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Easily upgrade your carry and target gun reliability by virtually eliminating trigger return spring breakage. This drop-in

replacement for steel Beretta® 92/96 triggers also improves trigger feel by reducing spring stacking.

Drop-in replacement for original trigger return spring

Fits Beretta® 92/92 with metal triggers only

Cam and Pin Coated with Robar NP3 for improved lubricity

Reduced power for the lightest possible pull - approx .5 lb less


Drop-in installation/FAQ

NOTE: Will not function in Beretta 92A1 or any model 92/96 with polymer trigger.

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reduced power or increased longevity?
With the trigger bar removed, I measured the trigger pull on my M9A4 with the stock music wire torque trigger spring between 1lb, 3oz and 1lb, 4oz. I then measured the WC chrome silicon torque trigger spring between 1lb, and 1lb - 1oz. Lastly, I measured the reduced power coil trigger spring and measured between 1lb, 5oz and 1lb, 6oz. My conclusion is this reduced power (coil-style) trigger spring is best suited for longevity/reliability rather than as a reduced power competition trigger.
Dropped right in
Dropped right in with NO filing. Put a drop of CLP Break Free on it. No problems whatsoever with it. Still evaluating performance gains.
love the design
like the setup. will be replacing it with the standard power model though, I just picked the wrong one for me....reduced power works but I prefer the more positive reset.
This is good stuff
This unit, with the short reach trigger, really contributed to a lighter/smoother trigger, I received it this morning and put it in this afternoon, adjustment and installation took less time than my five year old laptop did to boot up to write this review. As with everyone else, I had to stone the sides a touch to get it to fit nicely, I also touched up the hole for the trigger bar stud. I imagine that if anyone is lacking purpose tools that a few licks on your knife sharpening stone will do the job on the sides.
Conversion spring
Installed this part tonight. Dropped in the short reach trigger I previously installed. Trigger appears to have less pre travel than before. This was the only Wilson Combat part left to replace original other than barrel. Nice touch.
Awesome upgrade, dont be afraid of purchasing this Tcu. Yes you will need to file the sides down as its a bit too tight , I filed a bit off the trigger and a bit off the Tcu whole install took about 20 minutes.
Trigger conversion unit
The trigger conversion unit really made the trigger pull much smoother and i would recommend it. It did however require a lot of filling to get it to fit in the WC short reach trigger I ordered.
This is the trigger spring Beretta should be using from the factory
Impressive upgrade, but I did have to use files to hand fit the piece. Well worth the effort through, this part, combined with the reduced reach trigger, and a #16 hammer spring, work to make this action much easier and smoother. Well done Wilson Combat, Im impressed!
Not exactly plug and play but...
As some others have said I did need to do some filing to get the piece to fit without sticking/grabbing the trigger after each trigger pull. Have yet to get to the range as I just installed the parts this weekend, but based on feel alone I am happy with the results installed with short reach steel trigger Cant wait to get to the range!
Easy, Drop-in installation. it worth. I purchased this unit,as an upgrade for my Italian 92FS. I highly recommend this product
Wilson Combat Trigger Conversion Unit
I installed the new low power unit along with a short reach trigger. The fit was snug ,but with some high quality lubricant and patience,it all worked out. The single and double action function of this unit should last for years to come.I highly recommend this part for reliability of the Beretta M9. It should be a factory part!
Helped more than expected!
I put this in my 92A1 and was able to tighten up my grouping by 20% on the first day at the range. As others have mentioned, I had to file the sides down a little to get it to move freely in the Wilson Combat Short Reach Steel Trigger, and the crimp on the retaining rod was really sharp so I took the points off while I was at it. The trigger pull is much smoother now!
Not exactly drop-in, even with steel trigger.
I purchased this unit, along with the reduced reach steel trigger, as an upgrade for my M9. The TCU body did NOT fit inside the trigger without applying pressure, and would not stay seated against the frame when cycling the trigger. I spent about 30 minutes, taking my time, and filed down the body of the TCU with ignition files until it fit nicely and had a smooth, mirror-like shine. Probably removed more of the Robar coating than the metal. End result, this thing works like a dream. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade as long as youre prepared to fit it. I would highly recommend this product, but I can only give it 4 out of 5 stars because it did require minor fitting.
A must have! Highly recommended!
The short-reach trigger, combined with this reduced power spring, and the 16lbs hammer spring proved to be an excellent combination. The creep I was experiencing in the DA trigger pull has been virtually eliminated. Its now much easier to properly stage the trigger and maintain a sight picture with the double action pull. As for the single action, the differences arent as pronounced, the trigger reset might be a little shorter, but the Berettas SA pull was never an issue that needed remedy. Also, I would like to note that new trigger unit has a nice crisp mechanical sound, it just sounds like quality, and it gives great audible feed back when staging the DA trigger. Overall, Im very pleased. I was expecting maybe a little more noticeable difference in the overall weight and length of both the SA/DA trigger pull, but the difference is in smoothness and ability to stage the trigger, and it more than makes up for it. Maybe Ill try out some of the lighter hammer springs, I didnt want to go lower than 16lbs for my first effort out of concern that it may cause primer strikes.
File on the sides a bit before installing
My stock 92FS was no pleasure to shoot, even in single action. I installed a factory Beretta rear target sight and the following Wilson Combat items: steel trigger, lowest power hammer spring, lowest power trigger return spring. For around $130, its now a far better gun and my groups have shrunk in half with no more tendency down and to the left. Single action is really nice and crisp.
worth every penny
Easy install and nice fit. Heavy duty compared to regular trigger spring. Highly recommend.
Wilson Combat Trigger Conversion Unit, Reduced Power
This fits the A1 series if you swap yer trigger... Its totally worth it