EDC X9, Lightrail Frame, 9mm

EDC X9, Lightrail Frame, 9mm
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Orders for the new EDC X9 will be shipped in the order they are received. The quickest way to get on the list is to place your order online. As you can imagine the phones are extremely busy at Wilson Combat with the new EDC X9 announcement. Please call customer service after placing your online order to specify the details of your pistol. Your online order will lock in your place in line. Customer Service will notify you when your pistol begins the build process with an estimated time of completion.

Introducing the Wilson Combat EDC X9 High Capacity 9mm Defensive Handgun

The Superior Choice For Everyday Carry

Wilson Combat has redefined the defensive handgun with the EDC X9, a modern hybrid of our EDC 9 1911 slide assembly mated with the all new high-capacity X-frame.  This groundbreaking design combines the accuracy, ergonomics and trigger pull of the classic 1911 design with enhanced reliability, and concealable, high capacity performance.

Designed by Bill Wilson and Wilson Combat engineers, the X-frame is a 15-round, high capacity 9mm 1911 frame that is similar in size to a traditional compact, single stack 1911.  The X-frame is machined at Wilson Combat from T6-7075 aluminum and accepts a high capacity magazine with a grip that is smaller in circumference than a standard 1911 while retaining traditional 1911 controls. The EDC X9 15 and 18-round, double column magazines were developed jointly with Mec-Gar, industry leaders in double column magazine design.

The screwless X-frame design uses hammer spring tension to keep the aggressive traction Wilson/VZ G-10 starburst pattern grips securely in place.  The result is a highly concealable, high capacity pistol frame that completely disassembles for cleaning with only a single punch without screws or frame bushings and a more natural, oval grip shape.

The EDC X9 slide assembly is from our single stack EDC 9 pistol with Wilson Combat’s ERS “Enhanced Reliability System” for 9mm 1911’s. The ERS is tailored to the varying power level of 9mm ammunition and maintains impressive reliability in all conditions, even when heavily fouled and low on lubrication.  Other features include a Tri-Top slide profile with user-replaceable front sight, single lug tapered cone match-grade 1911 barrel, rear Tactical Adjustable Battlesight and a rugged, user-serviceable external extractor.

The ergonomic design of the X-frame grip in conjunction with an enlarged trigger guard window and your choice of radiused trigger pad length fits all hand sizes comfortably and improves recoil control.  The EDC X9 front and back strap are machined with the Wilson Combat X-Tac tread pattern that provides a comfortable but tactile grip in all shooting conditions.  The EDC X9 will fit the majority of holsters on the market designed for 4” or 4.25” 1911 pistols and is offered with or without an accessory rail.

Thoroughly tested by our team of designers, champion shooters and external industry experts, the Wilson Combat EDC X9 offers discriminating shooters 1911 match-grade accuracy, superior ergonomics and concealability combined with modern service pistol capacity and reliability.

  • High-Capacity Compact Size Aluminum X-Frame with Reliability Enhanced Frame Rails
  • Integral Light-Rail
  • Unique X-TAC Frontstrap/Mainspring Housing Treatment
  • Concealment Bullet Proof® Hammer
  • Bullet Proof® Thumb Safety
  • 3 ½# - 4 ½# Crisp Trigger Pull with Lightweight Medium Length Pad
  • Bullet Proof® Magazine Release
  • Black G10 Aggressive Starburst Grips with Pewter Medallions
  • 4” Stainless Steel Tri-Top Slide with External Extractor - DLC Finish
  • Unique X-TAC Rear & Front Cocking Serration Treatment on Slide
  • Heavy Machine Chamfer on Bottom of Slide
  • Elevation Adjustable Tactical Battlesight with Fiber Optic Front Sight with 4-40 Hex Head Cap Screw
  • 4” Stainless Cone Barrel with Reliability Enhancing Lock-up, Flush Cut Reverse Crown
  • Fluted Chamber
  • Fluted Barrel
  • 30 LPI Slide Top Serrations
  • 40 LPI Serrated Rear of Slide
  • Carry Cuts/Ball Endmill Cuts


Available Options:


  • Armor-Tuff® Options
  • Backstrap Size (Large & Small)
  • Trigger Length (Long, Medium, & Short)
  • Ambidextrous Thumb Safety
  • Grip Panel (Black, Gray/Black, Dirty Olive, & Black Cherry)


Hand Sizing Chart

Hand Size

Backstrap Size

Trigger Length













PLEASE NOTE: It is the purchaser’s responsibility to obtain a transferring FFL dealer to complete this purchase. Please have your dealer fax or email us a copy of their FFL license as soon as your order is placed. FFL's can be emailed to [email protected] or faxed to 870-545-3310. Make sure your name and order confirmation # are clearly indicated in the fax or email to avoid any processing delays.







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I love this gun, I just ordered the the extended Mag and the TLR-7 light. It functions as beautifully as it looks, a true piece of art and function!
Sold three 9mm after I got my EDC X9 - NO REGRETS
Once I got my Wilson there was no other reason so keep the other 9s I had honestly. The finish of the Wilson is so superior to any other brand of firearm, you truly are buying the Lamborghini of 9mm 1911s when you get one.
If I had to have only one this would be it. the few problems with a 1911 platform gun ( my all-time favorite ) have been fixed. The form and fit of this gun can't be improved on, perfection is the only word that you need to describe this gun. You can always buy a cheaper gun, but if you want the best just pay for it, its worth it, What is your life worth!
One of, if not THE best, handgun I own.
This Wilson Combat EDC X9 is absolutely amazing. She is a real workhorse and functions flawlessly. I've fired thousands of rounds through mine without a single hiccup, and she shoots more accurately than my skills will allow, and I'm a pretty darn good shooter. The first day I shot it, without any need for sight adjustments, I was shooting the silhouette between the eyes consistently at 25 yards without much deliberation. I put every confidence in this handgun above all others I own and have ever owned as my number one choice for my self defense handgun.
favorite gun
only about 500 rounds through it so far but its my favorite gun by alot. i own 6 other handguns including my favorites before are a couple 226 legion SAOs one regular and one with red dot... amazing firearms i didnt think could get any better.... then i held this thing, and then i shot it. it is BY FAR the best thing i have ever held or shot.
Bought mine in December ‘17 and have 4500 rounds through it, and it’s performed flawlessly ! Best compact gun on the market
The NEW Standard of EDC
I have been carrying the EDC X9 since it came out and I could not be more impressed. Wilson Combat has remastered and redefined the 1911 to meet the needs of the 21st century shooter. The X9 has the capacity of the tupperware guns, but still maintains the legendary 1911 trigger in a easily concealed platform. What more do you want?
Love it!
Just picked mine up. I was told 5 months, but received it just 1 day short of 2 months. What a piece of art. Can't wait to take it to the range. Thank you, Wilson Combat!
Perfect functionality, great look, reliable and finally enough ammo in a 1911 like handgun, but with better control and maybe even feel. Add a Streamlight with 500 lumens, and swap the front sight (so easy!) with Wilson's night sight. and you are set. It's awesome. What else to say except get one
Ordered mine at the end of September. Can't wait for it to come in!
I own several solid handguns form various high end maker. My two most favorite handguns were the Wilson 45 ACP Tactical Supergrade and NHC Browning in 9mm. My darling wife bought this perfect handgun as a gift and it is incredible. with 15 and 18 rounds magazines, outstanding attention to the smallest details-- every option a demanding customer would want. Add the light weight compared to other guns, and this is a superstar. I always carry 2 handguns and this functional arts is light enough be super comfortable, with an accurate and reliability of my 1911s, and the capacity of my Best HKs, Zevs, S&W, NS Sig Sauer. Overall only good things to say-- An awesome well made handgun--thank you!!!
1200 Round Update - Still Tacking Along!
Just reached 1200 rounds with my EDC X9. Seven different brands of FMJ and JHP ammo ranging from 115 to 135 grains. Flawless!!! Zero malfunctions and loads of fun. This pistol is more accurate than I will ever be. It should really be in the hands of someone more capable than me, but too bad, I'm keeping it!
My EDC choice could not be replaced, I believed, and I will not name it here out of a deep and continuing respect. But it became my backup EDC after a trusted friend suggested I try the Wilson Combat EDC X9. I did. In a short time it earned top spot. It’s simply a magnificent weapon that I trust and rely on for the safety of me and my family. That’s saying a lot.
The Holy grail for Edc
Absolutely flawless for the first 200 rounds. The accuracy is as good as it gets. For the first time I find myself completely satisfied, as if the search were over. Worth every penny
Like butter
This is my favorite gun. It is bloody accurate and loads of fun. Get your hands on one ASAP!!!!
Best Gun Ever! Approaching 13,000 Rounds....
This gun is absolutely reliable. I am approaching 13k rounds with only a single ammo related failure —- bad primmer. I could not be happier. Finally a gun that lives up to the hype. Absolutely reliable, real world accuracy and so easy to shoot that my splits have dramatically improved while maintaining tight groups. I comfortable carry this gun appendix carry without any major printing. All of my other guns have been relegated to backups.
Best Shooting 9mm Tack Driver!
This is a truly remarkable pistol! I have run just over 500 rounds of various FMJ/JHP and it just zips along like a tack driver. Feels great in the hand, well balanced, very accurate, smooth shooting and the fit and finish is superb. Flawless operation AND pride in ownership - what more could you ask for? Wilson Combat really delivered the goods with this pistol!
Best of both worlds
Picked this up today and ran 200 rounds through it. This gun is amazing. It has the frame size and capacity of my Glock 19, with the flawless function and perfect trigger of a top tier Wilson Combat 1911. I love the added security of the thumb safety. This is my new CC.
This handgun performed flawlessly. Put the first two hundred rounds through it with no malfunctions of any kind. The handgun shot accurately as expected. Several friends shot this handgun and we were all impressed. If you want an awesome firearm, then this is the one. you wont regret it. Thank you Wilson Combat.
Has the rest sitting in the safe!
I have well over 5,500 rounds through my EDC X9 at this point having run it through three intensive low light and dynamic entry classes without a single malfunction of any type. In my opinion, this is the most reliable handgun ever produced. Then other thing I didnt anticipate is how quickly I would fall in love with the X9 for all training, plinking and CCW. It has the rest of my pistols from essentially every major manufacturer sitting in my safe. If you are thinking about pulling the trigger on the X9, have no doubt this is the holy grail of 9mm pistols. The Ameriglo Orange/Trijicon sight added recently perfected the pistol even more. A feat of modern engineering and an absolute home run, Wilson Team!
Im very fortunate to have a collection of Wilson Combat pistols, including one or more of the Supergrade, Stealth, CQB, ULCC, Spec Ops 9, Sentinel, KZ-9, KZ-45, and even the ADP. Then I got my hands on the EDC X9. This gun quickly became my #1 choice for every day carry. The EDC X9 fits great, feels great, shoots great....but then they all do! It is just different. Everyone who sees the EDC X9 wants to shoot it. Even my good friend in Law Enforcement who is a die hard G***k fan saw mine and asked to shoot it. Wow was all he could say.....he wants one. Yep, he took a number and is waiting in line. Only one problem....now my wife wants mine!
Best Gun ever
I´m from Swizerland. The EDC is my first, but not my last WC. This Gun is a dream... One of the best Guns I shoot ever. Thank you Mr. Wilson
My wifes first shots with her new EDC-X9
First shot, hand held Weaver stance: 10 Ring @ 10 yards, 1 inch from X on B-27E target. My wife did only slightly better when she shot my BWC .45ACP for the first time. This gun is superior in machining, aesthetics, design and innovation than any 1911 design in the past 30 years. No hiccups or failures; 100% perfect in every way. She likes this more than her X-TAC compact, because the recoil is almost non-existing, greater round count, as well as better and quicker control. Her new every day carry.
The BEST !!!
I consider myself very lucky to own this. If you look at all the options Wilson puts into this pistol for the price they ask for it, you would think you are actually stealing it from them. The EDC X9 is extremely well built and shows it in the way it shoots. The 15 plus 1 capacity is just icing on the cake.
My First WC Gun
I have always owned a very good, top quality, reliable carry gun. Decided to up my game and protect my own life/family with the best. Words cannot describe the anticipation during the 9 months of waiting. I felt like like a little boy in a candy shop when I got it. Now, I feel like I own the candy shop!!!! It is light years better than I expected! Flawless, easy to shoot right out of the box!!!!!!! It will not be the last WC gun I will own. Easiest, smoothest shooting gun I have ever fired and I have fired them all.
Doesnt get any better than this!
I am not one to write reviews, but this gun absolutely deserves it! I can only describe the EDC X9 in one simple word: flawless! But then again, I would not expect anything less from Bill Wilson and his team...