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Custom-Tune® Spring Kit, Ruger GP-100

Custom-Tune Spring Kit, Ruger GP-100, 9#, 10#, 12# Reduced Power Hammer Spring, 8#, 10# Reduced Power Rebound Trigger Spring "CUSTOM-TUNE" Spring Kits are designed to easily and inexpensively improve your revolvers' action and functionality. These quality spring kits feature the finest gun springs available, made from high-tensile spring wire, for the finest possible action tuning jobs. Kits include the various springs necessary to assure reliable function, smooth operation, consistency, and long life. when only the best will do, WILSON COMBAT¨ "CUSTOM-TUNE" Spring Kits are the only choice. "CUSTOM-TUNE" are available for most popular Revolvers. Revolver "Custom-Tune" Spring Kits lighten the trigger pull on single action revolvers and improve the single and double action trigger pull on double action revolvers. Double action kits contain assorted trigger rebound springs, allowing the selection of the lightest spring that will provide proper trigger return with your particular pistol. If you've never tried one of these kits, you won't believe the difference.

  • Fits Ruger GP-100 Revolvers (All calibers)
  • High tensile wire resists taking a set
  • Reduced power spring assortment ensures lighter trigger pulls and reliable function
  • Drop-in fit

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Immediate Trigger Improvement - A Must Have
I recently ordered this spring kit for my new Ruger GP100. I initially installed the 9# hammer spring and 8# trigger return spring. Upon function-testing, I had 100% ignition when firing single action, but 2 light primer strikes double action (although both rounds fired on the DA second strike). I replaced the 9# hammer spring with the included 10# spring and got 100% ignition on the second DA test. The improvement in both single action and double action trigger pull is remarkable. Best $10 improvement I’ve ever made - to ANY gun.
Consumes Ammo at an alarming rate
Polished all internal surfaces first, several good YouTube videos for instruction. Went with the 8lb trigger return spring and the 9lb hammer spring after reading other reviews. Fired 150 rounds at the range Federal Hydra-Shok 110gr. Low recoil, Perfecta 38sp. 158gr FMJ, HPR 38sp. 125gr TMJ, Hornady Critical Defense, Fiocchi 357 125gr SJSP with one light hit on the Perfecta after 70 some rounds. Trigger pull didnt seem too stiff before adding the springs but now its barely noticeable. This is a new gun so it wasnt smooth before polishing, will leave in this configuration as the one light tap might be due to friction from new parts.
Smooth as silk
Single action was lightened up and smooth as silk.Double action the trigger no longer has that little point that you could feel the trigger creep. Outstanding quality-like a whole new gun.
GP100 with CCI primers
Use the 9# spring and except for CCI primers, it works great. With CCI primers, get a lot of misfires. Use Federal primers now and NO misfires.
A must have for GP100 owners!
Installed the #9 hammer spring, and the #8 trigger spring. Double action is now less than 5 lbs, and single action is less than 2 lbs. Gun is still 100% reliable with zero light primer strikes with all kinds of ammo. This is the best money youll spend on your GP100. I promise ya!
Reduced power springs
Replaced my GP100 trigger return spring with 8# and hammer spring with 9# and worked perfect without light strikes 100% of the time. DA down to 4# 10oz. fr. 10# 11 oz.,SA down to 2# 10 oz fr. 4# 11 oz. Amazing improvement!
made my gp 100 smooth as butter
I bought the spring kit for my gp 100 and it made an awesome amount of difference My girlfriend can now shoot this pistol when she couldnt before due to a disability in her hand
Like a different gun!
I changed both the trigger and hammer springs with the 8# and 9#. I am very please with the trigger pull during double action use. This combo makes for a very light trigger pull in single action. Great quality and excellent price.
Good trigger pull.
I have installed this kit is one revolver using the 9# hammer spring with no failures to fire and it produced a very agreeable trigger pull. Good job WC!

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