Barrel Bushing, Government, Stainless

Barrel Bushing, Government, Stainless
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Wilson Combat Match-Grade Barrel Bushings are produced from top- quality steel for maximum reliability and wear. Our Stainless Steel bushings #29S & #29SC are designed for .580 O.D. barrels and require only minor fitting. The #29B Blued bushing is a pistolsmith part with considerably more material on the O.D. and I.D. for use with smaller barrels or when special situations require additional material.

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Renewed a used CQB
Purchased a used WC CQB, cycled great but sprayed all over the target at 10 yd. Purchased a drop in barrel and bushing, barrel dropped in, but had to fit the bushing OD and ID. Now wrench tight. Now is making a ragged hole at 10 yds. Will purchase just a bushing for my SA 1911, should tighten it up too! Very happy!
Worth the price and effort to fit
THis bushing took some fitting both inside diameter and outside, for my pistol. HOWEVER, the end result was very much worth the effort. 25 yard groups shrunk from 3-5 inches to 1˝ to 2 inches. Get one and do some fitting, if necessary.
The outstanding reviews on this bushing are warranted.
I bought this bushing for my RIA because of the great reviews. The ID diameter was perfect and minor sanding brought the OD to a wrench tight fit. My 7 yd group went from 4 inches to a ragged hole.
Very quick and easy
I bought this bushing expecting to spend awhile fitting it. The inside diameter, on the barrel was perfect out of the box! The outside of it was only about 2 hundredths off and took about 10 minutes to have perfect. I have to use a bushing wrench to remove my plug now and it has cut my groups by half or more at 25 yards! I was shocked at how easy it was for such a precision part.... amazing part.
On a Rock Island Armory M1911 A1-FS
Fitting is required, which is a good thing to improve consistent tight groupings. I had to fit the surface that touches the barrel and the surface that touches the frame. I fitted this bushing so tight that my 1911 now requires me to use a bushing wrench to take it out, couldnt be happier!
Perfection but requires some work
I bought one to replace for my Colt MK IV series 70 after the original Colt bushing cracked in half vertically one of many of the original Colt parts to fail and be replaced by Wilson. The bushing WILL most likely require some fitting, I attached it to a drill press and turned it with 400, 600, 800 grit sandpaper as it got closer to fitting, then polished it. took a few hours. The 1911 is now super tight, tighter than when it was new and ultra accurate. Great buy!
Stainless Bushing
Used for a 15 yr. old Kimber Custom Classic. Required some minor fitting but this is easily done and has helped tighten things up considerably. Range tested on 11-25-10 and had no problems. Accuracy was improved. Good kit. Thank you to Tanya for her help with taking measurements for this item! Measure your components to help pick the right bushing.

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