Firing Pin Stop, 70 Series, Bullet Proof®, Blue

Firing Pin Stop, 70 Series, Bullet Proof®, Blue
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Firing Pin Stop, 70 Series 1911, .45 ACP, Bullet Proof®, Blue

A Bullet Proof firing pin stop is fully machined from super tough bar stock steel with great care to radius all corners resulting in a part that is many times stronger than a factory firing pin stop.

A quality firing pin stop should fit snugly in place, therefore this part does require minor fitting to your particular pistol for a perfect fit.

  • Fully machined from bar stock
  • Requires minor fitting
  • Fits 1911 handguns in .45 ACP caliber


In the world of high-performance handguns, Wilson Combat® Bullet Proof® parts stand alone for performance, construction and value. All Wilson Combat® Bullet Proof® parts are CNC machined from solid steel billets and precisely engineered for an absolutely perfect fit-no cheap castings or inferior, imported injection molded parts will ever wear the Bullet Proof® name.

Wilson Combat® Bullet Proof® Parts Have Been Engineered To Be The Highest Quality, Most User Friendly And Toughest 1911 Parts Available

Bullet Proof® Parts Are CNC Machined From Billets Of The Finest American Tool Steels To An Exacting Set Of Stringent Tolerances And Proprietary Specifications Like All 1911 Parts Were Intended To Be

All Bullet Proof® Parts Are Guaranteed From Defects Or Breakage Forever, The Best Parts With The Best Guarantee In The Industry

Choose from over fifty Bullet Proof® parts to complete your dream custom 1911.

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perfect fit
fits perfectly in my RIA 1911. No fitting needed, just a little oil and it slid right in place.
Extractor Clocking CURE!
Easy install, a few minutes with sand paper gave me a custom fit. Improved reliability and passed the extractor tests with this affordable, high quality part. Absolute Upgrade!
MUCH improved fit over Stock parts.
Replaced the Cheap stamped part on my RUGER SR1911 with the Quality Wilson Combat part. What a difference in Fitandfinish. Very snug, had to file the bottom edge slightly to clearance the slide to frame. As W-C says slight fitting is required. Simple to install, but it does go beyond a normal Field Strip, watch the videos.
Looks Awesome!
Took a few minuets on the dremel to get this to fit but after that fit and functions awesome! Good Addition to my RIA 1911 A1 in 38 Super
Absolutely Superb!
Purchased this for my Kimber Super Carry Pro HD, because the one that came stock was absolute junk! No fitting necessary whatsoever and used in conjunction w/ the bulletproof extractor there is ZERO SLOP in firing pin stop or extractor.
Stop Using Inferior Stops!
A friend brought me his Kimber, showing me the crappy, poor fitting firing pin stop. I installed a Wilson Stop and life is good once again. If you have a non-Wilson pistol, do yourself a huge favor and have the internal parts replaced with the worlds finest.
Wilson Combat is # 1.
Replaced the loose fitting firing pin stop in my Kimber Ultra Carry that was causing extractor clocking. I only had to file a little bit off of the bottom since it hung down below the slide and was contacting the frame. Another great part from Wilson Combat.