Beretta / Wilson Combat 92G Brigadier Tactical, 9mm

Beretta / Wilson Combat 92G Brigadier Tactical, 9mm
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Wilson Combat and Beretta USA have collaborated to produce the ultimate 92 Series Tactical Pistol.

The 92G Brigadier Tactical features the most sought after Beretta 92 features and all-steel Beretta and Wilson Combat custom parts right out of the box.

Some features of the limited production Wilson Combat/Beretta 92G Tactical include steel ambidextrous decocker-only levers (G model), enhanced Brigadier slide, a modified M9A1 style checkered frame with accessory rail and rounded trigger guard. This model also features enhanced accuracy with an "Elite" style match grade stainless barrel with recessed target crown, the action features a "D" hammer spring for lighter trigger pulls, and Trijicon dovetail tritium front sight and Wilson Combat rear sight.  Wilson Combat G-10 grips, Wilson Combat steel guide rod and numerous other features to enhance performance. The 92G Tactical is  marked with the Wilson Combat logo and specially serialized to ensure its place in Beretta history.

Although the 92G Tactical has been optimized by Beretta to meet the needs of high round count tactical and competitive shooters, further customization and finish work is available through Wilson Combat.

"Being a serious Beretta collector, I have always considered the 92G SD the best model ever produced, but almost too expensive and rare to shoot. I feel fortunate to have been able to work with the fine people at Beretta USA to produce a pistol that, in my opinion, is an improved 92G SD. Having Beretta USA build my dream 92 series pistol is awesome and I’m very happy that a lot of people will be able to enjoy this fine pistol model." -Bill Wilson

This model is exclusive to Wilson Combat and available direct from Wilson Combat or from Wilson Combat Premier dealers only. Not available for purchase to MA residents.

*Photos may include features and/or upgrades not included in the base price.

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to obtain a transferring FFL dealer to complete this purchase. Please have your dealer fax or email us a copy of their FFL license as soon as your order is placed. FFL's can be emailed to [email protected] or faxed to 870-545-3310. Make sure your name and order confirmation # are clearly indicated in the fax or email to avoid any processing delays.

All Wilson Combat exclusive Beretta firearms carry a One-Year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser for defects in materials or workmanship through Beretta USA.

*Please Note* 

If the original purchaser registers their firearm with Beretta USA, they automatically receive an additional two years of warranty coverage for a total of three years. 

Wilson Combat is not a Beretta authorized repair center and all warranty service and repairs must be handled by Beretta USA.

If you have any issue with a Wilson Combat exclusive Beretta model please contact Beretta USA directly at 1-800-BERETTA x 2003 or online at:


  • M9A1 frame with 92A1 round trigger guard profile and improved checkering
  • Dehorned 92G Brigadier slide
  • Slide to Frame Fit as tight as practical within production gun limits
  • Trijicon tritium dovetail front sight
  • Stainless barrel with recessed crown, 4.7” Elite II length, black finish
  • Oversize steel magazine release
  • Steel de-cocking levers
  • Skeletonized Elite II hammer
  • D hammer spring
  • Lanyard loop pin
  • Lanyard loop, aluminum
  • Steel trigger
  • Wilson Combat rear u-notch battlesight
  • Wilson Combat fluted steel guide rod
  • G10 Dirty Olive grips with Wilson Combat logo medallion
  • Wilson Combat logo on slide
  • 3 15rd M9A1 Beretta sand resistant magazines
  • 9mm caliber only
  • OAH: 5.5"
  • OAL: 8.3"
  • Weight Empty: 32 oz.


More Info

  • G configuration ambidextrous decocker only
  • All steel components (decocker, trigger, magazine release, guide rod)
  • Checkered frontstrap and backstrap
  • Beveled magazine well
  • Rail for mounting light or laser
  • Special serial number range with WC prefix
  • IDPA Stock Service Pistol approved
  • USPSA Production Division approved
  • Not CA Compliant (Unless LEO purchase)


Only Two Custom Upgrades at This Time

  • Action tune
  • Mag guide


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Yep and Yep
I was always told by the old timers years ago that when you find a gun you cannot outshoot, that is the gun you carry. Done! Great job, as usual.
Fits my hand like it was poured in....perfect.
Just picked up my new WC Brig Tac from my FFL yesterday. Black Cherry Grips, Action Tune, Magwell Guide Plug. Hoping to get some range time tomorrow. Gun feels super in hand. The checkering on front and rear along with the grip panels provide and excellent surface. The frame fits in my hand like it was "custom spec'd" to my paw. Feels natural and extremely comfortable. The black rear sight allows the outlined front night sight to come into focus very easily. My eyes aren't what they use to be, yet I'm liking the sight setup. The gun is mighty attractive for what that's worth....worthy of it's own role in John Wick 4. I like the look of the black cherry grips. Also have black cherry grips on my EDC X9 which is on order. The X9 will be used for carry and this perfect version of the 92 will have an OLIGHT PL-Pro mounted to it and used as a nightstand pistol. Will update options once some range time is had, however, I'm expecting great results as the trigger pull feels very smooth and light in DA and SA. Very well executed.
Best M9A1 Frame Gun - WC 92G Brigadier
Have a standard Beretta M9A1 and decided to upgrade to the Wilson Combat 92G Brigadier. Excellent fit and finish. Extremely tight all metal components. Shoots as well as my aim can provide. Yes it is more money than other M9's. You get what you pay for. Upgraded trigger job makes the double action a similar pull to other single action Beretta's. Accurate, reliable and easy to shoot. What else do you want?
I just received my Beretta 92G Brigadier today. This gun is the best gun I ever had. It was a long trip all the way down to Săo Paulo, Brazil. Thank you for the excellent job you guys do.
Even Better than I Imagined
Having been a Beretta fan for decades, I learned about the Wison/Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical through a series of accidents and folklore. When I finally was able to confirm that they were actually a thing, and not some intangible that exists only in the realm of the mythical—like Sasquatch or Chupacabra—I began saving my pennies to purchase one. It took nearly a year for it to be delivered after I placed my order, at which time I had almost given up hope that it was going to show up at all. When it arrived, the hype and anticipation that I had built up for so long made the pistol seem almost anticlimactic. It was great looking and all, but maybe it was just another Beretta, I almost thought to myself. Im pleased to let everyone know that the Brig Tac is NOT just another Beretta. It is a beautiful, precision pistol that shoots as well as it looks. It actually lived up to the hype and did not turn out to be a disappointing mangy mongrel marauding as the fabled Goat Sucker. Ive shot hundreds of rounds through it by now; I have field stripped it many times, and have gazed at every square millimeter inside and out during the past months. The tolerances are tight, the materials are fine, and the recoil is as soft as butter on a late-spring afternoon. Thats a flowery way of saying it shoots really, really well. Some have complained about the price tag, or the wait time, or this or that. Frankly, I dont have even the slightest twinge of buyers remorse. Im so glad that I went ahead and added the 92G Brigadier Tactical to my collection. Unlike some of the other pistols in there, it will not sit around collecting dust. It will find ample time out on the range and being carried on my belt. Honestly, I never dreamed that Id ever say a firearm turned out to actually be better than I imagined it would be, but I guess a person is never too old to change his or her beliefs. Now, if I could only find that old life would be complete...
My favorite pistol ever
After 23 years in the military and 15 in federal law enforcement I found my favorite pistol. I enjoy shooting the Brigadier the more than any pistol I have. I didn’t really like the M9 in the military but this in no M9 and the heavy slide of the Brigadier is classy look and feel.
Worth the wait!
Waited 9 months for the birth of my Brig Tac, and it exceeded my expectations. The slide feels like its on ball bearings. Even better than my Dan Wesson .45. Had the action tune done, another worthwhile purchase. Best trigger out of the 11 handguns I have. Including the Korth! Went to the range and had tight groupings right out of the box. Very smooth. Treat yourself and get one, you deserve it.
92G Brigadier Tactical
First, I would like to give Jenny in customer support a big shoutout for her start to finish help with my order. Just picked up my 92G Brig today and had a chance to put 100 rounds of subsonic down range. I opted for the action tune and 92G was as smooth as could be. I fired four different types of subsonic and the 92G was flawless. Cant wait to place an order for the Centurion!
Beretta/Wilson 92G Brigadier
Ive had mine for a week or so. Its even better than I thought it would be. Great trigger, outstanding slide-to-frame fit and beautiful finish on the weapon. Everyone Ive let shoot it has raved about it. This is a gun youll never let go.
Quality & Beauty
In a world of square and blocky pieces of plastic, here is a genuine work of art. The quality of fit and finish is obvious right out of the box. Very well done and so proud to own.
Great gun
This is the first Beretta I have ever own. I have been and still am a Sig fan. However I am very pleased with the construction, function, and accuracy of this pistol. The action of this pistol from the tight slide to frame fit to the trigger is exceptional I did get the action tune. Compared to my Sigs the slide is tighter with little side to side play and just seems to run on roller bearings when racking the slide. If I had the money I would order another without hesitation.
Awesome 92G
Ordered one as a Christmas present to myself, had to wait a bit for Santa Wilson and Beretta to find it at the bottom of the bag, finally got it and have shot it plenty since it arrived. What a great 92! Other reviewers are correct, its the best 92 I could imagine. If you have the coin and really, there is no point in dying rich, get one, get one and enjoy it. Life is too short to shoot crummy guns.
Outstanding Firearms & Service
Ive found that in purchasing a custom handgun, that the piece is no better than the service that stands behind it. Wilson Combat is Unsurpassed in providing Outstanding Service on any firearm they offer. I can say this without any reservations and recommend them with Enthusiasm !
This pistol has spoiled me
I knew this pistol was way beyond any expectations I had as soon as I opened the box. The slide to frame fit is close and as smooth as if it were on ball bearings. The checkering on the front and backstrap combined with the aggressive G10 grips allow for a very positive grip. The sights just plain work. The let-off is smooth, light, and crisp. Most of all it shoots like no other Beretta could. Add up all the parts and work put into this pistol and you end up with a bargain at the price.
Beretta 92g
This is a dream pistol. Everything about it reflects the highest standard of quality, workmanship and design. I have put wilson combat parts in a few 92s and it makes them a better performing pistol but this example is beyond anything you can do to improve the stock 92s. Was a long wait and this pistol was worth it.
Wilson beretta 92s and compact
I own both of them and they are by far my favorite hand guns the triggers are better then my pythons and like everybody said there worth ever penny
until i got my wilson 92g, my sig 226 used to be my favorite pistol.
Long Overdue
I have had this gun for about a year now. I opted for the action tune. After a year of shooting, this gun is still as smooth as the day I received it from Wilson Combat. Worth every penny.
Peter NJ
I recently downsized my handguns. Most were conceal carrying. I.e. Walter PPK 380 SW model 60. Carried the old SW 659 & 469 9m in the 80s. I was looking for a 2016 technology for home defense. I initially wanted the new Beretta but its not available in NJ due 17 mag capacity I have never heard of Wilson Combat. I spent 15 minutes with sales guy who is also a firearms instructor and I was sold. I had not shot a handgun in over 17 years, my vision has seen better days. I placed all 100 rounds on paper at 15 yards. I now shoot twice a month adjusting my distances as I get more comfortable with this weapon. This is one fine weapon well worth the price.
Wilson Combat Beretta 92
This an absolutely amazing pistol! I purchased mine about a year ago, and it has been my daily carry gun ever since. Excellent trigger, much better than the M9s I was issued in the USAF, and fantastic fit and finish. Some may think it a bit large for CCW, but I dress around it. I recommend the Wilson shark trimmed holster. It keeps the gun high and close to the body.
Best Beretta Ever
I wanted this gun the first time i seen it on a magazine cover. It took me over a year to save for it but I got it. Well worth the wait. The best gun i ever shot. I love the Beretta guns and will never get rid of this gun. I feel guilty shooting it because of its beauty. If you want one get it, you will not be disappointed.
My new favorite pistol!
This pistol makes me look good. It fits my medium-sized hands perfectly with the the WC short reach trigger. It stays on target and is quite accurate. The WC action tune makes a big difference too. Highly recommended and worth the long backorder.
Worth every penny
I am a Military Police Sergeant and I bought this beretta with second thoughts not knowing what to expect. When I got it I shot like 50 rds and found a HUGE difference in trigger that of our standard M9, Single actions is barely there and you will not even feel it, you will love both actions on this Beretta. Trigger is smooth as butter and you are able to follow trough your shots in double action trigger easily, you will not feel the pull of a brick wall like the M9. I took it to a firearms instructor class and used it and put around 1200 rounds trough this 92G that I got from Wilson Combat, everyone was impressed and shot it it and fell in love with the gun and place some orders, but this gun shot with out any malfunction didnt clean it for the 5 days of the class and just kept going. My shot groups were about 1 inch to 1/2 inch and some times right trough the same whole of each shot when i kept getting better and used to the sight pictures and alignments if you dont get the fiber optic front sight. But I learned that if you want it tight just block out your target with your front sight and you will get your group.
Wilson combat 92 brigadier
One the finest 9mm pistols, I ever had the pleasure of shooting. It will be an awesome addition to my collection.
My 9mm WC 1911
I have a WC CQB LE and recently got the WC Brigadier Tactical and cant believe how great this gun is. If feels like a version of my WC 1911 and is just as accurate. I was ready to get a 9mm WC 1911 but always liked the Beretta and decided to get the WC upgraded gun and it completely filled all my expectations. It is my second favorite gun after my CQB LE and it is a very close second. Feels great, looks great and shoots great. Cant ask for more.
Very Impressive
I am a Die-Hard 1911 guy. Thats all I had owned and handled in the way of semi auto pistols. Not knowing what to expect, I purchased the Beretta / Wilson Combat 92G Brigadier Tactical. My trip to the gun range was the most amazing shooting experience ever. Beautiful weapon. Fit and finish are excellent. Very accurate straight shooter. Very nicely done Wilson Combat!! Love my new pistol.
Like a 9mm 1911
I have a WB CQB LE and now have the WC Beretta and it has the quality feel of my 1911. I did the trigger upgrade and that was a big improvement. A beautiful and great shooting gun.
Fantastic 9mm, beautiful, well built, must get if you dont have one
I bought the 92g Brigidear Wilson Combat custom pistol and all I can say is Holy Cow... Its a great pistol. I shot the pistol and the trigger was like butter. So smooth.. Now I am looking at the 9mm Brigidear compact as well. This pistol is beautiful. I also got the M9a3 but this one out performs that one. The 92g is well built and fits my hand so good. Extremely impressed with Beretta. Im sold on Beretta guns.
Good gun made better
I was first introduced to the Beretta 92 in the military where I carried it on duty and trained with it while assigned to a EST overseas. Having since owned one and have competed in NRA conventional pistol as well as been a firearms Instructor for my Department I am no stranger to many pistols. There is nothing I can say that has not already been said here. Function is job one, accuracy directly behind that. As you would expect from Wilson Combat, this pistol delivers.
The Beretta/Wilson 92G Brigadier 9mm pistol may very well represent the best value in a 9mm semi-auto handgun to date. The Wilson team has done a magnificent job of turning the beastly-looking Beretta into a fine work of art that is truly worthy of the Wilson name. This pistol is loaded with practical features, and not an ounce of fluff. Right out of the box, this pistol would make a great duty arm, concealed carry piece, as well as a magnificent all-around shooter. This is an experts firearm that can be enjoyed and appreciated by shooters of all skill levels. Through years of use, the Beretta has proven to me to be durable, reliable, and reasonably accurate - I just always found them to be bulky and flat out ugly. Wilson has changed all that. Now we have a pistol that looks great, performs equally well, and displays match-grade accuracy. Mine is extremely accurate. Anyone involved in the shooting sports knows that a thousand dollars will not buy you much these days. That, too, has changed. Economically, this gun is a true bargain. Unless one lives in a fascist state that prevents one from having high-capacity magazines, this pistol comes with three 15-round sand-proof mags that are very well made and simple to disassemble for cleaning. Nice. The black finish of this pistol is applied by Beretta and is adaquate. For a reasonable fee, Wilson can apply its famous Armor-Tuff finish in six different colors. Its an extrmely durable coating. To me, a guns finish is not that important - performance is, and the 92G Brigadier soars with eagles.
92G Brigadier
Just got my new 92G and put 300 rounds through it last weekend. A wonderful gun! Absolutely love it. Action and trigger are slick as snot. Accurate and damn good looking. Mags are great too. I am extremely pleased with this product.
Best of the best
The only issue with the rating system is that the 92g would get 5 stars by itself and with the modifications and fine tuning by the Wilson staff this is a 5 on 5 star weapon. I love it and the accuracy is off the scale. Nice job Wilson, as always!
Just took delivery on a second one
This is such a great value I just had to get a spare! My first was stock....this one with the action job. One cant go wrong either way, and a pistol with these features and build quality is a bargain.
Cant have just one
I have one Tha I shoot that I might send back to Wilson to have a custom finish put on as well as other work, it is surely not a factory beretta smooth and accurate. I bought another two consecutive to collect. Looking forward to more collaborations with Wilson and Beretta. These will increase in value once they stop making them especially if Obama goes after high capacity guns with executive actions,
No better value in a combat auto
This pistol is amazing, and even more amazing what one gets for the money. I have 40+ pistols ranging from Glocks to Sig X-5s, and like most of the reviews, this is now my favorite. The slide to frame fit is superb, very tight and smooth, with an exceptionally tight lockup. The fit and finish is great, as is the trigger. I also have 25 years and counting active military time, and this is a completely different pistol than the clapped out but ultra reliable issue M9s. I like it so much I ordered another, plus a new compact version to go with it. It is just a superb combat gun, and I am shocked they can sell it at this price.
One Sweet Piece!
This is….one….sweet….piece! I am most likely an average gun collector. I have a few 1911’s and a polymer pistols along with a few long guns…less than 20 overall. Nothing too fancy and nothing too cheap. I will have to say that this one sir is the queen of my crop. She feel’s great and shoots even better. I do not get bogged down in this brand or that or new or old. What I like is a design that feels good in my hand and makes me look like I know what I am doing at the range. And brother….this is one of those. I was stunned at how well I was able to stack holes on top of one another at the range….not something that I am used to. Do yourself a favor…get one of these if you can….get the action tune and the mag guide while you’re at it. Then get ready to have something envious. This is truly something that I will keep and cherish and hopefully pass on to my children. Albeit that day, I hope, is a long way off.
Finest Beretta made
I waited 4 months to get it, but it was well worth the wait. Slide to Frame fit is amazing. Smooth as glass. Sweet shooter. Wish I could afford another.
Holy Cow
What a treat smooth as silk. A pleasure to own. I was very lucky found it in the 2nd row in a corner in a case in a gun store recognized it bought it in less than 5 minutes no disappointments.
Not my USMC issued M9
Ive shot and carried the military version of the Beretta 92 for over 24 years and there is no comparison. Similar to the USMC issued 1911 I initially carried compared to my Wilson Combat CQB Elite. Fit and finish is exceptional. Slide to frame fit feels like glass and even the DA/SA trigger is excellent. Form and function is what you come to expect from Wilson Combat. Reliability using everything from ball to HP ammo, factory and reloaded ammunition. Im not changing my carry weapon from a 1911 but this is a fun gun to shoot. I was feeling a little nostalgic when I purchased this, but it is so much better that what I am accustomed to.
My Wilson Combat Beretta with Action Tune
First let me say I am active duty Navy and HATE Berettas, I look at them as only marginally better than glocks. A friend of mine purchased a Wilson Combat Beretta and he let me shoot it. I was blown away by how good it was so I ordered one with the Action Tune. When my pistol came in it had some horrific scratches on the frame which exposed aluminum and a nick on one of the controls. That upset me greatly but when I took it to the range the WC Berettas trigger was smooth as silk and it outperformed my custom 1911 which cost over twice as much as the WC Beretta. The mechanical accuracy of the 1911 was probably better but the practical accuracy of the Beretta was unbelievable. Even with speed shooting I maintained a great deal of accuracy which was probably due to the perceived recoil being extremely light. Unlike the glocks I used to own this Beretta has yet to malfunction. This gun is a definite keeper, now I am waiting for Wilson Combat to come out with a version with a steel frame! By the way, the Action Tune makes a huge difference as well, it takes the WC standard trigger and makes it even better than it already is, get the upgrade!
Range review
This is an amazing firearm. This is what I keep at the bedside and I have a very large collection of handguns. The quality, feel, realiabilty, ACCURACY,capacity, sights, low recoil, superior G10 grips make it my GO-TO PISTOL over all others. Its design is combat proven. My buddy is former special forces and current member of the S.O. he agrees that this is the best 92 around and seems to be the only handgun of mine he enjoys shooting. Lol..... I am a die hard 1911 and 45 acp fan but this is the exception to the rule. I can see everyone agrees on this superior product. I am currently 1000 rounds in with multiple different types of ammo. Not one problem. VERY VERY ACCURATE! Thanks again the Whole Wilson team!
Finest 9mm made!!!
Ive had my 92g 3 weeks now and have shot it 400+ times. Each time I shoot it, I like it more and more! If you are thinking of one of these, order it now! It is fantastic! Smooth as silk and tight as can be! The Wilson action job is a must!,,
Wilson Beretta 92g
If you are thinking about getting this pistol, IT IS AMAZING! The team at Wilson is the best! Great customer service! My pistol is very smooth, shoots accurately, and the action job makes the trigger VERY SWEET!! Now I know a 1911 is my next Wilson purchase!
Top Shelf Beretta
As an advocate of all firearms. With a wide variety of models and calibers. I also have several Beretta handguns. A Custom Elite 1A & Elite II both in .40 S&W. And a 92 FS. Adding a Wilson Combat Tactical Beretta to the collection was a must. It is the tightest slide, frame and barrel fit of all. Although very reliable. Shot flawless at the range! Workmanship is perfect! And proud to add it to my collection! BTW, Ive always had good luck using Wilson Combat parts in my 1911s. Great company! Be Safe! Happy Shooting! And always work to protect, preserve and bequeath our Second Amendment! - NRA Benefactor Life Member
Beretta 92 G Tactical
i finally got the Beretta, from Wilsons. id been waiting, and procrastinating. but i finally got to hold one, and check it out... and i was sold! feels very solid, good in my hand with the grips! its well made. if you like Berettas? youll love this one. it shoots very good, its accurate, shoots to point of aim. front sight is easy to see, nice white outline. rear sight is wide u-notch aids in sight pick up. and of course no malfunctions. shoots any type ammo no problems. very soft, recoil is nill with +p ammo. leaves brass right at your feet. the decocker is a big plus, spring loaded stays hot all the time. which is how you should carry pistol anyway. carries surprisingly well for its percieved size. in an IWB holster it conceals surprisingly well. and carries well in any of the holsters Wilsons offers for them, take your pick. i love mine so much i want another :-
Giddy Up!!!
I love this pistol!!
THE Beretta
Carried the M9 in the Marines. Always liked it. This is the M9 Beretta should have made 20 years ago. Now I love mine!
The Prettiest and Most Accurate 92 Ive handled.
My sample actually has lighter triggers than Mas 3 lbs 4 oz and 7lbs 12oz. The D spring from the DAO models is really light but double action ignition is positive across 8 types of ammo. My bench groups are just slighly larger than Mas got- no surprises there.
Shes a sweetie!
My first Wilson involved pistol. Been hearing about them for years. Figured Id at least have to send her back for a trigger job. Not so. Shes a peach. Shes right sexy too. Much obliged. Regards, Raymus
I have a collection of Beretta Pistols and the WC Beretta Brigadier Tactical is now my favorite Beretta. The Gun is fantastic with all the features I had to have. Also: The Customer Service provided by WC is so very much appreciated.
Ordered this on impulse. Have never owned a center-fire Beretta before, but am a sucker for their 950,70 & 80-series .22s. Figured that this would either be an investment or a shooter. Definitely a shooter and a keeper that will not seem like an outcast in the rack with my Wilson 1911s.
Everything I expected and more...
My 1st Beretta, my 2nd Wilson Combat. I have a WC Professional which is the jewel of my collection. This Beretta is a fantastic value, an absolute kick to shoot. Ive had it a week and have put 700 rounds through it. No hiccups, accurate, soft shooter and addictive. Dont waste any time, order now and get the Action Tune and the Mag Guide. Im looking forward to the next Beretta/Wilson Combat collaboration. Im hooked.
Best Beretta Available
As someone who is very familiar with the beretta 92, and its use professionally on a daily basis, this is the finest one Ive ever handled. I just took delivery of a 92G Brigadier Tactical and I couldnt be happier. I sprung for the additional custom shop tuning, the results are awesome. You wont touch a factory pistol that comes this tight out of the box. The fit, finish, and feel are second to none. Of all the berettas Ive fired in the service, none has ever impressed me until my 92G. This pistol is a bargain bar none. Also, I have to thank Brittany with customer service. Consider me another satisfied customer!
Best of both worlds.
Bring your pistols and fire them a while. Then load the G and enjoy the perfect trigger. Feels like a $5000 Wilson!
Love It!!!
Everything i was hoping for! Couldnt be happier!... Unless they offer one with a thread barrel!
I love this gun. Its smooth, accurate, and a great value. its filled the void I had after I sold my Elite IIA years ago.I love this gun!!!
Over Rated, not worth the money
Over Rated and over priced. Save your money and buy a M9A1 or 92A1. This isnt the treasure WC claims it be. While SOME of WC Beretta parts are note worthy their 92G is far off the mark.
A work of Art !
I finally got my 92g brigadier tactical from Wilsons. Once again, Bill Wilson and the team prove to be the best in the business. The slide to frame fit, the finish and overall feel are amazing. I had the action tune done before delivery and it is amazing. This SA trigger pull is the best of any hand gun I own including my high end 1911s. The quality is obvious from every aspect, This is a superior hand gun and I highly recommended it. I will provide an official range report soon. MANY THANKS TO BERETTA AND THE WHOLE WILSON COMBAT TEAM FOR THIS SUPERIOR PRODUCT !
Flawless. A jewel in my collection....
I was on the fence about a Beretta 92 for a long while until I saw this advertised. It was everything I wanted in once complete package. The Beretta/Wilson collaboration was what sealed the deal for me because Wilson Combat is a name I trust and Beretta is a brand I have had confidence in for many years. The pistol was delivered in a timely manner and the final product was simply outstanding. Fit in finish is as close to perfect as you can get outside of NASA. My first range trip proved that the pistol shot as good as it looked. Brittany the Wilson CSR was outstanding and was able to answer my questions and give me status updates in a very timely manner. The Wilson/Beretta 92G is a welcome addition to my range bag. Thank you Bill Wilson, Beretta and Brittany the CSR for making my Wilson buying experience everything I expected it to be. Wilsons customer service is every bit as good as their firearms and accessories.
Please please please
This is awesome if only yall could do a 96!
Wilson Combat Baretta 92G Tactical
Shot my 92G Tactical today. Great gun - great looks - good balance - smoothe operation - very accurate - FUN TO SHOOT - one of my favorite guns - rates right up there with my WC Defender and my WC XTac Compact.
Wilson Combat Beretta
Firearm shoots as good as it looks. Locks up like a bank vault. Accuracy is spot on with what you would expect from Wilson. Over 750 rounds with zero issues. Ammo used was various FMJ and hollow points from 5 different manufacturers. If you are a 1911 fan but want something with more capacity but still high quality you have found it. I highly recommend this firearm. The two companies merged together to make an excellent firearm.
WOW what fun!
THIS i s now the favorite gun we own. MY wife and I just love this piece-- very accurate,easy to us e out of the box, shooting very tight groups @ 20 feet for newer shooters this is a feat. Wilson combat offers top notch service and great products. BUying from them is almost as much pleasure as shooting this Beretta!!!!! THank you Wilson Combat--you are the best ::
Follow Up
This is a follow up to my original review. I have now put about 500 rounds through this awesome pistol, including both hollow points and FMJ rounds. The JHPs have been different brands, different grain bullets a various velocities. It has been, in a word, perfect. I also had a chance to test the trigger pull with a guage and it measured 3.5 pounds in SA and 8.5 pounds in DA. Excellent results. Given the quality of parts, workmanship and reliabilty I would say this gun is a bargain.
Typical WC Product
I put my first 100 rounds through my brand new Beretta WC 92G Brigadier Tactical. This firearm oozes quality, and was admired by several of my fellow shooters at the range this morning. The slide/frame fit is perfect. Solid but not stiff. Excellent accuracy and not s single hiccup. Fired everything that I put through it flawlessly. Great trigger in both DA and SA, but as a 1911 guy I particularly liked the SA. This is a durable brute that will be a gun to be enjoyed and handed down. Great job WC!

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