EDC X9, Non-Lightrail Frame, 9mm

EDC X9, Non-Lightrail Frame, 9mm
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Orders for the new EDC X9 will be shipped in the order they are received. The quickest way to get on the list is to place your order online. As you can imagine the phones are extremely busy at Wilson Combat with the new EDC X9 announcement. Please call customer service after placing your online order to specify the details of your pistol. Your online order will lock in your place in line. Customer Service will notify you when your pistol begins the build process with an estimated time of completion.

Introducing the Wilson Combat EDC X9 High Capacity 9mm Defensive Handgun

The Superior Choice For Everyday Carry

Wilson Combat has redefined the defensive handgun with the EDC X9, a modern hybrid of our EDC 9 1911 slide assembly mated with the all new high-capacity X-frame.  This groundbreaking design combines the accuracy, ergonomics and trigger pull of the classic 1911 design with enhanced reliability, and concealable, high capacity performance.

Designed by Bill Wilson and Wilson Combat engineers, the X-frame is a 15-round, high capacity 9mm 1911 frame that is similar in size to a traditional compact, single stack 1911.  The X-frame is machined at Wilson Combat from T6-7075 aluminum and accepts a high capacity magazine with a grip that is smaller in circumference than a standard 1911 while retaining traditional 1911 controls. The EDC X9 15 and 18-round, double column magazines were developed jointly with Mec-Gar, industry leaders in double column magazine design.

The screwless X-frame design uses hammer spring tension to keep the aggressive traction Wilson/VZ G-10 starburst pattern grips securely in place.  The result is a highly concealable, high capacity pistol frame that completely disassembles for cleaning with only a single punch without screws or frame bushings and a more natural, oval grip shape.

The EDC X9 slide assembly is from our single stack EDC 9 pistol with Wilson Combat’s ERS “Enhanced Reliability System” for 9mm 1911’s. The ERS is tailored to the varying power level of 9mm ammunition and maintains impressive reliability in all conditions, even when heavily fouled and low on lubrication.  Other features include a Tri-Top slide profile with user-replaceable front sight, single lug tapered cone match-grade 1911 barrel, rear Tactical Adjustable Battlesight and a rugged, user-serviceable external extractor.

The ergonomic design of the X-frame grip in conjunction with an enlarged trigger guard window and your choice of radiused trigger pad length fits all hand sizes comfortably and improves recoil control.  The EDC X9 front and back strap are machined with the Wilson Combat X-Tac tread pattern that provides a comfortable but tactile grip in all shooting conditions.  The EDC X9 will fit the majority of holsters on the market designed for 4” or 4.25” 1911 pistols and is offered with or without an accessory rail.

Thoroughly tested by our team of designers, champion shooters and external industry experts, the Wilson Combat EDC X9 offers discriminating shooters 1911 match-grade accuracy, superior ergonomics and concealability combined with modern service pistol capacity and reliability.

  • High-Capacity Compact Size Aluminum X-Frame with Reliability Enhanced Frame Rails
  • Unique X-TAC Frontstrap/Mainspring Housing Treatment
  • Concealment Bullet Proof® Hammer
  • Bullet Proof® Thumb Safety
  • 3 ½# - 4 ½# Crisp Trigger Pull with Lightweight Medium Length Pad
  • Bullet Proof® Magazine Release
  • Black G10 Aggressive Starburst Grips with Pewter Medallions
  • 4” Stainless Steel Tri-Top Slide with External Extractor - DLC Finish
  • Unique X-TAC Rear & Front Cocking Serration Treatment on Slide
  • Heavy Machine Chamfer on Bottom of Slide
  • Elevation Adjustable Tactical Battlesight with Fiber Optic Front Sight with 4-40 Hex Head Cap Screw
  • 4” Stainless Cone Barrel with Reliability Enhancing Lock-up, Flush Cut Reverse Crown
  • Fluted Chamber
  • Fluted Barrel
  • 30 LPI Slide Top Serrations
  • 40 LPI Serrated Rear of Slide
  • Carry Cuts/Ball Endmill Cuts


Available Options:

  • Armor-Tuff® Options
  • Backstrap Size (Large & Small)
  • Trigger Length (Long, Medium, & Short)
  • Ambidextrous Thumb Safety
  • Grip Panel (Black, Gray/Black, Dirty Olive, & Black Cherry)


Hand Sizing Chart

Hand Size

Backstrap Size

Trigger Length













PLEASE NOTE: It is the purchaser’s responsibility to obtain a transferring FFL dealer to complete this purchase. Please have your dealer fax or email us a copy of their FFL license as soon as your order is placed. FFL's can be emailed to [email protected] or faxed to 870-545-3310. Make sure your name and order confirmation # are clearly indicated in the fax or email to avoid any processing delays.







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A high quality firearm.
This was my first WC pistol, and the kit is impressive! The firearm quality is top notch. I have big hands and the EDC is a good fit. Small or normal hands might consider the narrower SFX.
Awesome 👏
Love my X9! Sold some nice weapons to purchase my first but not my last WC! I have owned many 1911’s this one is absolutely amazing. The feel, lack of recoil, 18 rounds what more can I say! Thank you Mr. Wilson!
Next gun
Need conceal carry
EDC X9 no rail
beautiful pistol no doubt but I have to say for an EDC everyday carry pistol, front sight should be a tritium night sight, we shouldn't be going back to the well for 60$ for a sight on a 3000$ pistol intended for carry
Wilson EDC X9
Been in law enforcement for over 40 years. Have carried a 1911 since 1976, when I started my career. The EDC X9 seemed the perfect blend of old and new 1911 styling: no grip safety, ramped barrel, exterior extractor, and user changeable front sights. Have over 3,000 rounds through the pistol using FMJ and Federal HST and Winchester Ranger...no problems whatsoever. I carry this every day at work. Now, just hoping they can introduce a similar platform in 45 acp. Get the best, get a Wilson.
Top shelf firearm
I'm not going to rehash what every gun magazine and online reviewer has already stated. At first I was hesitant to pay what this firearm cost, especially given the fact I had never wrapped my hand around one. But having an older model CQB, I new that the quality would be there and it is. In my opinion quality second to none. I've only had occasion to fire it once, but I was able to get about 300 rounds through it. What impressed me the most was the reliability with a wide variety of ammo. I shot 124 gr. ball, 115 gr. hollow points, 147 gr. hollow points, some old Winchester 115gr.silver tips and Federal nyclad. Just for fun I had seven 50 year old Super Vel rounds. Every thing fed and ejected without incident. Great gun, Great company.
Love this pistol
Just picked one of these up and love the feel and the accuracy .
Couldn't Make It Run
First, I should say that if you plan to buy a 1911, there's no reason to shop around - go with any Wilson Combat model and you will be delighted. My CQB and Protector have essentially never failed to operate perfectly over many years of use. That said, my EDC X9 was a bit of a dog. It would not reliably feed even a single magazine. I sent it in for warranty repairs, and they did an extensive amount of rework. The repaired pistol had improved reliability of up to 95% or so...but still insufficient for an emergency rescue device. I might have tried for another round of repairs but for this fact. I'm a southpaw, and the ambi-safety on this gun had a tendency to trap the webbing of my hand between my thumb and index finger when I disengaged it (there's a big indentation/gap into which the safety slots.) After losing a few chunks of flesh to that process, I was really wishing for a different design. So...it's back to my 1911. Anyway, one guy's experience!
I own glocks, Sigs, Dan Wesson, Kimber etc.. I finally decided to spend the money on a Wilson Combat and I have not regretted at all. This gun cost 2 to 3 times as much but it is 10 times better than the others. No comparison. The accuracy and quality are superior.
Jean Rodin
Wilson comat- X9
My Favorite Now
I now have 3 Wilson Combat pistols with this new addition. This X9 is now my absolute favorite. I still love my 45 Protector for it is and my 9mm Sentinel for what it is but the X9 hits all the bells for me. I don't have large hands yet it feels as good as my Sentinel if not a little better. My grip feels improved no doubt yet I have 18 rds I can play with vs 8. I got the Trijicon Red Dot option and I'm in heaven. I can tear up bulls eyes with ease. I have fired at least 1000 rounds with about half of those coming from friends that were blown away and wouldn't give her back right away. Everyone that has seen and shot it loves it. Several started saving some money so they can get one one day. I have had zero miss fires and I use a mix of ammo but mostly Federal. Now I find out they have come out with an EDC X9S. This is similar in size to a Beretta P4Storm Sub Compact that I carry now. After seeing that I am now saving some mad money again for I am about order one more WC for a daily carry weapon. These are not cheap weapons but everyone of mine has been worth every penny, a case where you get what you paid for!
The one I've been looking for.
After 34 years in Law Enforcement, some spent as a firearms instructor, I must say I have found THE pistol. The EDC X9 is the best of all world's. .Over my long career I have fired most pistols in the market place. None can match the Wilson Combat. It fits me much better than the glove fit O.J. Simpson. I have the black and white finish and love it. I can easily make 3 shot groups touch at 15 yards....off hand. Very little recoil and the follow up shots are without effort. This is my first Wilson Combat, but it will not be my last.. Worth every penny and more.
Work of Art
I have been wanting a Wilson Combat for 30+ years, but we all know about life, then on Aug. 13 2019. I got my first Wilson Combat a last. I went with the EDC X9 the pistol just fit my hand like a glove,but after the first range trip,the EDC X9 just blew me away, the balance, the fit , but most of all is how accurate this pistol ,its a tack driver a work of art. The wait was well worth it. Wilson Combat Thank You.
Well Worth The Wait
Just received my EDC X9 yesterday. Took 5 Months to get and I knew that going into the purchase. First day, I had a little time to go by the range and I ran 135 rds through it. I was very impressed with the feel and control of the weapon. Well worth the wait and the price. Looking forward to going through the rest of the case of ammo.
This is a beautifully made gun and after over 500 rounds not a single malfunction. I have small hands and ordered a short trigger and small backstrap. During shooting of rapid fire strings I had to regrip the gun and started dropping the magazine. Installed the large backstrap and now the gun stays solid in my grip with no magazine drops. No problem reaching the slide release or magazine release. Love this gun and it is an outstanding shooter.
Fantastic Firearm
Took my new EDC X9 for its first range trip today and was not disappointed. In fact, I was elated. It performed flawlessly, 100% reliable with all ammo, including 124 grain FMJ range ammunition, Black Hills 115 grain TAC-XP +P ammo, and 124 grain and 147 grain Federal HST ammo. The recoil is barely noticeable. The trigger is exceptional. The 15-round magazines are very easy to load. I opted for the small back strap and short trigger pad and that proved to be a perfect combination for me. The ergonomics are superb. Accuracy was very good, and I expect will get even better. The build quality appears to be outstanding. The only issue is the gold bead front sight. My range recently installed excellent LCD lighting, which makes fiber optic sights light up like Christmas trees. The gold bead was a bit difficult for me to pick up against the red bulls eye of my targets. I do have the green fiber optic sight if I choose to make the change. In any event, based on my observations and experience so far with my new EDC X9, it easily earns five ***** stars. It is a beautiful, extremely well-designed and well-crafted pistol.
Extremely impressed with the EDC X9!
I have spent almost 40 years in manufacturing and engineering and I decided to spend the price tag for the EDC X9 because everything looking like it was done top shelf and only top shelf. Just received it and am totally satisfied, the fit, finish, quality of components, balance, natural aim, feel, everything is at the elevated level I anticipated. The QC paperwork that comes with it, is impressive alone, when I saw how many checks and double checks Wilson has built into their system, it is no wonder I feel the satisfaction of ownership when holding a top example of a high quality product. This will most likely not be the only Wilson Combat I will ever own, now I desire more.
Received my EDC X9 this week - WOW!!!
I have owned Wilson Combat firearms for quite a while, both handguns and the AR platform and have loved them all, but Bill and his team have really hit it out of the park with the X9. The gun is only 5.5 oz. heavier than a G19 with the same capacity and has all the qualities and advantages of a premium custom 1911. Trigger is beautiful, gun is perfectly balanced and extremely reliable - perfect so far and I have taken it to the range every day since it arrived. Love this gun. It truly will be my EDC for the foreseeable future. Guy A. Relford, President and Chief Instructor, Tactical Firearms Training, LLC, Host of The Gun Guy with Guy Relford on WIBC Radio, Author of Gun Safety & Cleaning for Dummies
edc x-9 probably the most accurrtate 9mm out there
got to shoot my gun buds edc ,wow what a nice trigger ,all 10 rounds in the same jagged hole,agruably one of the best looking ,nicest handling and might just be the most versatile 9mm pistols on the market today ,and with Wilson qulity built right in ,its gonna be my next 9mm open match /self defence pistol also