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This top quality complete spring set for a full-size, 5” 1911 contains every spring needed to complete or upgrade your pistol.  These heat treated music wire springs are the finest quality coil springs on the market and will provide you with exceptional service.  Extra Power recoil springs are rated for standard velocity and high-velocity loads and a reduced power hammer spring improves your trigger pull and reduces the force required to cycle the slide.

This spring kit contains the following springs:

  •    P10G18 - Spring, Recoil, Govt., 18 1/2# 
  •    P26 – Extra Power Firing Pin Spring 
  •    P27 – Reduced Power Hammer Spring 19#   
  •    R15A – Mag Catch Spring  
  •    R29 – Sear Spring  
  •    R33PS – Plunger Tube Spring


Cautions and Installation Test Procedure

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Reviving an old war horse
Bought this kit and some shok buffs to put in my cmp colt M1911a1 made in 1945. All the springs were old and tired. Put these and a shok buff in and it’s a new gun. I’ll only be firing it occasionally. But now I have peace of mind. Will be putting this in others as well.
Replacement Springs for 1911a1
I had trouble with chambering rounds from the magazine as the slide would not return fully and chamber a round. I replaced all the springs and replaced firing pin , spring and firing pin stop with bullet proof parts and spring kit. It fixed the original problem and improved the overall function of my pistol. I am now up to 800 rounds thru it without a single malfunction!
My New Old Colt
I bought an OLD Colt 1911 from a friend, it was a quality built bulls-eye gun with a lot of rounds through it. I was happy with my purchase, but I decided to freshen it up. WOW! I Have a new gun. This may be the best return for my dollar of any product Ive ever bought.Great job Wilson Combat!
Great product, great service
I wanted a spring kit to overhaul the gun my father carried in WW2 but was unsure exactly what I needed. Customer service was great. Kit worked perfectly. I will definitely deal with these folks again.
Little Investment, Large Return
I quickly bought this kit to replace the factory springs in my SA Loaded, and found there to be a very large difference in the operation of the pistol. The pistol felt like it was balanced. Now when I fire it feels like a machine working in correct timing. It was such a little investment, but came with such a large return. With how big a difference this made, I will now always buy this kit the same time I get a new pistol as an automatic thing to do when I first get home. I recommend this to anyone and everyone.
Outstanding Spring Kit!
I put this kit into a friends 1911 and the before and after feel is as distinct as night and day. This is a great kit that will really tighten up your American legend.
SA 1911GI
Replaced the worn out extractor in my 92 SA 1911GI. Dropped in like a glove. Added full spring kit and full length guide rod too. Perfect fit on all accounts.
Great Products and Service
Just replaced the springs in my Colts with this set and it is like night and day! they dont even feel like the same guns. Thanks for great products and service!
Great springs for my 1911
These springs fit perfectly in my 1911 and tightened up the gun. A good Wilson product!
to joe heaton...
if you see this please write back. im building up my para what do you mean by trigger spring? do you mean the mainspring? or what? thanks
great set for a rebuild
bought this set for a taurus pt1911. 18 1/2lb recoil spring is great no problems, fired 1000 rounds with no cycling issues, the firing pin spring is a good 1/2 inch longer than the stock so i had to buy a wilson FP as the spring would accually begin to ride over the FP repeated firing would drive the stock FP inside the spring, terrible stock firing pin tolerences. the leaf spring was awesome the trigger spring has such a light hold on the trigger, that coupled with a cylinder and slide ultra low mass sear and disconnector, produced a crisp, consistent, 2.4 lb pull. the rest of the springs are comparable to stock.
Quality Springs Really tightened up my 1911. Another quality part by WC. Will be ordering another soon to keep on hand.
drop in and tighten up
Replace all the springs in my M1991A1 colt. Tightened the weapon right up. All of the parts fit and dropped right in.