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The High Ride Beavertail Grip Safety will improve the comfort and controllability of your 1911 Auto. This is accomplished by allowing the shooting hand to be positioned closer to the plane of the bore while spreading the recoil over a broad rounded surface. The bottom of the High Ride Safety features our raised Posi-Release tab which assures positive grip safety disengagement while serving as a grip memory point each time you draw your pistol. The top of the High Ride Safety has a hammer pocket which makes the pistol more snag-free by allowing a commander or bobbed spur hammer to sit down in the beavertail when cocked. Frame modification required. Installation of a Wilson High Ride (#298) beavertail requires cutting the frame to fit the beavertail. Our beavertail fitting jig mounts to the hammer and thumb safety pin holes to serve as a filing guide to help prevent over cutting of the frame. Once this cut is made, only a few thousandths remain for final fitting to a perfect match. Complete instructions included on the use of the fitting jig and how to properly install a Wilson's beavertail grip safety.

Note - not designed to work with Series 80 Colt pistols. Will work with minor modifications.

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Worth the time
This is definitely a project that requires time. However, it is well worth the hours invested. Using the Wilson jig youll be within a few thousandths after filing. It really depends on the effort you apply, but after about 3 1/2 hours getting the lines perfect it fit and functioned perfectly in my RIA G.I. Great quality look and goes like peanut butter and jelly with the Retro Commander Hammer. Wilson hit this one out of the park!
Perfect for my needs
This replaced a very old but wonderfully serviceable wilson dropped sytle grip safety from the 70s or early 80s. Wanted this gun to be like my other 1911s with the High Ride style. Fitting it was fine and was not a problem as my cut ws already a .220 radius. I just had to fit the trigger engagement and the frt. nose of that portion of the safety. Works great and feels like the rest of my guns now. I recommend this part to anyone who has a working knowledge of 1911s and has a skill set to fit parts to one another. Pros are that it can be fitted for your grip style. Cons is you SHOULD know what your doing!!!
full fit means FULL FIT!
Let me preface everything I say by saying that the piece fits great, looks amazing, and functions flawlessly... However, It took a ton of work even with the jig for fitting. Also the jig got the frame close but did not allow beaver tail to function or line up correctly, I had to remove quite a bit more material. All in all it took me about 5 hours to get the perfect fit with constant disassembly and reassembly of weapon.
Fantastic function on Reminton R-1
Used the radius tool and got the safety to fit in less than an hour. Looks and functions like the gun came with the safety!
Works great
Got this for my springfield GI , a good bit of work to fit it but well worth the time and effort , looks and works great . A word of advice , well worth getting the jig if you need to modify the frame .
Fits well
I purchased this part for my para gi expert and it fits very well, as the stainless steel part complements the black finish of the pistol and allows me a much better hand hold. It was not a flaw in the safety I dont think but it had a bit of a fitment issue with the jig actually not fitting into the safety radius. Other than that another fine part from WC.
Fantastic !
Replaced the safety on my Colt Commander with this Wilson model and it is GREAT ! Fits really nice in the web of your hand and does just like the description says !