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Recommended Use: Wilson Combat Sentinel Size 3.5" .45 ACP shooting +P JHP self-defense ammunition with a power factor of 180,000 to 200,000 (Velocity x Bullet Weight = Power Factor) 

Average Service Life: 40,000 Rounds

The longest lasting handgun recoil spring made. Our testing has indicated that these springs have a service life up to ten times greater than conventional coil springs.

  • Fits Wilson Combat Sentinel Handguns in .45 ACP and 9mm
  • Improves Cycling and Overall Operation
  • Improved Recoil Spring Life
  • 22# Flat-Wire Recoil Spring
  • Requires .250" Diameter Spring Guide

Package Includes: 22# Flat-Wire Recoil Spring

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Cautions and Installation Test Procedure

1) Is the flat wire spring compatible with a full length guide rod?
No-We do not offer a full length guide rod at this time that is compatible with the flatwire spring. The inner diameter of the flat wire is smaller and the spring requires a special guide rod which is why we offer the spring as a kit.

2) Is a Shok Buff required?
A Shok-Buff is optional on the 5” flatwire guide rod.  It is not recommended for use on the 4” kit since it can reduce slide travel.

3) Can I shoot +P ammunition with this kit?
Yes-since flat wire springs don’t lose their length over time like round wire springs they cushion your frame more effectively over time.  Flat wire springs also compress in a more linear fashion which makes them more tolerant of a wider variety of loads and grips.

HOW TO TEST TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT RECOIL SPRING WEIGHT FOR YOUR AMMUNITION:  Go to the range with your pistol and a magazine that will positively lock your slide to the rear when you slowly retract the slide with the pistol empty. Load one round of the desired ammunition in the proven magazine, load the pistol and fire the single shot holding the pistol in your strong hand, but grip the pistol fairly loose. If the pistol consistently (5 to 10 shots is adequate) locks the slide to the rear, the recoil spring is not too heavy for your ammunition. A recoil spring that is 1-2# below the weight where you begin to have failures to lock open is ideal for your ammunition.


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This is better then regular spring
Put this spring in along with a Wilson extractor and so far things are working good.Highly recommend
A 1911 must have.
I got the Sentinel 22# for its one open end and its length. Its a machinists delight as I lengthened it with a Dremel for two 3 1/2 inch and one 3 inch barreled Officers 1911s use a smith if you dont know to do this and machined my own guide rods and reverse plugs 4140 steel. This little piece of spring technology stopped the occasional and inherent stove-piping and failure to to go into battery, that plagues short barreled 1911s. A rapid fire 50 rounds on each weapon for its first test produced 0 jams...a great buy.