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Precision machined from heat-treated S7 tool steel with a black oxide finish. 

The user-replaceable design makes it easy to maintain your pistol.  Compatible with all generations of EDC X9 handgun.

  • Extractor, spring and buffer included
  • Precision machined from S7 tool steel
  • Compatible with all generations of EDC X9 9mm handgun


Extractor Removal/Cleaning

  1. It is advised to remove and clean the extractor every 6,000 rds or if you have any failures to extract.  The EDC X9 extractor is held in by a threaded pin that is also retained with threadlocker.  The first time you remove the extractor pin, heat may be required to break the adhesive bond.
  2. To remove extractor, ensure pistol is unloaded. 
  3. Remove slide from pistol and set aside recoil spring assembly and barrel.
  4. Apply heat to the bottom of the extractor pin area of the slide with a torch or soldering iron to break the threadlocker adhesive bond. 
  5. Using the supplied .050” hex wrench turn the threaded extractor pin counterclockwise to remove it from the slide. 
  6. Retain the extractor with your hand while removing the pin.
  7. Clean extractor and extractor pocket thoroughly. 
  8. It is recommended to replace the extractor spring with a new spring/buffer at this time.  Clean the extractor and pocket thoroughly of carbon deposits. Do not leave excessive oil or lubricant under the extractor pocket when reassembling.
  9. Reassemble in reverse order.
  10. Test your extractor by placing a dummy round under your extractor hook.