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Snag Free Front Sight, Tritium, Vickers Elite for Glock® .245”

  • .245” height
  • .125" wide
  • Green Tritium
  • Glock® Vickers Elite replacement front sight for 9mm, .40, 357 and .45 GAP calibers
  • Black Parkerized finish


Note: The Vickers Elite Glock® Sight set requires the use of a .245” tall front sight for all caliber Glock® pistols except for .45 ACP and 10mm which will typically require the .230” front sight. Sights may require minor fitting and may not be returned after installation. These front sights are taller than factory Glock® and not compatible with standard factory rear sights without adjusting the sight height.

Installation and Overview YouTube Video Courtsey of nsz85


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Really easy to pick up and very bright
I have this front site on my 19 since it doubles as a home defense and carry pistol. Really easy to pick up and see. I wear progressive lenses bifocals and have no issue picking up the site and getting it on target. Wilson Combat Glock accessories are top notch and worth it.
Great sights for the experienced and discerning shooter.
I just finished purchasing my third set of the Vickers sights and I obviously really dig them. This is also the first time I write a review for a product. The Vickers sights are identical to the Battlesight on my Supergrade , which in my opinion are the best sights I have ever used bar none. For the glock sights, and due to experience shooting in low to no light conditions for the past four years, I prefer the Vickers rear w/ tritium paired with the Vickers tritium front. These sights have only what is necessary when it comes to putting tritium on a rear sight: no white outline, a diminished glow in comparison to the front, and placed undistractingly below the u-notch. Some complain that having anything on a rear sight: dots, serrations, tritium, is distracting, but this is simply a training issue. If something as simple as a small dot, serrations, or tritium vial, is distracting you from focusing on the top corners of the front sight - you need to train more to alleviate that bad habit. Also it is not necessary to have three glowing dots in low light, so many sight makers on the market havent figured this out. Three dots in low light can cause you to misalign the dots. Vickers and Wilson have obviously done there homework as two is just fine. In low light just place one above the other if you need the reference and your set. Daylight shooting with these is a breeze as both front and rear tritium vials have no distracting white outline. The serrations on the front and rear help reduce glare. Specifically, the serrations on the rear sight are done at a crisp subtle 40 lpi and do not cover the entire rear, rather the u-notch portion is actually cut deeper into a recessed pocket for a crisp protected sight picture. No other rear sight on the market does this and it shows Wilson and Vickers have done there research. Ive had experience with rear sights that are fully serrated like 10-8 sights and Proctor and the serrations on those are thicker and can take the crispness out of the sight picture. Although not a major issue, it is just something Ive noticed and simply worked around with those mentioned brands. Ive also had experience with non-serrated rear sights like Ameriglo and Warren Tactical and although the sight picture is crisp, if the sun is at your back you get alot of glare. It is a nice touch that Wilson and Vickers have combined the best of both worlds and put on only what was needed and removed what served no purpose. The protected sight picture is unique to this sight system as far as I know and works great. The Vickers rear is also not rectangle shaped but pyramid shaped, allowing you to see more of the target and whats to the left or right of the target, it also has a deep u-notch combined with a tall front sight to be able to track the front sight easily during rapid fire. This was something I needed to get used to at first due to how I used to pick up front sights in the past with shallow notched sights. Being able to see more of the front sight blade through the notch is something that Ive gotten used to and now prefer. So for some others like me expect a bit of a learning curve. The rear u-notch has a width of .145 combined with a .125 front. This is an ideal sight picture for a balance of speed and accuracy. At 15 yards and in I pick up the front sight quick. At 25 yards out to 100 yards the sights still allow me to call the shot accurately at speed due to them not covering up alot of the target and due to them hitting POA/POI. The rear sight comes with two set screws and have a steep shelf to be able to rack the slide off a belt, holster, or boot for one handed manipulation of the pistol. The only con I can bring up about these sights is that they are parkerized. Just keep any eye on them for any rust and every now and then treat the parkerization with a light coat of oil like FireClean and wipe dry. Make sure not to coat the tritum portion with oil! All in all great product for a great price. The rear tritium sight goes for $64.95 which is a steal! Great work Wilson and Vickers!
The best all steel sights I have ever used!!!.............
On Jan 17, 2015 - I just installed a set of Vickers Elite Battlesight for Glock w/front sight tritium on my G22 Gen4 FDE. Wow!! What a difference!! This is the most accurate, durable, all steel sight system I have ever used by far. It is sooo accurate you almost don`t have to aim - just point and shoot. That`s all. The deep, U-shaped rear notch does it`s job and because of it`s rounded edges and matte finish, keeps your eye focused on the front sight, right where it needs to be. Very, very easy to level off the front sight and squeeze. If you don`t hit where you are aiming each time, you need a new pair of eyes. Great to use a product that ACTUALLY works as designed by someone with Larry`s level of experience and training. I completely trust everything that Larry says about weapons, especially trigger control. Hats off to Larry Vickers.....again!