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Machined from tough alloy billet steel for a lifetime of function and wear resistance, this disconnector has been engineered to provide flawless function, enable light trigger pulls and to reduce drag on the slide.

Works best with our Bullet Proof® Ultralight hammers and deluxe Bullet Proof® Sear (#314) in carry or competition pistols.

In the world of high-performance handguns, Wilson Combat® Bullet Proof® parts stand alone for performance, construction and value. All Wilson Combat® Bullet Proof® parts are CNC machined from solid steel billets and precisely engineered for an absolutely perfect fit-no cheap castings or inferior, imported injection molded parts will ever wear the Bullet Proof® name.

Wilson Combat® Bullet Proof® Parts Have Been Engineered To Be The Highest Quality, Most User Friendly And Toughest 1911 Parts Available

Bullet Proof® Parts Are CNC Machined From Billets Of The Finest American Tool Steels To An Exacting Set Of Stringent Tolerances And Proprietary Specifications Like All 1911 Parts Were Intended To Be

All Bullet Proof® Parts Are Guaranteed From Defects Or Breakage Forever, The Best Parts With The Best Guarantee In The Industry

Choose from over fifty Bullet Proof® parts to complete your dream custom 1911.

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works well, rusts quickly
I do love Wilson Combat parts, their quality and durability, but these bullet proof disconnector and sear (#314) rust easily. I bought them to upgrade my Springfield 1911 Loaded. By the way, these disconnector and sear don not fit the Springfield Loaded thumb safety and hummer, but they fit perfectly with the Wilson Combat hummer #299S and thumb safety #6SN. No fitting is required if you just install together #573 + #314 + #299S + #6SN into the Springfield frame using earthier original Springfield or Wilson Combat pins. I was existed how these parts work until my cleaning process. My cleaning process = ultrasonic cleaner + tap water rinse + compressed air duster (immediately) + gun oil bath + microfiber cloth wiping = clean parts which are covered by thin oil layer. All my parts including Springfield stainless steel parts as well as Wilson Combat Bullet Proof parts as well as Wilson Combat stainless steel parts do not rust after a lot of my cleaning process sessions, but these disconnector and sear get rusty after the first cleaning. As the result, -2 starts, looking for a substitution, still love other Wilson Combat parts.
Dropped right in my RIA ultra fs 10mm
High quality , mirror finish and bullet proof.
A master piece
This disconnecter is machined so well I could not believe it. My slide now moves smoothly and my trigger pull is lighter.
Perfect fit
Dropped right in with a new sear. Already a much more crisp trigger pull
Up graded my R.I.A COMPACT
Drop in,also used W.C Sear,Hammer,Hammer strut..gave me a nice smooth action. I know I can count on!
Bought this disconnector expecting to have to stone some areas, wrong it was perfect as if someone already did it. Very happy, has to be American made.
great sear for a ria 1911.
I dropped this in my ria 1911 along with all other Wilson combat internals. this pistol went from being a good shooter to a amazing beater pistol!! I own several colt 1911s and a springfield 1911. this beater gun is now my favorite of all my 1911s because of how well it shoots now. I have under $700 in a beater pistol that now outshoots all my friends higher end pistols!!! you got to love that!!!
Dropped right in, no fitting for my Springfield Ultra Compact! It completely eliminated the dragging gritty feel my stock disconnector gave me! I dont even know the disconnector is there when I rack the slide! Very good job Wilson, Thanks!
good piece of engineering
bought this along with the trigger, sear & hammer & the result was great, finally got the trigger feel i wanted for so long, groupings got tighter as a result. money well spent for my gold cup.
Great part so far.
I ordered this & a Bullet Proof sear. Both went in with only 2 minutes worth of fitting to my safety. Love it so far with 40 rounds out the tube.
much better!
Much less friction with this part allowing for an even lighter trigger pull! SA TRP Operator.
Un Matched
I just did a whole internal job on my pt1911 taurus and WOW Wilson Products rock! I would recommend to everyone.
Make the pistol better
Just had the BulletProof Disconnector put in my SIG XO 1911. I dont want to rely on MIM parts installed in my 1911 and I know Wilson wont let me down and only the best will do for me and I wont have to worry.
good stuff
I replaced the cheap internals: safety, sear, disco, slide release, mag release and extractor on my Colt 1991 with Wilson Bulletproof parts. After minor fitting, safety checks and live fire testing I now have a pistol that I can count on.
Ultra clean break!
I replaced all my trigger components in my S&W with Bullet Proof parts and set the trigger to 3.25 lbs. Factory pull was about 4.75 and had a clean break. I was speechless after I got my gun back from my local gunsmith Clint at Coyote Creek in Rochester MN. These parts are amazing! I had a knowledgeable customer next to me give it a few pulls and he said “Wow, now that’s an amazing trigger. . . WOW”. Ultra clean break with this Sear and Disconnector! Great parts!
Hay , just got my gun back. The disconnector works great with the sear and hammer I had got. Top qaulity part. Thanks WC !!
Excellent disconnector
Purchased this disconnector as part of a huge upgrade on my Sig Sauer 1911 XO. Im updating all of the MIM parts to Wilson Bullet-Proof parts due to the high quality and longevity. This disconnector, out of the box, is impressive. The quality compared to the stock XO disconnector is very apparent. Its size, dimensions, and finish are superb. Dropped in with no issues and worked great with the Sig XOs match-grade hammer and sear.
Good quality
Bought this with a new sear and hammer for my Kimber Ultra CDP II. Quality was the first thing I said when I saw it. It was drop in for me with zero modifications. Replaced the MIM part that came with my Kimber.
Worth the little extra
If your doing the hammer and sear you need this . It much better made than my Colt and I now have a match set Hammer sear disconnector . Do it right add this to your trigger job