Custom-Tune® Spring Kit, S&W J Frame

Custom-Tune® Spring Kit, S&W J Frame
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Custom-Tune® Spring Kit, S&W J Frame

Custom-Tune Spring, Kit, S&W, J 8# Reduced Power Hammer Spring and 13#, 14#, 15# Reduced Power Rebound Trigger Spring "CUSTOM-TUNE" Spring Kits are designed to easily and inexpensively improve your revolvers' action and functionality. These quality spring kits feature the finest gun springs available, made from high-tensile spring wire, for the finest possible action tuning jobs. Kits include the various springs necessary to assure reliable function, smooth operation, consistency, and long life. when only the best will do, WILSON COMBAT¨ "CUSTOM-TUNE" Spring Kits are the only choice. "CUSTOM-TUNE" are available for most popular Revolvers. Revolver "Custom-Tune" Spring Kits lighten the trigger pull on single action revolvers and improve the single and double action trigger pull on double action revolvers. Double action kits contain assorted trigger rebound springs, allowing the selection of the lightest spring that will provide proper trigger return with your particular pistol. If you've never tried one of these kits, you won't believe the difference. 

  • Fits S&W J Frame Centerfire Revolvers
  • High tensile wire resists taking a set
  • Reduced power spring assortment ensures lighter trigger pulls and reliable function
  • Drop-in fit

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Airweight accuracy improvement kit it what this should be called 7/17/2018
14 ounce revolver with a 12lb trigger pull makes you look really bad at the range but not anymore. 13lb trigger with 8lb hammer spring, no failure to fire with over 100 rounds. Polished all internal surfaces first, several good YouTube videos for instruction. Federal Hydra-Shok 110gr. Low recoil, Perfecta 38sp. 158gr FMJ, HPR 38sp. 125gr TMJ, Hornady Critical Defense. Trigger pull light and smooth with tighter grouping, still not as good compared to my full size guns, thats me not the gun, but all in critical hit area finally. This is a new gun so it wasnt smooth before polishing. Now if only someone could make a reduced recoil spring for use with the +P ammunition?
- Jeff Dotson, FL
Wilson Combat - the revolver experts? 8/26/2016
I didnt, and doubt that most shooters think of Wilson Combat as revolver experts. Think again. I installed their spring kit for S&W J Frame in my Model 37. Before: 12+ lb. double action, 5 lb. single action pull. After: 8.5 lb. double and 3 lb. single action, testing 100% reliable ignition with 5 different loads from 4 different brands of factory ammo, tested double and single action! Easily installed after watching some Youtube instructional videos. The only special tool I recommend is the inexpensive S&W trigger return spring tool from any gunsmith supply. I installed the hammer spring and the lightest of the trigger return springs, which functions just fine. Pretty much same story with the Wilson K/L/N Frame spring kit in my Model 10.
- Matt, KS
WOW!!! 7/14/2015
Just installed this kit into my 642 and went out back and tested it out. All I can say is WOW! Its like an eternity new pistol. Anyone who is thinking about getting these and is on the fence about, JUST GET THEM. Took me all of about 10-15 min to install then. To say Im happy with the outcome is an understatement. Thank you Wilson Combat for these and all the other outstanding products you offer.
- Nick, OH
A must have for your j-frame 9/11/2013
purchased a S&W model 642 and after the first range visit I considered selling it. Then I discovered the Wilson Combat custom tune springs and decided to give it a chance. I installed the springs myself in 15 minutes and went back to the range for a redemption session. It was night and day difference in the accuracy and handling of the little 2 inch burner. It went bang every time with zero light hammer strikes. Every j-frame should have these springs installed.
Custom Tune Spring Kit S&W J Frame 4/27/2013
Installation took 10 mins, outstanding results. *F*I*V*E* Stars on this product.
Jamie Long
Great, Easy Tune-Up for Your J-Frame 7/13/2012
I ordered this kit for my J-frame, .38 Airweight. Reduced the double-action trigger pull great. Simple project for anyone. If you own a J-frame, do yourself a favor and intall this great kit. You wont be disappointed.
- Mark Adams, MO
Wilson quality and performance for my Smith! 5/24/2012
I installed the 14 lb. Rebound spring with the hammer spring on my 640-3.I also polished the rebound slide on the backside and bottom with a ceramic triangle spyderco sharpmaker.Im no smith,but it was a simple job and my trigger is much smoother and lighter! Functions perfectly. Thanks Wilson!
No J frame complete without it! 2/12/2012
I have installed this kit in multiple J frames with no failures to fire. For a off duty/carry gun I find that even the 13# rebound slide spring gives good trigger return. Great engineering WC!
- Benjamin Baham, LA
An outstanding upgrade at an even more outstanding price! 4/6/2011
I cant express how pleased i am with this kit! Installation was a breeze on my S&W 360 .357mag. The improved double-action pull is a 1000x better than factory, and that alone make this kit worth ten times more than the asking price! I ordered one of these kits for my n-frame as well , and have been thoroughly pleased with all of my Wilson Combat products! I recommend this kit to anyone with a j-frame that loves a lightened and smooth trigger pull! Thanks again Wilson Combat!
- Austin Sheffield, AL
Nice Kit!. 6/13/2010
This kit would have been a bit better if there was any instruction on installation. I guess the lawyers got their way with that. As it stands, all you need for install is a screwdriver and a pencil hint - pencil is a good way to push the trigger spring into its hole. I found that the trigger/hammer spring combo provided positive detent and a good trigger feel. Great kit.

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