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Now you can have a high ride beavertail grip safety on your 1911 pistol without modifying the frame.

  • Better Control of Your Pistol
  • Eliminates Discomfort and Hammer Bite
  • Return Your Pistol to Stock Condition by Simply Re-Installing the Factory Part
  • Designed to Work with a Commander Style Hammer or a Bobbed Spur Hammer
  • Fits Colt Style 1911 Frames


Our drop-in beavertail grip safety provides better control of your pistol while eliminating the discomfort and hammer bite that are possible with stock grip safeties. To return your gun to stock condition, simply re-install the factory part. The drop-in safety is designed to work with a commander style hammer or a bobbed spur hammer. Due to variations from one pistol to the next, slight modifications to the beavertail's trigger engagement area may be required for proper operation.

Compatible with the following pistols:

  • Auto Ordnance 1911A1
  • Auto Ordnance Pit Bull
  • Colt 1991A1
  • Colt Government Model
  • Colt Gold Cup
  • Ithaca 1911A1
  • Military Issue 1911A1
  • Norinco 1911 
  • Para-Ordnance GI Expert
  • Para-Ordnance P-12
  • Para-Ordnance P-13
  • Para-Ordnance P-14
  • Remington R1
  • Rock Island Armory Full-Size 1911
  • Rock River 1911
  • Springfield Armory Mil-Spec 1911


Read more about installing/fitting this beavertail grip safety here.

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Did not fit my early RIA Twin Pines 1911A1
Filing of the trigger engagement area was not sufficient to bring the tab up high enough into alignment to allow the trigger to slide under it. The lower area of the grip safety did not fit properly into the milled frame recess in the grip without filing that area too. Also, the opening for the horn area on the frame at the beaver tail bound as well without extensive filing of this part. Even after modifying all of these areas to fit the tab that stops the trigger when "on safe" would not raise raise high enough to allow the trigger bow to pass below it when the safety was fully squeezed. It is almost as if the pivot hole was too low in my frame or the hole in the safety too high for this to ever work in my frame. I am not a gunsmith but have done a fair amount of mods like this. Overall a slight waste of time and money but it was a learning experience and I did all the filing on this part and didn't damage or modify the firearm itself. It was not an expensive part so it was worth the try.
Not a complete "Drop-In"
This is a very well made part. It was not, however, a complete "drop-in" part. I had to do a little bit of filing on the safety tang. Nothing serious, didn't take long to get the part to work properly. It fits well on my Colt Series 80 1911 Gov't Model. Looks good, feels and functions good. If you have to do any "fitting", go slow and easy, and try fitting it several times to get it "right".
Perfect drop in for Colt
I have a Colt Government Model 01911C, which is a new production series 70. Dropped straight in and functions better and far more comfortably that factory grip safety. Works with Harrison Design's bobbed hammer without modification.
Excellent quality; not for mil-spec spur hammer
It's a very well-built, quality piece. However, bone-stock GI models beware: you WILL NOT be able to use this safety with a mil-spec spur hammer. The hammer will stop against the beavertail before it can reach full cock. You will have to additionally change to a bobbed spur or Commander style to be able to use this safety.
#429BC Beavertail Review
Installed this item along with #299B Hammer on my Colt .45 Gov't. Model (mfg.1966). Beavertail & Hammer fit with no adjustments, sanding or polishing. The pistol looks like it came out of the factory. Wilson add on parts fit perfectly and look great. Good job Wilson.
Great fit
I recently purchased a Rock Island 19911A1 and really like the way it shoots, but my big hands were taking a beating from the GI Grip Safety so I ordered a Beavertail Grip Safety, Drop In as well as a Value Line Hammer and Value Line Sear. They all fit as they were supposed to, the only difficulty was on my end getting everything lined up to go together. Everything fit without any filing, definitely dropped right in. Great work Wilson Combat.
Received the parts I ordered, 429BG and 455B. drop-in beavertail grip safety and value line hammer. Put these Wilson parts in my older model 70, Auto Ordnance Thompson 45. Twenty minute job start to finish. No problems, works great. Thanks to Wilson Combat, great parts for my 45.
Not drop in
Does require fitting on a Colt Government.
Great for Colt 1991
I spent around and hour and a half fitting this and a retro bullet-proof hammer and re-fitting the thumb safety for this setup, to my Colt 1991 and it was more than worth it. My Colt took some skin off my hand so I went this route so I wouldn’t have to cut the frame. I looked around the internet at pictures of these installed on GI type 1911’s and I can tell you that with a 1991 there is very little gap and it looks excellent. As far as being close to drop in, I would say not quite. I had to file and polish two different spots on the trigger engagement area that looks to be over-sized to obtain a good fit. Being careful, I disassembled the pistol 8 times to check fitment. My future plans for this pistol included a full-fit beavertail but I can see myself saving some money and keeping this setup.
On a Rock Island Armory M1911 A1-FS
Dropped in, feels and functions better than the stock GI. No fitting required. Matches Parkerised finish.
RIA 1911A1 GI
Great finish and it would have been very straight forward install but one of the tangs on my 1911 was longer than the other and was binding on the wing of the beaver tail on that side. I filed the wing of the grip safety back a little and the fit was fine then I had to do some normal fitting for proper engagement with the trigger stirrup and it works beautifully. You cant even see where I took the wing back because the tang covers it. Great product with a great price.
Remmington R1
This fit perfect in my Remington R1 1911 No modifications necessary to the frame Very happy with this product
!00% drop in
Fit my 2 year old Rock island GI model like it grew there, zero fitting involved dropped right in and works perfect, very happy with fit and function.
Remington 1911
Beaver tail fit perfectly.
A great product.
I like this part but,to me, I think the upper edge of the hump should be more rounded for greater comfort in the grip.
Drop In Beavertail
awesome drop in, gunsmith put it in with the skeleton hammer, all I can saw is what a big difference. recommend taking to gunsmith as all drop ins could fit different in your weapon.
True Drop In Beavertail for Remington R1s 1911
Needed no modifications at all! A flawless piece.
This beavertail grip safety dropped in my full size RIA GI pistol in about 15 minutes. Very little fitting of the tang. Highly recommended!
I am a fairly new Armorer. Very nice with only minimal filing to the connector tang. I installed this on a RIA 1911 full size government model. Feels great and looks great too!
Excellent part!!
I had to do some modification to the trigger engagement for the RIA 1911A1 GI that it is in, but, it looks and works great! I would suggest this part or any Wilson 1911 part to anybody who wants to customize their 1911. Keep up the great work and I will keep buying!
Great product as usual! Only way Wilson makes stuff!!
Very good product. Looks great. Had to file some off of both points for it to fit and keep it from rubbing my frame. If you have done much with fire arms you know that a part like this is usually not a drop in part anyways. Looks great and works greatly on my Rock Island 1911
Did drop right In.
Installed in my series 70 GM. Works as good if not better than factory. Great custom add on.
RIA 1911 A1 Mid Size
This dropped right in, and fits ALMOST perfectly. There is a little more resistance to the fit than factory, but will likely smooth right out with some use, or a competent smith work over. I installed it along with Value Line Hammer 455B and Value Line Sear 314C.
RIA 1911
Drops in perfectly on the 1911 A1 nice beaver tail thanks wilson
Excellent fitment!
Fits perfectly in my commander. Had to do some very minor adjustment on the engagement area as to be expected. The width and length fit perfect.
rock island arms 1911
Ok so I bought this the commander hammer and deluxe sear, strut new trigger and all new springs and disconnector all were smooth drop ins,after I learned how to take apart and put my gun back together that is<this is my first 1911>went shooting today and I have to say its perfect the beavertail has no bite and with the rest of the drop in parts its about a 2lb pull id say. would recommend for an RIA to anyone
perfect fit
just installed this part in my Para GI Expert,it literally just dropped right in like it was made for the Para,looks great and works perfectly.Would recommend to anyone with a Para GI Expert.
Does not drop in American Tactical GI
I did get it to work. The top slid right in but had to file sides and reshape bottom edges. Polished all filed areas to a shine, looks good two- toned.
doesnt fit a Springfield Mil Spec
I love that Wilson is an Arkansas company, but this part leaves a large 3/16 or so gap between the radius of the frame and beavertail. I know the parts are technically fitted for a Colt, but it would be great if they made a variation to fit the Springfields properly since there are a lot of people looking for upgrades and respect the Wilson quality
remington r1
The beavertail done what it said it dropped right in no mods what so ever just like everything ive bought from wilson combat for my 1911 no problems not one keep up the good work
Fit perfectly
Thanks Wilson, this grip safety fit perfectly.
great quality! pretty much dropped in my colt delta elite. Had to trim just a touch off of part that is unseen anyway. it was an easy fix after I matched it up next to the original off my gun.
Excellent buy
Dropped right in and got to firing right off the bat. Huge improvement in looks and it feels great. GO WILSON!
Drop in with a little filing
Bought this safety for my government 1911 and it required a little filing. Works very well. I shot 150 rounds without a problem or a bite on my hand.
purchased this grip safety for my springfield armoury 1911 a1 GI .45 along with the value line hammer and sear. absolutely no fitting required! all three parts dropped right in! fit, feel, and function is excellent and i noticed the trigger pull feels a little lighter. i highly recommend. all three parts are needed to work properly and are well worth it. thank you wilson combat for making excellent products! i will be ordering the extended slide stop very soon. excellent upgrades!
Drop-in Bevertail Grip Safety
Just purchased the Bevertail Grip Safety Part No. 429BG also the Value Line Hammer Part No. 455B with the Value Line Sear Part No. 314C. It is not often a company supplies the parts as advertised, but I can only say that Wilson Combat is an exceptional company. The parts were for a Springfield Mil-Spec 1911 and they were truely drop-in parts. No fitting was required and my trigger pull went from 7-8 pound to 4.75 pounds. If I need any parts for my firearms I will definately use Wilson Combat parts. Thank you.
Quality part. Well worth the money. Would recommend to any 1911 owner.
I know from previous experience the top notch quality of Wilson Combat products, however before now I had never tried their drop in beavertail safety. I recently purchased a used Auto Ordinance Pit Bull 1911 very cheap. I didnt expect much from the little 45 but was very surprised at how much I loved shooting the little guy. I did however have the same problem I always have with the stock style of grip safety. The little sucker bites. Knowing the cost of having someone install a beavertail on it, I decided to try out the drop in style from Wilson Combat. I read previous reviews of people saying how happy they were with it and of its general fit and finish, however I was still surprised to find it to be a true drop in part. I needed only to remove the old one and install it. The fit is perfect! No gaps, and no need for fitting or filing of any kind. It was as if it were made specifically for my little Pit Bull 1911. The gun has a great feel to it, and the new grip safety feels as good as any of my other 1911s.
Complete drop-in for my RIA.....
.... without any modifications at all. The blued finish matched the parkerized finish perfectly.
Great Addition to my SA Mil Spec
I ordered this along with the economy hammer and it went right in to my SA Mil Spec without having to do any fitting at all. Looks nice and feels great. I had it parkerized before they sent it to me. Very
beautiful match up
the outside matched my 1911 perfect very clean finish just a bit of fitting it was ready test fire
True Drop In
I got this part to go in a 1943 Ithaca 1911A1. Have been dealing with getting bitten by the hammer on it for over 27 years and finally had enough. This part is the greatest thing since the 1911 came out. Not only does it and the value line hamme keep you from being bitten but it was a TRUE drop in. No fitting of any kind required. Never would have thought parts from three companies would mate up like they have. Very crisp clean release at 3 1/2 pounds and no slop in the trigger at all. Fits in the frame like a custom make no gaps or open areas to snag or trap dirt. Had the parts parkerized before shipment and they are almost a perfet match. Only way could be closer is if whole gun was dont together. Customer service was great also. Thanks
This was a perfect drop in on my Auto Ordnance 1911, looks fantastic, feels even better. Cant beat Wilson Combat
I have a Remington 1911R1, and I purchased this along with the value line hammer both dropped in with absolutely no problems. I couldnt believe it, well done Wilsons
Installed this on my Para GI Expert. It dropped right in without any fitting or issues. Amazing product. Matt
This by far is the easiest to install,no problems, a perfect fit.
Perfect fit
replaced the safety and hammer at the same time. Both dropped right into my 1944 Ithica and fired flawlessly. Thanks
Minor Fitting To My RIA 1911-A1
Had To Stone It A Little Bit To Release Properly, Took about 10 - 15 Minutes To Install. Feels Great In My Hand, ALOT More Comfortable Than The Stock One And Looks More Aggressive. Would Suggest Changing The Hammer, Trigger And Sear At The Same Time.