Beavertail Grip Safety, Drop-In, Commander, Stainless

Beavertail Grip Safety, Drop-In, Commander, Stainless
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Detailed Description

Now you can have a high ride beavertail grip safety on your 1911 pistol without modifying the frame.

  • Better Control of Your Pistol
  • Eliminates Discomfort and Hammer Bite
  • Return Your Pistol to Stock Condition by Simply Re-Installing the Factory Part
  • Designed to Work with a Commander Style Hammer or a Bobbed Spur Hammer
  • Fits Colt Style 1911 Frames


Our drop-in beavertail grip safety provides better control of your pistol while eliminating the discomfort and hammer bite that are possible with stock grip safeties. To return your gun to stock condition, simply re-install the factory part. The drop-in safety is designed to work with a commander style hammer or a bobbed spur hammer. Due to variations from one pistol to the next, slight modifications to the beavertail's trigger engagement area may be required for proper operation.

Compatible with the following pistols:

  • Colt Commander Model
  • Colt Officer's Model
  • Colt Enhanced Government Model
  • Colt Enhanced Gold Cup


Read more about installing/fitting this beavertail grip safety here.

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Doesnt fit 1911builders officers model 80% frame 6/3/2017
I believe the 1911builders frames are made by Para Ordnance but not sure. This product was however very well made and Im saving it for another project. Just thought since it is advertised as fitting the commander and officer models people ought to know it doesnt fit them all.
It DID drop right in 5/8/2015
Installed it on my Colt Lightweight Commander in about 15 minutes. I was a little intimidated about doing it myself because if it did need fitting I didnt feel qualified to work on the fire control parts. Not to worry about this safety on my particular 1911. Recommend anyone with the old style safety to give it a try. Totally satisfied and extremely happy.
Robert Greer
Not a Drop-in for the SR1911 but with tooling it eventually fit 3/3/2015
I bought both the 429SG and the 429SC to see what would fit the SR1911 the best. Dont even bother with the 429SG. Not the right shape. The 429SC is the right part for the SR1911. The best thing to do is pull the factory grip safety and copy the finger shape and size. From there you will make minor adjustments for your specific fitment. Wet/Dry sandpaper on the sides of the grip safety was needed for me so it wouldnt stick. I never assume anything is truly drop-in. I still buy Wilson products over others because of their quality.
Grip safety install 2/22/2014
Took 2 minutes to determine how much material to remove from trigger back plate contact and frame contact points. Took 1 mute to remove material. Beautiful finish. Works perfectly.
- Albert M, CA
easy fit, great quality 1/17/2014
It took a total of 15 minutes to disassemble , fit the new grip safety and reassemble my 1970s Colt combat commander. It was almost a drop in , just a minor amount of gentle filing on the sides of the grip safety and some 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper for a perfect fit, and look.
- Bob Z., FL
Not quite drop-in 8/25/2013
I purchased this for a 1978 Colt Combat Commander and upon installing the part the safety pin would not go in. I had to grind the Beavertail Grip Safety to get it to conform to the CC tangs. After an hour or so of grinding and re-fitting i finally got the grip safety pin to install. Minor reduction of the BGS where it contacts the trigger was needed as well. Now that its installed I am very happy as i didnt change the frame and can reinstall the original grip safety at any time.
- P W, TX
Some fitting required 7/29/2012
Bought for my colt officer. Im a novice and this was my first upgrade. I had to watch a lot of you tube to show me the way but once I understood how the parts all worked fitting was a breeze.
- S F, MT
Awesome piece 7/26/2012
Purchased for a 70 Series Colt Commander. Did require a very little bit of fitting / filing on the trigger connect but once it was fitted it dropped right in. No modifications required to the frame of the gun. 10 minute job!!!
Reviewing this product and WC Customer Service Rep 7/19/2012
I recently ordered this and a number of other parts from WC including finishing a S-70 Govt. Model with Armor Tuff which is still in the process. The main point I want to make is not only for the quality of WC parts but the quality of their customer service which takes a back seat to NO ONE. I specifically appreciate the courtesy and helpfulness of Jason Jones on this order and his continued patience with me as he took care of a few bumps along the way. Thanks again, WC, for my most recent great customer experience!
- John Blackwood, AR
Superb 6/5/2012
The beaver tail is an awesome Drop in no problems with fitting like description says drop in.looks exceptional
- Johnpaul Romero, TX
RIA 1911-A1 CS PRODJECT 2/3/2012
Got my gun back from my gunsmith at work. The beavertail grip safety looks & feels great. He had to do a little fitting but was very pleased with the product. I love it . Thanks WC !!
Philip K. Grifana Jr.
Grip saftey install 11/3/2011
Ive installed a number of these on Govt and Commander models. A little bit of fitting and they work great. They really add to the feel of the gun and make it more comfortable to shoot. Definitely will continue to use this product.
- Michael Frangoudakis, GA
Great up-grade for your Colt 5/10/2011
The fit and finish on this part was excellent, allowing me to add a Beavertail to my Colt without cutting up the gun. There was only minor fitting required on the trigger contact area. If you own a Colt and are looking to up-grade the grip safety, Wilson has you covered. Pros: everything Cons: none
- Dave Hanna, ID
Not a drop-in part 5/7/2011
While I have a number of other safties that drop into my colt, series 80, XSE, I couldnt make this one fit, no matter what I did.
- glenn blanchard, FL
Great drop-in 4/21/2011
Ive used two of these drop-in beavertails and love them. One commander size went on my Colt xse perfectly. The other was for a friends Llama I was re-building for him.
- John Garison, TX