Extractor, 70 Series, .38 Super/9mm, Bullet Proof®, Blue

Extractor, 70 Series, .38 Super/9mm, Bullet Proof®, Blue
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When it comes to 1911 reliability, the extractor is the most important component part of your 1911 handgun.  A well-designed, properly tuned extractor ensures that your pistol feeds, extracts and ejects reliably every time. 

All Wilson Combat Bullet Proof ® Extractors are machined from solid bar stock alloy steel and then specially heat treated for long lasting tension and toughness to resist chipping or breakage.

Wilson Bullet Proof ® extractors are the choice of professional gunsmiths and will hold tension longer and resist damage better than any other extractor on the market.

All of our 1911 extractors require minimal fitting for proper function and often will drop in some guns with only final tensioning required.  Used in conjunction with a Wilson Combat firing pin stop you can optimize extractor function for any 1911 pistol.

  • Fully Machined from S7 shockproof tool steel with a tensile strength of 275,000 PSI
  • Optimized hook design for maximum strength and case rim contact
  • Hook location tolerances held to +/- .001"
  • Radiused corners for extended life and smooth feeding
  • Enhanced design holds tension longer over factory part many times over
  • Heat treated to optimum hardness and cryogenically treated
  • Guaranteed for life against breakage or we will replace at no cost to you


About S7 Tool Steel:

A Wilson exclusive, S7 is a shock resistant “non stainless” tool steel with excellent toughness and high strength, along with good wear resistance. It has maximum shock resistance and high compression strength, which gives it good deformation resistance in use, while retaining good toughness to resist chipping and breaking. Typical applications for S7 tool steel are punches, chisels, blanking dies, forming dies and concrete breakers.

Series 70 vs Series 80 1911 Extractors:

The difference between Series 70 and Series 80 extractors is a plunger retainer stud machined into the Series 80 extractor. This retainer stud holds the firing pin safety plunger that is visible next to the disconnector rail in place on Colt-style Series 80 slides. All extractors which are designed to work in a Series 80 1911 will also work in all Series 70 guns, however extractors designed for Series 70 guns lack the machined cut which allows the firing pin lock plunger to be installed and therefore cannot be used in Series 80 guns.  Kimber series II guns can use either a 70 series or 80 series.  All Springfield Armory 1911 pistols are 70 series.

Installation Instructions (PDF)

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Extractor 70s 9mm BP.
RIA Ultra 9mm extractor still strong but a lot of IDPA matches. About time for replacement before an issue occurs. Drop the WC right in and works flawlessly. Sticks out a bit but no big deal. Wilson Combat products are the best.
Awesome extractor
My RIA 9mm was having bad extractor issues. I dropped this baby right in and out of the box it had perfect tension so no adjustment was necessary. it does stick out a little bit on the rear of the slide but no big deal YMMV. Went to the range to test and gun worked FLAWLESS through 150 rounds. Very please.
This Extractor fixed my Brand New Dan Wesson when CZ Could Not
Just bought a brand new Dan Wesson Valor Commander. Firearm failed to extract 99% of first 250 rounds. Returned to CZ for repairs. After repairs the firearm still failed to extract 50% of time. Thought I would give this extractor a try and fix it myself. Firearm now extracts 100% of the time...as expected. Thanks Wilson Combat!!!