Complete Disassembly & Reassembly, Colt 1911 Auto, DVD

Complete Disassembly & Reassembly, Colt 1911 Auto, DVD
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In just 47 minutes, Master Pistolsmith Ron Phillips of the Wilson Custom Shop will show you how to completely disassemble an 80 series 1911 Colt to its basic parts, then demonstrate its proper reassembly and lubrication. The 1911 Auto is noted for its ease of disassembly; however, improper procedure could result in bodily injury or a damaged firearm. Let the expert show you the right way.

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1911 Disassembly & Reassembly 4/24/2016
A a beginner in 1911 complete disassembly, this is an excellent video. The instruction by the gunsmith is very clear for this particular model. However, several steps are difficult to clearly see and learn because the quality of the lighting is so poor. I agree that it needs to be updated with a new video camera and lighting.This would be a great service to 1911 owners and would put Wilson in the spotlight
A really good DVD for an overall view for taking down a 1911. 8/29/2015
I recommend this DVD if you want to learn about your 1911. Ron does a really good job of explaining what he is doing and why for the most part. A lapse here or there. My only gripe is that it is for a Series 80 pistol. Why? I also wish I could hear clearly the questions being asked. And perhaps more questions for those of us who are not gunsmiths.
- Murrell, KY
Dated, So-so Lighting, So-so Camera Work, Excessive Advertising 9/14/2011
This product gets four stars because the content is presented in an easy to follow fashion, is mostly complete, and you learn exactly what you are told you will: How to completely disassemble, lube, and re-assemble a gun in the 80 series action Colt 1911 platform. Missing is a demonstration of the removal of an ambidextrous safety, so if your pistol has one, youll have to figure out how they fit together yourself. That feature is so common, I find it not being included not acceptable. It also does not cover less common features like wide-frame parts, which is understandable but would have been nice. I dont believe any of those things would have altered the scope of the DVD or made it too long. After performing this process, using the techniques taught and the use of quality lubes like Wilsons one in the video is no longer made that an increase in accuracy is possible. My 1943 M1911A1 in its first 5 shots were a sub 1 inch group after all was said and done. That said, I have a ton of gripes: This video was apparently made in 1993. Its time for a refresh. The program is a chore to sit through, from the zero enthusiasm presentation you definitely get the Ive done this a million times quiet monotone, to poor camera work missing several steps in the process due to poor timing. A properly lit set could have a long way in making the work itself easier to see, and better closer camera work would have allowed much greater detail. In addition, this is a burned DVD with a paper label applied to the top, not a quality aluminum pressing with label, or even a Light Scribe label. Paper labels can pose problems in players and even cause damage in some, as it alters the dimensions and balance of the spinning disc and takes it out of intended specification. I dont believe Wilson itself is to blame for anything but the dragging presentation, but they could have requested some things be done to a higher standard here. In this day and age, you dont have to hire some outside company to do this sort of thing, you can do it yourself on a cellphone and two people if that is all you have and come up with results superior to this. With a couple of dollars, it could really stand out and grab the attention of a newer generation of shooters. The menu on this disc is simple and works, but we could definitely give the endless advertising a serious rest. After the program there is endless advertising for other items in the catalog of this gun video producers company. These should be optional and a separate menu item, with a list of different products so you can pick the previews you are interested in. No I dont care if a .22LR fires under water or care how it sounds with the acceleration of sound under water or its range or power under those circumstances. Welcome to left field right? I apologize for the lack of punctuation but this text box strips most formatting like parenthesis and quotation marks.
- Justin, CA
Hollywoods Got Nothing on Wilson Combat! 12/19/2010
Every 1911 owner needs to know how to fully disassemble the slide and frame of John Brownings American legend. The best booklet available to properly guide one through this process is Bill Wilsons maintenance manual. Being a hands-on kind of guy, I like to be shown how things operate, and this is where Wilsons 1911 disassembly DVD really shines; its the next best thing to having one of Wilsons artisans walk you through the entire process in person. Through quality, detailed camera work, this DVD slowly explains and demonstates each step required in the disassembly and reassembly process. Its the crown jewel of how-to. Once again, WC thinks of everything. Make yourself a fresh batch of buttered popcorn, fill a tall glass with your favorite beverage and pop this great DVD into the player and enjoy. Its far more entertaining than anything Hollywood has ever put out.
- Kevin Hutchison, IL