Firing Pin Stop, 70 Series, Square Bottom, Bullet Proof®, Blue

Firing Pin Stop, 70 Series, Square Bottom, Bullet Proof®, Blue
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Firing Pin Stop, 70 Series 1911, Square Bottom, Bullet Proof®, Blue

Slightly oversize, this rugged, tool steel firing pin stop will prevent excessive extractor movement and is left square on the bottom to help tune your slide’s recoil to your preference. Use a small bevel on the face of the stop for heavier loads, more bevel if you tend to shoot lighter loads.

  • This part will require light fitting.
  • A fitted firing pin stop is a must for any 1911 spare parts kit.
  • Series 70 will fit all .45 ACP caliber Wilson, USGI or Colt/Springfield/Kimber without a Series 80 style firing pin safety.
  • Black oxide finished.

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Bulletproof Perfection 7/22/2017
Installed this in my mc operator. Went in with no fitting required.Snug fit. Didnt radius the square bottom and still no overcock on the hammer. Bulletproof parts are excellent!
- Destry Tompkins, LA
Perfect cure for the Swartz safety blues 4/10/2016
The Swartz safety found in Kimbers, can be a pain when removing the slide, hanging up on the gap provided by the series 80 FP stop. The WC flat bottom series 70 style FP stop cures that, filling that annoying void. I installed these in both my Pro Carry II and my Custom II. Other than making a slight radius on the bottom edge, these dropped right in, tight and square. If you own a Kimber, these are a true upgrade. Good job Wilson!
- David Hanna, ID
Nice fit 11/18/2012
Nice tight fit. Took very little fitting.
- Larry W, IA
Interesting change in recoil 5/18/2011
After installing one of these and filing a very slight radius on the bottom, Ive noticed that recoil is much more straight back, instead of back and to the side. It seems to make recoil more straightforward, although to be fair, going from condition 3 to condition 1 is a bit tougher.
- Ryan Johnson, OR
Tight fit. 3/18/2011
This FPS fits perfectly. I only needed to polish the one side and it slid in with light effort against the Wilson Extractor. Easyer to install than the competition and better quality.
- Tom D, IN