"Damasteel Deluxe StarFighter" by Brian Tighe | Custom Alliance #17

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For over a decade, WILSON TACTICAL® the knife and tool division of WILSON COMBAT® has brought the finest in quality edged tactical tools to our discriminating clientele. For 2013 we are raising the bar and will be offering a limited collection of handmade knives by some of today's premier tactical knife makers without the long wait typically associated with special ordering a custom edged masterpiece.

These newly designed knives featured in the new CUSTOM ALLIANCE will be few in number, and will quickly become a valued centerpiece of your collection. These offerings will typify the WILSON standards of extraordinary quality, classic design and unmatched value.

Stainless "Damasteel Deluxe StarFighter" by Brian Tighe

One of the most amazing knives we have ever seen! A Complete Damasteel Folder from Brian Tighe in Heimskringla pattern Swedish Stainless Damasteel.

The 100% solid Damasteel Deluxe StarFighter tactical folder merges Wilson Combat’s signature Starburst grip design and the superb quality and performance of knifemaker Brian Tighe’s artistic cutlery vision. The sculpted 100% Stainless Damasteel handle houses Tighe’s rock-solid button lock and proprietary Sealed Thrust Bearing System (STBS™). The STBS™ is the secret ingredient that gives the blade an amazing glassy-smooth flipper operation that must be felt to be believed! The Damasteel - Swedish powdered metal  Stainless Damascus steel blade is 3D-striated for a unique, eye catching contrast and amazing, drag-free cutting performance. You will be proud to display or carry this unique knife that lives up to the Wilson Combat reputation for practical elegance. This exclusive Custom Alliance is limited to ten serialized pieces.

  • Sculpted 100% Damasteel Handle with Wilson Combat's Signature Starburst Grip Design in exclusive “Heimskringla” Damasteel forged from a twisted bar of powdered Stainless steel.
  • Tighe's Rock-Solid Button Lock
  • Proprietary Sealed Thrust Bearing System (STBS™) Provides Glassy-Smooth Flipper Operation
  • Damasteel - Swedish Powdered Metal Damascus Blade in exclusive “Heimskringla Pattern” forged from a twisted round bar of powdered metal
  • 3D-Striated Blade for a Unique, Eye Catching Contrast and Amazing, Drag-Free Cutting Performance
  • Titanium Pocket Clip

Damasteel is a Swedish powdered metal Damascus steel that is renowned for toughness, material quality and unmistakable beauty. Damasteel is a blend of two stainless knife steels and the end result is as high performing as it is attractive.

Because of the beauty of the deeply etched pattern we have opted not to engrave the blades with our custom alliance logo. To identify these unique Wilson Custom Alliance knives in the future we are supplying a personalized dog tag with the serial number and other pertinent information.

The Damasteel Deluxe StarFighter is limited to ten serial-numbered pieces, limit one knife per customer.


 Blade Steel  Damasteel - Swedish Powdered Metal Damascus
 Hardness  RC 59-60
 Blade Length  3.750"
 Blade Thickness  .125"
 Handle Material  Damasteel - Swedish Powdered Metal Damascus
 Handle Length  4.750"
 Overall Length  8.5"
 Hardware  Stainless Steel
 Finish  Etched Damasteel
 Weight  5.0 oz.

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Brian Tighe

This former tool-and-die maker and photographer is a self-taught veteran knifemaker known for his space-age designs that merge sophisticated precision with hand craftsmanship and striking visual appeal. His unique, artistic signature is present in every Tighe knife.


Learn more about Damasteel at the link below: 



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Sometimes You Just Get Lucky!
I received an email from another website that Brian Tighe had just come out with a solid Damasteel custom knife. It mentioned in the email Wilson Combat. I went to the Wilson Combat Knife site, scrolled down the list of sold out knives and at the end was the Tighe Deluxe StarFighter There were 10 being made available, four had already sold. I thought for a moment, very expensive, but incredibility beautiful in all Damasteel. I went to get my credit card and by the time I got back, only a couple of minutes, there were two left. I ordered and was able to get #9 - then all ten were gone. The knife, certificate and dog tag arrived yesterday. I am amazed at the simple construction of the knife. The look is pure art! It operates smoothly and is tight as a bank vault. I dont like a belt clip on a folder I prefer to pocket carry and I think it tends to hide the beauty of a custom knife. It was hell to remove the two tiny screws holding the clip. I had to go to a speciality store to find a screw bit small enough to fit into the screw head. Brian Tighe and Wilson hit a home run with this knife!