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The Rogers Super-Stoc™ is the most advanced rifle stock currently available.

  • Innovative Cam-Lock System Completely Removes Any Slop or Play Inherent with Collapsible Stocks
  • Will Fit Both a Mil-Spec or Commercial Sized Buffer Tube
  • Weighs Only 7.3 oz.
  • Rugged Enough to Pass a 36", Fully Loaded Drop Test


The Rogers Super-Stoc™ is the ultimate refinement in AR/M4 stock technology. The Rogers Super-Stoc™ is the most stable, collapsible stock available due to the innovative cam-lock system developed by Bill Rogers, famed shooting instructor, inventor of holsters, target systems, and other related products, and his staff of engineers. The cam-lock system completely removes any slop or play inherent with collapsible stocks. Once the desired stock position has been selected, the stock can be locked down solid simply by clicking the cam-lock lever upward. Pressing the quick-release lever will disengage both the cam-lock, and the detent pin, allowing you to quickly readjust the stock position. The innovative Super-Stoc™ also removes the guesswork involved with buffer tube sizes. Our stock will fit both a Mil-Spec sized buffer tube as well as a Commercial sized buffer tube with a few simple adjustments. Weighing in at only 7.3 oz, it is among the lightest stocks available, but rugged enough to pass a 36", fully loaded drop test. The Rogers Super-Stoc™ is simply the best collapsible stock for your AR style rifle.

 TR-SUPERSTOC Installation Instructions

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Nice stock
Light weight stock and has no slop once locked onto the buffer tube. Would give it a total of 5 stars if only for one small gripe and that is the QD mount allows the QD sling attachments to swivel or rotate all the way around where as some other QD inserts allow some movement but prevent 360 rotation which keeps slings from twisting.
Price is right
Enjoyed only paying what it cost Wanted top sling mount and protected lever without paying 300.00 lever works but doesn’t inspire confidence metal would! plastic arms too flexible A set of readable instructions in package needed
This is the buttstock that came on my Wilson Combat Protector Carbine. Overall, I like the stock, although I would like the quick release sling point higher (not a big deal). What I don't like is my stock's tension device continually comes loose. This results in me having to tighten it before each trip to the range. I plan on changing it to another brand I have on another rifle. That tensioner has worked flawlessly for years.
Exceeds expectations.
Was looking to try something other than a CTR for my next AR build. Ordered the Superstoc after trying a couple of others. I installed it on my PWS Enhanced mil-spec buffer tube and it was super tight and hard to move even when unlocked. Placing cam lock lever in position to lock was nearly impossible. I removed mil-spec shim and replaced the stock on the buffer tube. Adjusted the screw for the cam lock lever and it fits perfectly. I'm not sure why, because the instructions stated it's set up for mil-spec from the start. I never removed the selector pin, but it doesn't matter. The thing now adjusts easily and locks TIGHT. No slop, no wiggle.
Best out there
This installed easily and feels great. The locking mechanism removes all slop from the stock and feels higher quality than the Daniel defense I owned. Nice that it also has a sling attachment point.
No more wiggly stocks! Adjust it to your liking and lock it down. I had to remove the mil-spec shim to get it to fit on my mil-spec buffer tube. No big deal.
SuperStock is just that!
I just received my Wilson Super-Stock about 15 min ago. What can I say? After removng the stock that came with my Ruger 556E, I proceeded to put the Super on. Slid on without any problems. Now all I have to do is test at the range!
Love the Super-Stoc locking mechanism. Takes all the wobble/rattle/noise out of back-end of my custom build. Thinking about putting one on my wifes AR.
Rogers Vs. Colorado made stock.
I saw a review on a popular M4forum a ways back and a guy said why get a Rogers when you can get a X brand made in Colorado. This brand is also a popular AR magazine manufacturer company as well. Well, let me just say that while the other brand is also a fine stock AND A BATTLE PROVEN product too boot; it is a EXCELLENT product. However, The Roger stock wins my book over the latter. Heres why: *Its Just as if not more durable. *Its made of high quality plastic. American Made *It Has Ambi quick sling attachments, which is standard issue. *It is Indefinitely adjustable. Meaning- you have the standard locking holes to adjust for comfort and length of pull, like every other adjustable M4 stock on the market but the difference with the Rogers stoc is that you can actually adjust in between the lock settings. Shoot, I know Im making this sound complicated but it isnt lol. Basically you can adjust the stock length by as little or as much as you wish and it will stay that way when you lock it! The stock also had a rubber recoil pad. Another well thought out design is that there are numerous ways to mount a sling with it. You can mount your cool high speed sling to it or you can get a shoe string or telephone cord and make a hasty sling out of whatever. The Rogers stoc has plenty of mounting ideas limited only to your brain housing group. In short, If you want something thats adaptable to you, it comes recommended. People are always intrigued by this stock, and when I show them the features they go bananas over how awesome it is! Ive had it over 2 years and no problems. Solid American engineering and a Solid American product!
Ordered 2 of these...love them! Great product, looks good on and works very well. Thanks!
Like a glove
My first AR build, and needed a buttstock. Options were endless, but who better to turn too than WC. This Rogers super stoc fit my Mil-Spec buffer tube great. No adjustments needed for my install. Overall, very nice product. Will recommend to others.
Just put this stock on my socom , love it .Its light fits nice and tight no slop at all. Shipped ASAP and wilson combat tech support is A+++++  
Excellent lightweight stock!
I wanted to relpace the fixed stock on my LR-308 to reduce weight. I tried the popular make that has a friction lock to stabilize and eliminate stock movement. No matter what I tried the stock still wiggled. I saw the Wilson adjustable stock while buying Wilson parts for one of my pistols and decided to give it a try since I have always had good luck with their line of parts. The new stock completly got rid of the shake and rattle, has a good pad, and knocked a few more ounces off the weight of my rifle compared to the other brand of adjustable stock. I am very satisfied.
No wiggle
This thing really is rock solid. Pretty sure Im replacing a few others with it.
Rogers Super Stock
Beautifully engineered, easy to install. Commercial or Mil-spec.
These guys are the Mercedes of the AR world. Pure refinement. Like every other product they offer, this one is first class. As of right now, there is no better tactical stock for the AR platform.
Fits like a glove...
This stock shipped fast! Wilson does not sit around once you have placed an order. They get right to work packaging your parts and get them mailed off quick. When I got the box off the door step I thought there was no way all my parts could be inside. To my surprise everything was there, EVEN my stock! I love how the butt plate has the Wilson combat logo and how my parts came with a sticker..I appreciated these touches..I put the stock on and I admit it was very snug, I had the get it level and push a little hard. Once I got it in the groove it slid right on. Tight as could be. Once the cam is locked, there is absolutely no wiggle or noise at all which was important for me as I guide hunts with my rifle. I will also note that my last 5 stocks all pulled at my beard and was painful and uncomfortable. This stock from Rogers has a seamless top cheek weld that DOES NOT pull my whiskers!! I am very happy about that. I have gotten used to the PAIN of other stocks over the years now I will have to get used to the COMFORT of this stock.. Truly amazing. The only con I could find was that the butt plate is a very hard rubber which is pretty slippery and will slide on my tile where as my last stock had a soft rubber non-slip butt pad which was great for the tile in my house..***If I was mailed a replacement pad that was non-slip of a softer rubber I would change to 5* no if ands or buts about it.
Great Stock, Everything Promised and More
I replaced a comparably priced, well known after market brand stock with the Super-Stoc. The Super-Stoc is equal to or better in every way and it just seems to fit me better. I wish WC would make it in OD and FDE. As always, great Wilson service.
Great Buttstock!
I didnt buy this from WC, but the new Colts are coming with these factory installed. I have to say this is much nicer than what the M4 I carried in the desert was equipped with. There is absolutely NO wiggle room when its locked in place. It also has several sling mount locations pre-built into it that will accommodate just about any sling configuration you would like.
best stock out there
Well made, glove fit. Looks and performs terrific.
Best AR-15 stock on the market!
The Super-Stoc works very well and is exactly what I wanted. The cam lock makes the stock extremely solid with no movement. I would definitely buy this stock again and recommend it to all my AR-15 friends. This stock is very light also.
Tight when it was locked up
I was looking for a stock that did not have an adjustment that was where it could get knocked around when I did not want it moved. This was perfect with the adjustment INSIDE where you had to reach deliberately to release it. This stock locks up TIGHT when it is locked up and slides smoothly when you loosen it up to adjust it. FIRST CLASS PIECE OF EQUIPMENT!!
Great product
Stock is everything Wilson advertises it to be. Easy install with no wiggle. Ill be using these for all my future AR guns.
As advertised
Order came in good time..product fits my wilson Ut15 like a glove.Intsallation was a breeze...Looks sexy..feels good...so far everything works as advertised without going to the range as yet...let you know when i do....will definitely recommend recommend.
Best AK stock out there!
I installed this product on a Tapco AK T6 stock on an AK-74. Not only does it make the rifle feel like a rifle should it looks great!
Exactly What I was Looking For!
Picked this up from Wilson a few weeks ago. Easy install, takes 15 minutes maybe. What impresses me the most is how tight it locks down, no wiggle or movement at all. I was so use to the loose standard M4 stocks this one is a dream! Price wise its consistant with like stocks but I dont think any of the MPs are built as well. Plus on weapons I dont go the cheap route. Consider every gun might be called on to save yours or a family members life one day, being cheap or looking cool might not cut the mustard, it must be functional. This stock has it all and wont break your wallet. I would advise anyone to pick this up from Wilson, you wont be sorry.
I was impressed with the build quality and solid lock up. The stock is tight when the cam lever is on--a good thing when you dont want any play. It is a very light weight stock!
Great Looking & Quality!
While looking at various different types of Buttstocks, I noticed a lot of them rattled around a bit. Even some that were a little pricier than this. I really liked the style of this one and heard how secure they are. On my Mil-Spec tube with the cam lock on, there is NO movement, NO noise, it stays secure and tight where you put it. Quick to adjust and stays solidly in place. Just a note however, this does not come with a Buffer Tube, while the other Buttstock that Wilson sells, does.
I will ilke to know the NSN# for this butstcok

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