Covert Carry QD Holster, 1911, Right Hand, Black Leather

Covert Carry QD Holster, 1911, Right Hand, Black Leather
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Detailed Description

The Covert Carry QD was designed with Concealed Carry in mind.

  • Snap On Attachment Offers You The Ability To Quickly Attach Or Remove From Your Belt
  • Extreme Lo-Profile For Maximum Concealability
  • Gives You All You Need In A Holster With Nothing Extra
  • Meets I.D.P.A. Holster Criteria

The snap on attachment offers you the ability to quickly get ready for the day with as small a profile as possible. This holster gives you all you need with nothing extra. If your day takes you to the Post Office you can either just remove the pistol, and continue to wear the holster that will become almost invisible, or quickly remove the holster and pistol knowing how quickly you can get them on the belt and back into action. Just like our other holsters, the Covert Carry QD is made from the highest quality leather and finished by hand. The Covert Carry will fit any size 1911.

Fits The Following Handguns

  • Any Size 1911

*Note-hand molded leather holsters are often tight when new and usually require some break-in prior to use.  We recommend letting the gun sit holstered with a heavy plastic freezer bag or wax paper around it. Sitting holstered overnight will usually reduce tension.

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Best Concealment Holster I have Ever Used! 5/30/2014
Without question, this is my favorite holster for concealment purposes. This holster is extremely comfortable to wear, which is a critical factor because if a holster is not comfortable you are not going to wear it no matter how many useful features it may otherwise possess. It is also designed to produce an optimal degree of concealment, is incredibly easy and fast to put on and remove without having to remove and re-install your belt, securely holds any size 1911 pistol, and is extremely well made. This is a great product that is well worth every penny.
- Kevin Hutchison, IL
The Best 1911 Holster 7/12/2013
Lets face it. We all have a pile of holsters sitting in a closet because they just never felt right. Then the Covert QD came along and changed everything for me. This is the only holster I know of that can carry ANY size 1911. I have used it for my 3 to 5 inch 1911s with no problem at all. I like the ability to mold the holster so I wouldnt get excessive rubbing on my pistols finish. It fits perfectly, but my guns are retained in the holster by the trigger guard. It does not make contact with any other part of my guns, and it holds the guns firmly, but just enough to instantly draw it easier than any holster I have ever used or owned. It also holds the gun high and close to your body, as does the matching double magazine holder, that I bought at the same time. The only problem I am beginning to see is the shine of the leather is getting dull from my shirts rubbing against it. It also may be because I live in the driest State in the Nation, which is not kind to leather unless you oil it a few times a year. However, the holster has a wax finish on it, so oil is not a good idea. It will not get absorbed. Finally, I took the advice of the gentleman who wrote he bought two. I did the same thing just in case I find a necessity to carry two guns at once. I usually carry my four inch 1911 along with the matching double magazine holder. That gives me 9 rounds in the gun, and an extra 16 in the additional two magazines. Once you try this holster on, you will never use anything else for concealed carry. It is so easy to take on and off without loosening your belt. Simply release the two snaps on either side, and slip the holster off. It is a lot easier if you remove the gun first. The same holds true when putting one on. As with anything from Wilson Combat, the quality and pride is evident in everything they make.
- Doc, AZ
GOOD CHOICE 10/15/2012
This is a good choice, took two or three days to break it in. The one I received had two loose screws that hold the snaps. If you check that none of the screws are loose before using it you will like it as much as I do.
- Richard Frost, AZ
Covert Carry QD Holster, MONEY WELL SPENT......TWICE !!!!! 9/14/2012
I had bought a right handed Covert Carry QD Holster and upon receiving it, i immediately was satisfied with the functionality, quality, and looks. I liked it so much I went back and ordered a 2nd holster but this time it was a left-handed holster to use when wanting to conceal carry behind my back. I am right-handed and the left-handed holster is perfect for carry my 1911 behind my back.
Great Holster 1/8/2011
I had been looking for a snap on holster for several months, but did not want to pay almost as much as I had for my WC RDP. I saw a forum review of another WC holster and then stumbled across the Covert Carry. This really is one awesome holster. Especially when you consider the quality for the price. I have used the holster daily for over nine months and it just continues to get better with use. I encourage you to give it a try. It is very easy to get on and off of your belt and very secure on that belt. This is one purchase you will enjoy almost as much as your WC 1911!
- Bran Aldridge, NC