Extreme Lite Carry, Starburst Pattern, Cocobolo

Extreme Lite Carry, Starburst Pattern, Cocobolo
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The Extreme Light Carry (ELC) has been upgraded with our classic starburst handle pattern and improved N690C stainless super steel blade.
Weighing in at 3.8 ounces the ELC is produced under the supervision of Fox Cutlery in Italy of the finest materials. The ELC is light in the pocket and its dual thumb studs are fast into action. The hardened stainless steel liner lock is up to any tactical folder task.
The ELC's contoured starburst handle provides exceptional control under all tactical conditions.
Easy to open, easy to carry and a blade steel designed for extreme use, the Extreme Light Carry is a fan favorite here at Wilson Combat. If offers a lot of performance in a very portable package.
N690C is a High-Alloy stainless steel with superior rust resistance and edge holding properties when compared to most stainless steels. It is highly rust resistant, easily resharpened and the addition of molybdenum, vanadium and cobalt to the steel will give you a hardwearing, long lasting edge. It is exceptional steel for production knives and was designed for high-speed and surgical cutting tools.

 Steel  N690C High-Alloy Bohler Stainless Steel
 Hardness  RC 59/60
 Blade Length  3.5"
 Blade Thickness  .117"
 Handle Material  Genuine Cocobolo Hardwood Starburst
 Handle Length  4.0"
 Overall Length  7.5"

 3.8 oz.

 Finish  Stonewashed Finish Blade

Nut N Fancy "Wilson Combat ELC: Italian Job Done Right" Review.

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Excellent EDC Knife 5/3/2020
My Daughter & Son-N-Law gave me this knife as a gift since I had purchased the Wilson Combat EDC-9 a few months before. I have the Black/Cherry grips on the Pistol and they thought I needed a Knife with matching sunburst handles. The fit/finish of this knife is excellent, the blade holds an edge and only needs stropping or dressing with the fine ceramic stone to keep a hair popping edge.I must say I put this knife on the top of the list of one of the best knives I have ever owned. Thanks Again to my Daughter Michelle and Son-N-Law David for a wonderful knife.
- Jim Atwater, GA
Wish I had a lanyard 12/4/2015
What a beautiful piece of work . I purchased my knife on Black Friday 11/27/15 , I took full advantage of the discount . I fell in love with the whole ELC line of knives & took for ever to decide which one to buy so I narrowed it to my knife & the Black model . So after reading the customer reviews I finally chose the wood handle model . I wanted the black one probably the most & would have chosen it but in one of the reviews said his knife came with a lanyard &!i wated one of those cool lanyards . But I wasnt so lucky , mine came without . So I wish I had a lanyard . But the workmanship on this knife is awesome the open & close is like the open & close of a door on a fine automobile , flawless . These are great knives . I love it , I will just buy the black one in 4 inch .
- Nathan Cossey, OK
What a knife! 7/10/2015
Its a wonderfully crafted and designed piece of amazing. This knife rocks! I was skeptical at first looking at the price but once I got it in my hands all of my concerns were erased and I was very pleased with my choice. The only reason Im giving this knife 4 stars is because of the handle grips. They are beautiful and made with the same craftsmanship and skill but unfortunately they were not made from the same set of blanks. I expected a small difference in the shade of course. But on my knife it seems like each side of handle was made from different wood. Of course it doesnt change the function of the knife but visually its definitely a minus.
- Alek, FL
My favorite EDC 5/11/2015
When I bought this knife I thought it would be a good one. But it wasnt what I expected. It was so much better. I have a few other knives I like for EDC along with this one. I now carry two knives because I cant bring myself to put this one away. It fits very well in my hand as well as in my pocket. As for being sharp... If your fingers get too close, you will need stitches. If you are looking at this knife, but the price is holding you back, just buy it. It is worth every penny. You will not be disappointed.
wilson combat cocobolo E lite carry knife 4/23/2015
Ive been collecting usable knives for fifty years. Bought Wilson cocobolo six months ago and found it to be the best knife Ive ever owned. I consider the n690c steel the best steel ever in any knife. No exceptions. Super sharp and easy to sharpen. Throw away your other knives and buy this one for the steel alone if not for the beauty of the knife. The other steels are harder to sharpen. Only problem I had was with the guarantee of 100 per cent satisfaction. The clip continually bent outward loosening its grip even though I wasnt putting much force on it. I was treating it like a baby. When I e mailed the company or tried to call there was never any response so I finally pulled off the clip and threw it away. Oh well. Still - the best all round knife Ive ever seen.
- d haefele, NY
its simple 11/10/2014
Id complain about the price, but as soon as you open it the 1st time, you know where that money went. I have more expensive knives, but this will be my everyday knife I carry. Now I have several to sell. Good work, WC.
lane carlisle
Excellent knife 9/8/2014
The fit and finish is top notch. Comes razor sharp - opens beautifully with a sharp click of the liner lock. No blade movement at all, with excellent balance. Great price too given the level of engineering on this knife.
- Erik, NJ
Yep, What I expected!! 4/17/2014
I have had this new knife for a few weeks now and feel I can give a fair enough review of it. OMG!!! Sweet knife, tight, smooth, nothing but the best! I also have a Rapid Response XL, ELMAX, Gunmetal DLC, Cocobolo Inlay that I purchased last year and cost a lot more than this one yet you would not know it. This knife is a barging. Only thing I wish WC had done is put a filler in where you can change the clip to the other side. Looks unfinished with that notch and 2 screw holes just sitting there.
- Bob Curry, AL
I bought this 3 weeks ago 4/9/2014
I bought this and since received, omg, it shaves the hair on my arm, is sleek as a WC can be! The knife version of this incredible firearm. It snaps tight, tucks in tight, and my best knife ever.
Vinal Perkins
Beyond Adequate Description 3/28/2014
A superb quality knife done in typical Wilson Combat fashion ......... Unsurpassed! Is a perfect match to my WC Supergrade!
Mike B.
Spectacular 1/9/2014
Awesome knife, very sharp, clean corners, folds smooth, couldnt ask for any better quality. I would recommend to anyone looking for an amazing knife, heck, Id buy another one!
- William W, AR
What a gorgeous knife!! 12/5/2013
The photo of this knife is very nice, but does not adequately portray the detail and beauty. For its size, the knife is very light. It has a very nice paracord lanyard to assist removal from your pocket. The blade is razor sharp, as you would expect. Ill be using this as a dress knife--it is to good looking to carry everyday.
- Jim Morris, LA

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