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The High Ride Beavertail Grip Safety will improve the comfort and controllability of your 1911 Auto. This is accomplished by allowing the shooting hand to be positioned closer to the plane of the bore while spreading the recoil over a broad rounded surface. The bottom of the High Ride Safety features our raised Posi-Release tab which assures positive grip safety disengagement while serving as a grip memory point each time you draw your pistol. The top of the High Ride Safety has a hammer pocket which makes the pistol more snag-free by allowing a commander or bobbed spur hammer to sit down in the beavertail when cocked. Frame modification required. Installation of a Wilson High Ride (#298) beavertail requires cutting the frame to fit the beavertail. Our beavertail fitting jig mounts to the hammer and thumb safety pin holes to serve as a filing guide to help prevent over cutting of the frame. Once this cut is made, only a few thousandths remain for final fitting to a perfect match. Complete instructions included on the use of the fitting jig and how to properly install a Wilson's beavertail grip safety.

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The 402 grip safety jig
I bought this tool from Wilson Combat about nine years ago. I cant begin to tell you how many custom builds Ive used this jig on. Before I used another brand. I dont know what Id do without my Wilson jig. So much better then anyone elses.
Just what the 1911 Doctor ordered for fitting a #298 Beavertail
Works great, and now my beavertail fits like it should!
A must for the DIY gun owner.
This jig makes the job a snap. Gets you close and then a few strokes with a file and a few test fits and youre there. Thanks again Wilson for another fine product.
Made fitting my meew grip safety a snap.Cut it close then filed until it was flush and only some minor fitting was needed after that. very easy to use.
Beaver Tail Grip Safety Fitting Jig
I was amazed at how well this Jig was designed. It was ridiculously easy to use. There is no reason that someone with time, patience, and a rudimentary mechanical aptitude cant have a fully fitted Beaver Tail Grip Safety. Im looking for another 1911 to use this on again. Great tool!!!
Beavertail fitting jig
Great little jig. Makes the installation of a beavertail safety easy. Very little instruction is needed because its use is intuitive. That said, the instructions have very poor photos and very small, hard to read print.