Beretta / Wilson Combat 92G Centurion Tactical, 9mm

Beretta / Wilson Combat 92G Centurion Tactical, 9mm
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The 92G Centurion Tactical features all-steel Beretta and Wilson Combat custom parts. Some features of the limited-production 92G Centurion Tactical include steel ambidextrous decocker-only levers (G model), Centurion length slide, a modified M9A1-style checkered frame with accessory rail, and rounded trigger guard. The 92G Centurion Tactical ships with two 17 and one 20-round capacity magazines. This new model also features an Elite-style, match-grade stainless barrel with a recessed target crown for enhanced accuracy and an Ameriglo “Hackathorn” high visibility dovetailed tritium front sight paired with a Wilson Combat black battlesight rear. The 92G Centurion Tactical also features gray/black Wilson Combat Ultra Thin G-10 grips, Wilson Combat Mag Guide and oversize mag release and other custom features to enhance overall shooting and tactical performance. Additional custom services are available for the 92G Centurion Tactical

*Please Note*

Beretta firearms carry a One-Year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser for defects in materials or workmanship. If the original purchaser registers their firearm with Beretta, they automatically receive an additional two years of warranty coverage for a total of three years.

Wilson Combat is not a Beretta authorized repair center and all warranty service and repairs must be handled by Beretta USA.

If you have any issue with a Wilson Combat exclusive Beretta model please contact Beretta USA directly at 1-800-BERETTA x 2003 or online at:


·         M9A1 Frame with 92A1 round trigger guard profile and improved checkering

·         Shortened 92G Vertec Slide

·         Slide to Frame Fit as tight as practical within production gun limits

·         Ameriglo “Hackathorn” design tritium with orange ring, dovetail front sight

·         Stainless barrel with recessed crown, 4.3”, black Bruniton finish

·         Oversize steel magazine release

·         Steel G model de-cocking levers

·         Skeletonized Elite II hammer

·         D hammer spring

·         Wilson Combat Mag Guide

·         Steel trigger

·         Wilson Combat rear u-notch battlesight

·         G10 Gray/Black ULTRA THIN grips with Wilson Combat logo medallion

·         Wilson Combat logo on slide

·         Two 17rd and one 20rd Beretta magazines

·         9mm caliber only

OAH: 5.5"

OAL: 7.9"

Weight Empty: 30.4 oz.

More Info

·         G configuration ambidextrous decocker only

·         All steel components (decocker, trigger, magazine release, guide rod)

·         Checkered frontstrap and backstrap

·         Beveled magazine well

·         Rail for mounting light or laser that accepts all popular models

·         Special serial number range with WC prefix

·         IDPA Stock Service Pistol approved, USPSA Production Approved. Not CA Compliant



Options Prior to Shipment:


·         Action Tune

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Better than perfection
For over 20 years I have searched and searched for the perfect carry gun. I’ve tried something from just about every pistol manufacturer and kept coming up short. My criteria for a carry gun was this: It had to be able to hold at least 15 rounds. It needed to be small enough to wear with shorts and a tee shirt. It had to be heavy enough to absorb recoil. It had to be high quality. It had to be proven durable. It needed to fit my hand well. It needed to fire any and every type of ammo in its caliber flawlessly. It had to be easy to find parts for it. It had to be easy to find upgrade parts for it. I had to feel so confident in my carry gun working that I was willing to bet my life on it. This pistol exceeded every one of my requirements. I had the CS Action Tune done by Wilson Combat and can easily say that it is the best, smoothest trigger I’ve had in a pistol. As far as accuracy, this pistol doesn’t know how to miss. It is just as accurate as my hunting pistol with about 70% less recoil. If you are on the fence about getting one, please, do yourself a favor and get it. If it was double price it would still be a bargain. To top it all off, this pistol is absolutely gorgeous! Wilson Combat has perfected the Beretta.
Gun Art
I recently purchased the Centurion thru my dealer. I own several competition pistols but this is one of the smoothest out of the box pistols I own. Side by side against a Sig 320 X5, the WC gun put down tighter grouping at the same distance - same ammo - same target - same hour - same shooter... impressed I am!
Wow! Just Wow!
I’ve always been a huge fan of the Beretta 92 pistols but this one is in a league of its own. I own several polymer frame pistols and they just feel sissy and cheap. I love the feel of great, quality, steel, pistol in my hands. She’s a true beauty too! I just can’t say enough about the Centurion. Great job Wilson Combat
Redeemed Berettaphobe
I developed a hearty dislike, bordering on loathing, of the Beretta M9 during more than a decade of service in the Marines. Despite actually finding it an ergonomic and easy handgun to shoot well, I experienced reliability issues early on with it and as a result always chose to carry a MEUSOC 1911. After hanging up my helmet and transitioning to the 1st CivDiv I had no desire to add a Beretta to my ever expanding collection of firearms. Truth be told I tend to be more of a CZ-phile. Recently I spent a day on the range with a friend who had a Wilson Brigadier Tactical. He wanted to train with my Cajun Gun Works CZ SP-01 and Robar Hi-Power and I ended up shooting his Wilson. I must admit, his Wilson was every bit as great of a shooter as my Cajuns and my Robar Hi-Power. Two days later I bought a Wilson Combat 92G Centurion Tactical and my girlfriend has stopped complaining about dropping $1300, without giving her a heads up, since. Such is life. She’s gonna be super pissed when I buy a Vertex...... Thanks a lot, Bill smh....
Awesome handgun
I've owned an M9 for 10 years. It has always been a functional, well performing workhorse. The WC 92G Centurion Tactical, however, is in another league all together. Was debating on this one or the Brigadier Tac, and opted for this one. It was love at first shot, and after numerous range sessions, it just gets better and better. The slide is incredibly smooth, as is the trigger - even without the action tune. It has overtaken my Sig 226 Legion as my "go-to" gun for accuracy. Finally, it is as beautiful to look at, as it is fun to shoot. Now I'm afraid I'll have to order that Brig Tac as well.
I carried a M9 overseas for 5 years in USMC. I always liked the Beretta as a sidearm and was comfortable with it. Wilson's Centurion took that to a new level. Couldn't be more pleased.
One word. Awesome.
Wanted a Wilson Combat pistol for some time but just could not justify the cost. Saw the Centurion and decided to “pull the trigger” and order one. Well worth the money. It’s easily the best firearm I own and I have many. Perfect fit and finish, perfect feel, perfect shooting. Screams quality. My only complaint is now I want a Wilson 1911.
Great pistol
This is a great shooting pistol, a right-sized 92. Get the action job, its awesome and youll be kicking yourself if you dont. The pistol points and shoots great, but is not really an EDC gun, unless you like carrying around something as big as a Glock 17, but heavier. Finally, keep in mind if you have problems with the gun youll be dealing with Beretta, not Wilson. I hade a minor cosmetic blemish on mine, and Wilsons response was basically too bad, we didnt do that on the action job, talk to Beretta.
WC Beretta Centurian
This quickly became my favorite. One word QUALITY
Beretta fan since 1988
Ive been a Beretta fan since my first; a 92F Compact in 1988. Until now; IMHO, the ultimate version of the 92 was the Elite II. All that said Ive always felt that the Centurion model is what the M9 should have been from the beginning. As the long time owner of 2 Elite IIs I was able to resist the Brig Tactical..... but couldnt resist getting the Centurion Tactical as a retirement gift to myself . Ive swapped the 17 rd mags magazines and have been using mine with Mec-gars 18rd flush fit magazines and Wilsons Lo-profile II holster ,for the 92 Compact, for concealed carry and his older suede lined Tactical model for the range. Thanks Bill !!! Worth every penny. Bill ever thought about a Wilson single stack Type M????
Owning this and the 92G Brigadier Tactical, I will say this is the more versatile of the two, especially with the Hackathorn front sight. With the length and weight reductions, there is genuinely no loss in accuracy, but rather a more balanced, easier to carry firearm. The triggers on the Centurion and the Brig is hands down the best DA/SA feel I have experienced. My biggest gripe is that this gun does not ship with the same phenomenal MecGar anti-friction mags as the Brig does, but rather a 20 rounder and two 15 round mags from Beretta. That is my only changeable gripe to an otherwise stellar firearm. This being an easily remedied issue, this is my favorite 9mm I own.
Need another
Strongly disliked the Barretta on active duty; but cant even compare that to the WC Centurion. Hands down this is the smoothest and easiest shooting gun Ive used. Far better than Sig Legion or Kimbers I routinely shot
So Smooth
Received the Centurion a few weeks back, two range sessions later and I am love with this weapon. So smooth and soft shooting, along with an incredible fit due to the grips. Incredible value for the money spent.
Dream of an EDC
The Centurions trigger pull is super smooth. I opted for the action tune so I cant compare it to out of box without the tune. I put 200 rounds through it at the range and not one issue. The sights are outstanding to work with. This is my first WC firearm and I am super impressed with the quality of this firearm.
Best yet out of the box.
I was on the fence ,spending and adding another 9mm to my collection. Well I am so pleased with the action upgrade and how excellent this handgun shoots. I have a Kimber AND a 92 FS Beretta and in no way can I shoot as good with them as I can with the 92 G Centurion with the Wilson upgrades. An awesome product better target location and a neat looker also, Love it . If your on the fence dont wait order one , you wont regret the choice trust me.
My First Wilson, but probably NOT my last!
I have owned may pistols over the years. When Beretta moved into Gallatin, TN I put a 9mm stamped GALLATIN on my wish list. When I saw the Wilson Centurion offering with the appropriate stamping I was all in and I have NOT been disappointed. It has become my EDC and performs on all fronts beyond my expectations and level of ability. I am saving my mad-money now for my next Wilson pistol. Thanks you!
This is it!
30 years in Law Enforcement searching for that elusive EDC. If you have ever engaged in the if I could only have one gun debate, God forbid with friends. This is the one! P.S. Spring for the Wilson action job, and if you have reached bifocal age these are the sights you want.
Exceptional quality, fit and finish
This pistol has the best out of the box trigger I have ever pulled. I have several custom triggers and custom trigger jobs but nothing like the Centurion. Smooth as butter. The double action on the Centurion is better than the single action on any of my stock pistols. And the single action on the Centurion is the best trigger I have ever pulled. This is an excellent piece and well worth the price.
All in One
Have loved my Brig Tac for quite some time and thought I would give the centurion a try. I opened the box and the first thing I noticed, surprisingly was that the shorter slide gives the gun a much more balanced look and feel than that of the Brig Tac. The Ultra Thin grips, front sight and action tune just take the Centurion to a different level. I own a lot of different pistols at a lot of difference price points but IMHO, the gun for the money factor on this one is ridiculously good. If you are considering one - get it with action tune and you will see for yourself how great this really is. We are lucky to live in a country with such quality choices of firearms....thank you Wilson Combat !
The best carry pistol I have owned
This is probably the best carry I have ever owned. The quality is excellent, and the trigger work with the chrome silicon springs has to be experienced to believed. And the front sight is perfect for quickly drawing your eye to the target.
Unbelievable Performance
WOW is the word that comes to mind after taking my new Wilson Beretta Centurion to the range. The feel is amazing. This is going to be a all-time great daily carry pistol. Two great companies created one heck of a firearm. All I can say is thank you. It truly is a work of art!!
92G Centurion Tactical
Best Beretta to date. Out of the box accurate and trigger very smooth. The Hackathorn sights really pops out. Ive been shooting my Brigadeir Tactical for two years now and decided to get the Centurion for a new carry set up. Full size frame with a compact vertec slide and a replaceable front sight, I am not disappointed. Shot it cold out of the box in a match and the Centurion performed phenomenally, hitting targets where ever I point the front sight. Wilson and Beretta out did themselves with this one again.
Wilson and Beretta - What More Could You Ask For?
Super high quality. Fit and finish is excellent. Smoothest slide to frame fit I have ever felt. Size of the Centurion makes it an excellent high capacity carry gun. Accurate and fun to shoot. Ive only had mine for a few days and have only shot 150 rounds with it, but so far, its ran reliable with zero malfunctions. The Beretta 92 is a reliable gun to start with, add Wilson into the equation and you get perfection. I love the Hackathorn front sight and rear u-notch battlesight, quick on target. I also highly recommend the Wilson Lo-Profile II holster.
Perfect Balance
Perfect combo of size and functionality. 17 round capacity with the shorter slide.