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The Bullet Proof® Titanium firing pin is a simple drop-in retrofit for shooters who want to enhance drop safety and reduce lock time in their 1911. This part is a drop-in part for Series 70 or Series 80 style 1911 designs and for guns with a standard .45 ACP USGI/Colt diameter (.093”) firing pin.

Note on 1911 firing pins:

Most 1911 handguns on the market use one of three different diameters of firing pins.

  1. Standard .45 ACP/USGI 1911 is .093”. 
  2. Most Springfield Armory Pistols use .075”
  3. Current Production Wilson Combat 1911s of all calibers and many others uses a .38 Super/9mm pin regardless of caliber of .065” diameter

If the firing pin diameter needed is unknown, check the hole size in the recoil face or measure your pin diameter to determine the caliber firing pin needed for your slide before ordering.

In the world of high-performance handguns, Wilson Combat® Bullet Proof® parts stand alone for performance, construction and value. All Wilson Combat® Bullet Proof® parts are CNC machined from solid steel billets and precisely engineered for an absolutely perfect fit-no cheap castings or inferior, imported injection molded parts will ever wear the Bullet Proof® name.

Wilson Combat® Bullet Proof® Parts Have Been Engineered To Be The Highest Quality, Most User Friendly And Toughest 1911 Parts Available

Bullet Proof® Parts Are CNC Machined From Billets Of The Finest American Tool Steels To An Exacting Set Of Stringent Tolerances And Proprietary Specifications Like All 1911 Parts Were Intended To Be

All Bullet Proof® Parts Are Guaranteed From Defects Or Breakage Forever, The Best Parts With The Best Guarantee In The Industry

Choose from over fifty Bullet Proof® parts to complete your dream custom 1911.

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Drop In Performance
Drop In Performance for my Kimber 4'' Pro. Was factory part bad? No. Do I need a titanium firing pin? No. Can you count on Wilson Combat to deliver fit, finish and performance? Yes! Does lock up time make a difference? You be the judge!
Wonderful Fit and Finish
I recently purchased this product from Wilson. Although it was backordered, and I was told it could be a few weeks, it came within 4 days after I placed the order. When replacing the old stock firing pin I noticed a few things. First, the Wilson piece is much lighter, with 3 circular relief cuts on the back end of the pin that rides in the channel. Secondly the contact point between the hammer and pin has a slight radius cut. This helped it fit perfectly into the backing plate which holds the firing pin in. In addition, this will prevent mushrooming over time, although given the quality of this piece Id bet a lot that wouldnt happen. Still, its nice to know people at Wilson are thinking about these sort of things as even a tiny but of mushrooming on the firing pin could easily cause problems. The piece functions flawlessly as it should and primer strikes are much more centered and seem to be deeper even on the hardest primed steel case stuff. In addition the color of the titanium has a sleeker look. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade their FP. I just wish shipping was a bit cheaper, as I just realized this FP is available on Amazon for 27$ with free shipping, when I spent 9$ to get it to me.
taurus 1911 .45 ACP
fit/function perfect, direct replacement.
Perfect upgrade
Bought the Bullet Proof Titanium firing pin for my RIA. This was a straight forward drop in upgrade, and when compared to the part I removed, is remarkable. No light primer strikes here, as every primer shows a nice uniform depression. This is a great product, Thanks Wilson Combat.
My go-to replacement pin
The Wilson pin specs perfectly, fits perfectly in every 1911 Ive put them in as replacements for steel. Great finish, the pin has been durable and 100% reliable for me. Used to use Ed Browns titanium pins, but they spec a bit long and require fitting.
So good I have them all of my 1911s now
Faster action once you squeeze the trigger than anything out there. I bought one to try it out and ended up buying 3 more the following week. It is one of the best reliability upgrades you can do on any gun.
Extremely light weight and machined very well. Fit perfect on my Kimber Super Carry Pro HD
Lightweight doesnt even cut it.
you can not feel the weight of this firing pin!! this will speed up your lock up, most will not notice, but every second counts when you find yourself in a situation to use it. Or if your a competitive shooter this is a MUST for you!! Highly recommended. Thanks WC!!
i couldnt beleive how light this thing was.. what a great product.. i highly recommened it.