Deluxe Range Bag, Large, Black

Deluxe Range Bag, Large, Black
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Detailed Description


  • 14.5" Long x 10" Tall x 8" Wide
  • 2" Wide Carry Handles with Padded Grip
  • 1.5" Shoulder Strap
  • Outside Pocket has Molle Strips to Add Additional Pouches
  • Outside Pocket has 2 Inside Mesh Pockets, a Larger Padded Holder For Shooting Glasses, and an Empty Casing Pouch
  • Inside Pocket has 2 Large Padded Pockets and 10 Magazine Pouches for 20 Single Stack Magazines and 10 Double Stack Magazines
  • The Wilson Combat Pistol Rug will Fit Inside the Main Pocket
  • Bottom Of Bag has 2 Non-Slip Rubber Pads
  • Tough Cordura Nylon
  • Black
  • Patch Feild on Back Pocket for Your Favorite Morale Patch


We’ve noticed that some shooters are minimalists – they show up at the range with a pistol bag, a couple of boxes of ammo, and 2 or 3 magazines. It’s hard not to envy those guys. Some shooters carry bags big and heavy enough they need wheels. They bring multiple pistols, every tool imaginable, enough spare parts to build a couple of pistols, cleaning kits for every possible caliber, rags, lubricants, change of clothes, food for at least a couple of days. Nice to be friends with these guys, typically they’re generous and will help out when something goes wrong with your equipment.

Wilson Combat® has now designed and built a range bag for the rest of us. It’s 14.5” long, 10” tall and 8” wide. The carry handles are 2” wide webbing with a padded grip, and it has a 1.5” shoulder strap – it’s a compact size, and you can’t believe how much you can fit in it if you want to. On the outside, one side has molle strips for additional pouches on the outside of a large zippered pouch that contains 2 inside mesh pockets, and a larger padded holder for shooting glasses, a water bottle, etc, and an empty casings pouch. The other side has a large zippered pouch with a patch field. The inside is fitted with 2 large padded pockets, for ammo, tools, lunch, whatever you take with you to the range. The inside also has 10 magazine pouches for 20 single stack magazines or 10 double stack magazines. One of our padded pistol rugs will fit inside the range bag. The bottom of the bag has 2 non-slip soft-rubber pads to help prevent the bag from sliding around. Our range bag is tough cordura nylon, and is black in color. It has our logo embroidered on one side.