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A Wilson Combat exclusive!  This heavy-duty, molded glass-filled polymer upper cleaning tool was developed by our shop to easily make even the filthiest AR upper run like new again.

Compatible with AR-15 and AR-10 size receiver openings, this tool uses superfine cleaning pads to easily remove caked-on carbon and grease with minimal work to allow your bolt carrier to run smoothly.  The tool even cleans the recess for your charging handle at the same time.

Simply use the solvent of your choice on the cleaning pads, attach to the tool and run through the upper receiver to remove caked-on firing residue deposits. Cleaning pads are reusable and can be washed in warm water.  Replacement pads are also available.

  • Heavy Duty Injection Molded Glass Filled Polymer
  • Compatible with AR-15 and AR-10 Receivers
  • Easily Removes Caked-On Carbon and Grease
  • Replacement Cleaning Pads are Available (Click here)

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The Concept Is Good, But The Pads Are Not
This tool addresses a need, but the execution is poor. I can't imagine how the pad got by user testing; apparently everyone involved in the UAT just said Yes. The pads are poorly designed, they are far too tall, I had to trim mine to get them to fit. Also, they are Brillo pad material, horrible at cleaning residue off. I use blue shop towels wrapped around the ram, they are 100% better. Knowing Wilson's level of quality, I got an extra pack of pads. I figured the product would be a home run, I got a single.
6 Stars
I was not going to buy this product because of Matts review but I purchased it anyway and I am glad that I did. At first the pad did bunch up but the video explained to wrap the pad tightly and pinch so I put more pressure when wrapping and pinching and boom the pad went right in with no problem. The tool fit fine in my AR-15 AND AR-10. Now I clean the inside of upper receivers in seconds instead of minutes. I will save on gun patches also. Good job Design Team at Wilson Combat.
Cleaning pads
The cleaning pads are a bit big for the uppers. They get bunched up when trying to fit into the upper. You really have to cinch them down tight but they still get bunched up inside. You need to put your solvent on the pad to lubricate it to get it to slide freely