Battlesight, Serrated Blade, Tritium

Battlesight, Serrated Blade, Tritium
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Recently developed by Bill Wilson, this high profile rear sight has a .145” wide, deep U-Notch for optimum sighting in low-light, dynamic range conditions. The concave rear blade is serrated 40 lpi, while the notch area is recessed into a semi-circular pocket for a crisp, protected sight picture. Easy, drop-in fit on any slide already cut for a 65° x.495" dovetail. (Wilson 463 or Novak Low Mount). Dual set screws bearing on a unique internal dovetail locking bar enable easy installation/adjustment prior to final rock solid attachment. Machined external shelf enables one-hand slide cycling or malfunction clearance. The new Battlesight presents the ideal sight picture for shooters looking for the ultimate rear sight for poorly lit shooting conditions, dynamic shooting events or for those with aging eyesight.

  • .145" Wide and Deeper U-Notch for Optimum Sighting in Low-Light, Dynamic Range Conditions
  • Serrated 40 lpi for a Non-Glare Surface in Even the Brightest Outdoor Range Conditions
  • The Pyramid Shaped Rear Occludes Less of the Target While Shooting
  • External Shelf Enables Easy One-Hand Slide Cycling or Malfunction Clearance in a Pinch
  • Easy, Drop-In Fit on any Slide Already Cut for a 65° X.495" Dovetail (Wilson 463 or Novak Low Mount)
  • Dual Set Screws Bearing on a Unique Internal Dovetail Locking Bar Enable Fool-Proof Installation/Adjustment Prior to Final Rock Solid Attachment
  • Ideal Sight Picture for Shooters Looking for the Perfect Rear Sight for Poorly Lit Shooting Conditions, Dynamic Shooting Situations or for Those with Aging Eyesight
  • The .030" Taller Profile Than Standard Sights Will Require a Front Sight of .190" on a 5" 1911, .170" on a Compact
  • All Edges Radiused for Smooth, Comfortable Gun-Handling
  • Black Parkerized, Fully Hardened Carbon Steel for a Lifetime of Use
  • Rear Sight Has Yellow Tritium Vials

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Awesome View 9/22/2016
Well I own a Springfield Range Officer, replaced most things, and last was this sight. It was quite difficult to remove but got it, then to my amazement the Wilson Combat Sight Went right in, a true drop in. One of the first, I left the fiber optic which was 0.170 and my groups where AWESOME my poa or poi right on the mark. Thanks, Wilson Combat
- George Bennett, MS