Bolt Carrier Assembly, 5.56 NATO, Black Nitride

Bolt Carrier Assembly, 5.56 NATO, Black Nitride
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Manufactured by our finest domestic, Mil-Spec contractors these are among the best AR rifle bolts on the market and the same bolt carrier groups we use as the basis of our renowned custom rifles!

The bolt is precision machined from aerospace grade 9310 tool steel, shot peened for increased strength and includes a tool steel extractor and ejector, appropriate extractor spring, and is MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected) and randomly batch HPT (High Pressure Tested). 

The extractor is 4140 gun quality, annealed, cold drawn steel per the Mil-Spec.

With a complete Black Nitride finish, the 8620 steel carrier includes a proper machined Mil-Spec gas key secured to the carrier via Grade 8 fasteners and properly staked in our shop during final inspection.

The super hard Black Nitride Finish is an advanced,  lower friction surface treatment that minimizes the need for excessive lubricants and cleaning and will look like new for years and will never peel, flake or chip.

These precisely machined, finished and hardened parts will ensure long term proper gas system functioning and reliability.

All experienced AR shooters know that the best spare parts kit for an AR-15 rifle is a spare complete bolt carrier assembly!

NOTE- The only difference between “semi-auto” and “full-auto” carriers are the carrier weight and external profile.  The “full-auto” carrier is slightly heavier to provide more mass and lower cyclic rate that can benefit carbine length and shorter gas systems, short barreled/suppressed rifles and machine guns. The “semi-auto” carrier is slightly lighter to provide the least amount of recoil impulse for rifle length gas systems and it's design makes reinstalling the firing pin easier after cleaning.

Both carrier types are considered completely interchangeable and there are no restrictions on the ownership of a “full auto” carrier group in a semi-automatic rifle.

  • Black Nitride finish
  • Bolt material is aerospace grade 9310 MPI inspected
  • Mil-Spec parts ensure a long service life
  • Machined ejector and extractor per mil specs
  • Full Auto carrier (see note)
  • Drop in fit for any quality 5.56 case head based AR rifle (.223/5.56 NATO, .300 Blackout, .204 Ruger,300 HAM’R,  or 7.62X40 WT)

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So slick 6/27/2020
Great BCG. Super slick and easy to clean. WC quality , highly recommend
- E S, TX
This is it!!! 5/26/2020
This BCG I own 4 of them. The Nitride coating is amazing in many ways. Very easy to clean and requires very little lube. Never had an issue with it.
- Robert, MO
Simply the Best! 1/14/2020
Over the course of 45 years I’ve used any number of bolt carriers from S&W, Bushmaster and at least two dozen others but none of them were even close to the quality of the Wilson Combat in Black nitride. After putting my first 500 rounds of 77 grain .223 using this bolt carrier it shows absolutely no signs of wear and cycles as smooth as silk. I bought one in Nickel Boron as well which I plan on using in another WC Upper but the carrier in Black nitride is just unbelievable. The coating and the way it’s applied is far better than the way WC used to make them. This bolt carrier was $160 and while it isn’t cheap you get what you pay for and I anticipate this should last at least 20 years, you read that right, 20 years! This thing cycles smooth as glass and as I said it shows zero signs of wear. Buy it, you won’t be sorry.
- Barry, NJ
Top tier 11/23/2019
This is the same quality as my Noveske black nitride BCG top tier quality you get what you pay for. Not even the same playing field as parts out of a $500 MSR
- Ryan, TX