Barrel Link, Group Gripper

Barrel Link, Group Gripper
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Replacement barrel link for Wilson Combat 1911 Group Gripper models 12G, 203G, 203C


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It Works 12/31/2018
Put the Group Gripper on my well used Kimber Target II. After more than 10,000 rounds it was getting a little loose and the accuracy wasnt what it used to be. I thought it might be just a gimmick but Wilson Combat doesnt do gimmicks so for $7.00 I gave it a try. Did a good job of shrinking my groups. The best accuracy job you can find for 7 bucks.
- James Cox, KS
Dwyer Group Gripper 6/19/2013
I installed this kit onto a PT1911, which shot OK groups. This kit tightened the groups quite a bit. It is worth the money.
- David Wong, FL