower on the market
Even though this is not the best Follower on the market it gets the job done. I think its a little longer than it needs to be and it rubs a little too much during travel up the magazine tube. The metal ones seem to be slightly better but ... they cost more too. Overall, its an OK replacement over the stock follower.
great follower
much brighter and stronger than the dinky orange follower that came in my 870, only negative is you lose space in your tube 1 round because the follower is large, but if you need more than 7+1 12g you should just invest in some grenades