Bolt Carrier Assembly, AR10 (DPMS), .308 Win., Auto, Low Mass, Nickel Boron

Bolt Carrier Assembly, AR10 (DPMS), .308 Win., Auto, Low Mass, Nickel Boron
Item Number: TR-BCA-LM-NB-308
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Low-Mass bolt carrier groups are a perfect choice for sporting or competition rifles tuned for ultimate recoil control and faster follow up shots.  Because of their light weight, Low-Mass bolt carrier groups unlock and cycle faster and should be used in conjunction with an adjustable gas block to fine tune your action pressure and cyclic rate.

These are among the best .308 Winchester DPMS-compatible AR rifle bolt carrier groups on the market and the same exact part we use as the basis of our renowned custom rifles!

These complete assemblies are manufactured by a domestic Mil-Spec contractor exclusively for Wilson Combat and finished in slick, tough NB plating (Nickel Boron).  You will be very pleased with the fit, function and finish. This assembly is a perfect mate to our match-grade barrels.

The bolt is precision machined from aerospace grade 9310 tool steel, shot-peened for increased strength and includes an S7 tool steel extractor and hardened ejector and is MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected) and randomly batch HPT (High Pressure Tested).

The 8620 hardened low-mass steel carrier is smooth and has forward assist cuts.  This assembly includes a properly staked gas key for a lifetime of service in your next custom build.

  • NB (Nickel Boron) plated for easy clean up and corrosion protection
  • Bolt material is aerospace grade 9310 MPI inspected
  • Machined ejector and S7 extractor will easily handle the pressure of hot, .308 based calibers
  • Properly staked gas key for a lifetime of reliable service
  • Drop in fit for any quality .308 case head based, DPMS-compatible  AR rifle with forward assist
  • Perfect for .308/7.62X51, .243, 6.5 Creedmoor, .260, .338 and other .308 Winchester based calibers
  • Low mass carrier can be tuned with your gas system for lower recoil impulse