Combat Customizing the 1911 Auto, DVD Set

Combat Customizing the 1911 Auto, DVD Set
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DVD Video Set, Combat Customizing the 1911 Auto. Pkg Includes: 4 DVD videos. Wouldn't you like to look over the shoulder of some of the world's finest custom pistolsmiths? Now you can actually observe the pistolsmiths of Wilson's Gun Shop as they modify a stock 1911 into a fully customized combat pistol. This 7 1/2 hour four video set features the pistolsmiths demonstrating and explaining the procedures as they are performed with excellent close-up footage. If you're serious about learning pistolsmithing or just curious as to how it's done, we highly recommend this great video collection. Learn the trade secrets of pistolsmithing the Wilson way. Quick-reference "running times" shown during each video allow the viewer to return to previously viewed segments or to skip to segments of interest. Videos may be purchased individually or buy all four volumes for a great savings combo! Volume 1 - Disassembly, polishing feed ramp, throating barrel, fair/flare ejection port, working with the extractor, installing Wilson sights, opening up the magazine well, Nite-Eyes® installation, and beaver tail grip safety. 2 hours. Volume 2 - Explaining hammers, trigger job, and safety installation. 2 hours. Volume 3 - Shok-Buff ® buffers, "Group Gripper"™, slide tightening/barrel fitting, chamber reaming/feed ramp cutting, fit compensator/remove front sight, fitting reverse plug, and checking breech face clearance. 2 hours. Volume 4 - Serrate/checkering rear of slide, checkering front strap, making dovetail cuts, extended magazine release/slide stop, thumb guard installation, logo etching, final prep, final assembly, and testing the finished gun. 1 1/2 hours.

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Distracting Commentary 2/23/2014
The gunsmiths featured in this series are awesome! Practically all fitting is done freehand with no jigs or fixtures. Shows the importance of learning how to file properly. Very informative. A few neat tricks of the trade. I find the off-camera questions to be distracting and time wasting. Most of these questions are silly and not useful. The videos would be much better without them.
- James Long, NC
Youll Want to Run this Marathon of Knowledge Over and Over 12/26/2010
Whomever said that learning cant be fun has obviously never watched the DVDs comprising this set. In fact, if obtaining a higher education were as enjoyable as watching these great DVDs, we would all have Doctorate degrees. Whether you are presently a pistolsmith wanting to enhance your knowledge base and increase your skill level or one who simply wants to know how a basic 1911 is transformed into a masterpiece, you will find these DVDs invaluable. Combining a step-by-step format with detailed camera work, Wilsons craftsmen explain and demonstrate the Alchemy-like processes required to turn your 1911 steel into gold. This set reminds me of a really good book; you cant put it down; you dont want to stop until youve reached the end. With around eight hours of run time you can participate in a Wilson marathon and never break a sweat. This set is highly educational, enjoyable and you will want to watch them over and over.
- Kevin Hutchison, IL