Blast Diverter, Rapid Thread Muzzle Brake

Blast Diverter, Rapid Thread Muzzle Brake
Item Number: SP-RTMBBD
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Detailed Description


The Rapid Thread Muzzle Brake Blast Diverter is a useful accessory for your AR rifles that are equipped with a Wilson Combat Rapid Thread Muzzle Brake/ Whisper Suppressor attachment.

The Blast Diverter simply screws on to the brake's external threads and directs noise and blast in front of and away from the shooter. This is a handy item to have when you want to minimize the concussion of muzzle blast to yourself and those around you. The rugged Melonited carbon steel construction will hold up to heavy use.

There are no NFA restrictions to owning this device.

  • 4140 Carbon steel
  • Black Melonite Finish
  • 1.15" OD, 2.22" OAL
  • Metric 24 x 1.5mm internal thread pitch
  • 2.0 oz


NOTE: It is advised to remove the Blast Diverter after each range session to clean the brake and prevent excessive buildup.  Keep a light coating of oil on your brake threads when you install the Blast Diverter.