Firing Pin Stop, 70 Series, Bullet Proof®, Blue

Firing Pin Stop, 70 Series, Bullet Proof®, Blue
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Firing Pin Stop, 70 Series 1911, .45 ACP, Bullet Proof®, Blue

A Bullet Proof firing pin stop is fully machined from super tough bar stock steel with great care to radius all corners resulting in a part that is many times stronger than a factory firing pin stop.

A quality firing pin stop should fit snugly in place, therefore this part does require minor fitting to your particular pistol for a perfect fit.

  • Fully machined from bar stock
  • Requires minor fitting
  • Fits 1911 handguns in .45 ACP caliber

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Extractor Clocking CURE! 5/22/2014
Easy install, a few minutes with sand paper gave me a custom fit. Improved reliability and passed the extractor tests with this affordable, high quality part. Absolute Upgrade!
- Eric, NC
MUCH improved fit over Stock parts. 1/12/2014
Replaced the Cheap stamped part on my RUGER SR1911 with the Quality Wilson Combat part. What a difference in Fitandfinish. Very snug, had to file the bottom edge slightly to clearance the slide to frame. As W-C says slight fitting is required. Simple to install, but it does go beyond a normal Field Strip, watch the videos.
- Michael Lynch, AR
Looks Awesome! 7/15/2013
Took a few minuets on the dremel to get this to fit but after that fit and functions awesome! Good Addition to my RIA 1911 A1 in 38 Super
- Logan Jacobs, MT
Absolutely Superb! 4/8/2013
Purchased this for my Kimber Super Carry Pro HD, because the one that came stock was absolute junk! No fitting necessary whatsoever and used in conjunction w/ the bulletproof extractor there is ZERO SLOP in firing pin stop or extractor.
- Phillip Richmond, OH
Stop Using Inferior Stops! 3/23/2012
A friend brought me his Kimber, showing me the crappy, poor fitting firing pin stop. I installed a Wilson Stop and life is good once again. If you have a non-Wilson pistol, do yourself a huge favor and have the internal parts replaced with the worlds finest.
- Kevin Hutchison, IL
Wilson Combat is # 1. 7/21/2011
Replaced the loose fitting firing pin stop in my Kimber Ultra Carry that was causing extractor clocking. I only had to file a little bit off of the bottom since it hung down below the slide and was contacting the frame. Another great part from Wilson Combat.
- SC, CA