Call to Order - Less Lethal Shotgun, 14 1/2" (NFA), 12 Ga., Scattergun, Black/Orange

Call to Order - Less Lethal Shotgun, 14 1/2
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Seasoned Law Enforcement and military professionals understand that courts and review boards recognize the initial deployment of less lethal rounds as key evidence of intent to prevent lethal injury. This “Less Lethal” Wilson Combat shotgun is designed to be easily identified as a less lethal option for use in a crowd control or riot situation. Special Hogue blaze orange stocks are used to quickly designate the “Less lethal” loaded firearm in your armory.

Built by our gunsmiths to the same rigorous standards as our custom Scatterguns, these “Less Lethal” Wilson Combat shotgun models will serve a unique role in a well stocked law enforcement armory.

*A “Less Lethal” designated firearm will still fire standard ammunition, but for “Less Lethal” use appropriate rubber buckshot or beanbag rounds should be deployed.

  • Adjustable Trak–Lock® Ghost Ring Rear Sight, Ramp-Type Front Sight with Fiber Optic Insert
  • 14” Cylinder Bore Barrel with 3” Magnum Chamber
  • Extended Magazine Tube, Total Capacity: 5+1 Rounds
  • Hogue® Less Lethal Stock & Forend
  • Aluminum Shell Carrier by Mesa Tactical, Extended Capacity: 6 Rounds
  • High-Visibility, Non-Binding Follower
  • Extra-Power Heavy-Duty Stainless Magazine Tube Spring
  • Jumbo Head Safety
  • Rigid Magazine Tube Sling Mount, Vertical
  • Armor-Tuff® Finish


Any item regulated and registered by the ATF as a National Firearms Act firearm may only be paid for with cash or check.  No credit or debit cards will be accepted as payment for these items.  We will only accept orders for National Firearms Act firearms in person or over the telephone.  Firearms and suppressors regulated and registered by the ATF under the National Firearms Act will be transferred to the purchaser or a dealer in the purchaser’s state only after the completion of all forms required by the ATF and upon notification by the ATF of its permission to transfer the item.

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