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Developed by Bill Wilson, the Wilson Combat Battlesight has a .145” wide, deep U-Notch for optimum sighting in low-light, dynamic range conditions. The concave rear blade is serrated 40 lines per inch, while the notch area is recessed into a semi-circular pocket for a crisp, protected sight picture. Minimal fitting required when used on any slide already cut for a 65° x.495" dovetail (Wilson 463/Novak Low Mount). Massive dual set screws lock the sight down for a rock-solid, final attachment. Machined external shelf profile enables one-hand slide cycling or malfunction clearance. The Wilson Combat Battlesight presents the ideal sight picture for shooters looking for the ultimate rear sight for poorly lit shooting conditions, dynamic shooting events or for those with aging eyesight.  The rear profile is .030” taller than a typical low-mount sight and works equally well on compact or full size handgun.

  • Ideal sight picture for shooters looking for the perfect rear sight for poorly lit shooting conditions, dynamic shooting situations or for those with aging eyesight
  • .145" wide and deeper U-notch for optimum sighting in low-light, dynamic range conditions
  • Serrated 40 lpi for a non-glare surface in the brightest outdoor range conditions
  • The pyramid shaped rear occludes less of the target while shooting
  • External shelf enables easy one-hand cycling or malfunction clearance
  • All edges radiused for smooth, comfortable gun-handling
  • Black parkerized, hardened carbon steel for a lifetime of use
  • “Easy Fit” on any slide cut for a 65° X .495" Dovetail (Wilson 463 or Novak Low Mount).
  • Dual Set Screws for a final Rock Solid Attachment
  • The Battlesight’s .030" taller profile than standard will typically require a .190” tall front sight on a 5" 1911, .170" height front sight on a compact

Click here if you need help determining the correct sight height for your gun.

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My Favorite Rear Sight
Had this installed on my WC CQB along with a WC fiber optic front. Like them so much I’m changing all my 1911’s to this combo. I have a similar rear sight on another gun, but this WC Battlesight is so much better, it is be8ng replaced.
Finest rear sight made
I have a Colt 70 Series Govt 45 ACP that is highly customized. I did the research on every sight made by all the finest 1911 gunsmiths and their products. This rear Battle site, in my oppion, the very best made for my application. Buy one, youll agree.
I installed this on my SA MC Operator. Originally came with Novak rear and front tritium sights. All I can say is WOW. What a difference the battlesight is. Having the rear blacked out really lets you focus on just the front sight. Very quick sight picture. I paired this with a Dawson fiber front only cause the wilson front wont fit my pistol. I would imagine the results would be just as good as with a Wilson front fiber sight as everything I have purchased from Wilson has been above expectation.
Wilsons Best Rear Sight Ever!
This is the best fixed rear sight that Wilson has ever created, and they are the standard by which all others must be judged. Its solid as a Patton Tank and provides a lightning-fast and highly effective sight picture. The machining and finish are typical Wilson: magnificent. Rear sights do not get any better than this.
Thie rear sight is THE BEST!
Had this sight recently installed on my WC Professional a few weeks ago. It DRAMATICALLY improved my sight picture and acquisition instantly. If you havent tried it, go ahead, you wont be sorry. As always WC Customer Service and return was swift, professional and speedy!
Battle sight ROCKS!!!
I have been using the battle sight with a fiber optic front for a year now. Sight acquisition is extremely fast. My 48 year old eyes now struggle with other sights, but the battle sight is very easy to see. For the long shots centering is easy and just as accurate as the old target sights.