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The Ingenious Multi-Port 1911 Compensator Features a Built-In Barrel Bushing, Three Chambers and Seven Exhaust Ports for Maximum Recoil Suppression. Adding the Multi-Comp Compensator to your 1911 Auto is as fast and easy as changing out the barrel bushing and since the Multi-Comp can be used with your stock barrel, you have greater flexibility with your pistol at minimal cost.

The Multi-Comp works on all Government length (5") 1911 Autos with .576 - .580 muzzle O.D. in calibers up to and including .45 ACP. Requires Wilson Combat #148,5 Two-Piece Guide Rod or stock recoil spring plug shortened to 1.2". (Any Commander length plug is also appropriate for The Multi-Comp).

  • Built-In Barrel Bushing for Easy Installation
  • Three Chambers and Seven Exhaust Ports for Maximum Recoil Suppression
  • Designed to Be Used with Your Stock Barrel
  • Works on All 5" 1911 Autos with .576" - .580" Muzzle O.D.
  • Suitable for Calibers up to .45 ACP
  • CNC Machined from Barstock
  • Blued Steel with Bead Blast Finish and Polished Sides to Match Your Pistol
  • Minor Fitting Required


NOTE: Any Commander length plug is also appropriate for our bushing compensator.


Shooting Times Takes a Look at the Effectiveness of the Multi-Comp

397 Test & Evaluation


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WC says you must install the two-piece guide rod BEFORE INSTALLATION or this product won't fit. Did you do so or not?
Minor Fitment
I had to sand the bushing to fit into my slide, it fit my barrel no problem right away. Getting under the lug was a pain in the ass however. I have a RIA 1911-A1 FS .45ACP Government and I guess unlike most 1911s mine only lets the spring plug come out the front. So I filed my slide where it holds it captive to make it to where I can push the bushing in through the front and the back. You can only push the spring cap in through the back when you assemble it because it doesnít have enough clearance to go through the front with the bushing. Itís all done now and I love it, I have yet to shoot it, just finished 30 minutes ago. Even if itís just reducing minor muzzle flip, itís still worth it to me because it looks bad ass.
Took some time but excellent mod.
Got this for my stock Springfield 1911-A1. Took about 3 hours of light sanding on the compensator and shortening of the stock plug. But after running 200+ rounds through this thing makes a heck of a difference. Recoil is now down comparable with a 9mm Glock. Even my friend's wife who hates the kick on their .45 (M&P) likes shooting this one.
Easy to install
I installed the compensator with a little bit of sanding with my work sharp knife sharpener. In slightly under an hour I had a solid fit. Wilson Combat ships fast and I am very happy with my purchase and experience with them in general.
Fit on my sds tisas just fine.
You don't need the two piece guide rod. I have the wc flat wire recoil spring and full guide rod and wc bushing comp. When putting gun together you do it like you normally would but instead you put the plug (has to be 1.2 inches to clear so bushing lug can lock on place) put the spring over guide rod and push plug down all the way into the dust cover then press comp into the slide.. Once it's far enough in the lug will press the spring plug down for you then twist and lock bushing comp on.. And use a small punch to take apart. This comp fit with no problem direct drop in.. I love it and under scientific testing it reduces recoil up to 30%.
Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced
This is a great product great quality I really love it too bad it does not fit my slide if I really want to do that bad I could take it to a machine shop and have the compensator bushing part sanded down so it fits but then it takes the reliability integrity out of the metal So great part unfortunately just not for the Remington 1911 r1 enhanced
1911 Commander fitment
Although it's not made for the 4.25" barrel it will fit with a little work. Using a cut off wheel I shortened the end to match that of the stock plug and with a little sanding on the o.d. and i.d., I had it fitted in about 2 hrs. I plan on getting a high cap. 1911 soon also in 4.25 barrel length and will not hesitate in getting another for it and doing it all over again. Along with the Wilson stainless steel slide release, extended thumb safety and beavertail grip safety my S&W 1911 looks badass. I also put Hogue full size lazer grips on it , you have to drill new bottom holes but if you use the old grips and put them together with the new and drill the holes you'll have a perfect fit, a more comfortable grip without the bottom of your hand under the gun and saving you from pinching during mag. changes, plus a nice clean look with full size mags.
Drop in fit
I got this with a few other goodies for my pt 1911 that had issues out of the box. Dropped right in with no massaging.
Remington R1 1911 tough fit
Really liked the look of this but it was not a simple drop in part. Spent about 4 hours filing and polishing to get this to fit. Hardest part was getting the last 1/16Ē to get into the slide and rotating the part to lock it in the slide. There was a radius where the round portion of the compensator came to the front portion that prevented the compensator from going into the slide and alignment of the lug into the groove in the slide took a lot of work to fit. Some of the small ports on the compensator had burrs that chewed up my right hand while I tried to fit this part. The small ports looked to have been wire edm machined and could have used an extra pass to clean up the material at the cut-off. Some of the finish also came off during all the work on the part and that was disappointing. Not sure why this was so tough to install. Really like the finished product but would not consider another Remington 1911 for this upgrade.
Springfield 1911
Bought one for my Springfield 1911 5 .45acp. Looks and works beautifully. No fitting needed for mine dropped right in. Website says wilsons two piece guide rod required. Little confusing they must mean for Wilson guns because I tried theres and it did not fit in my Springfield, slide would not move once assembled. Ended up using stock guide rod and recoil spring and bam smooth as butter. Great product saving up for one of there 1911s in the future.
I want one, but...
I truly would like to get one of the multicomp bushing for my 1911, unfortunately I have a commander model series 80, I think this would be an outstanding upgrade if a version were available for the commander size barrels.
Nice addition to my Rock Island Arms 1911
The only reason why I gave this product a 4 star review was because of the amount of filing I had to do just to get the compensator bushing to fit into the slide. Other than that it is a great piece to add.
1911 Para Expert
Broke down the ole p shooter, gave her a quick wipe down, and hammered in my new WC compensator. Fit and finish is AMAZING!!! cannot wait to test fire.
This Comp has no Equal
Wilsonís bushing compensator surprised me in a number of ways. It was relatively easy to fit and install, it can be removed and reinstalled in only moments and itís easy to clean. Most importantly, however, is the extreme level of quality and performance it provides. Iíve used other comps over the years but have never been particularly impressed with any. Wilsonís comp does exactly what a comp should do. This is truly a wonderful part that will allow the shooter to enjoy a maximum amount of versatility from his 1911.
1911 SIG .45
Took about and hour of hand sanding but looks great and the recoil is amazing. Feels like Im firing my Glock 17 9mm. Great product. The appearance of it does however fit the lines of the traditional style 1911s with the rounded slide.
Multi-Comp A High Quality Product
I ordered this Multi-comp for my RIA 1911 A1 and had to do about 20 minuets of sanding and use my dremel to get it to fit. It is still a pretty tight fit but good for what I want it to do and defiantly makes the firearm look more sinister.. I cant wait to get out to the range and give it a try!
my new compensator
just received the multi-comp bushing compensator for my auto ordnance 1911 and it looks and works awesome, there was some sanding that needed to be done but it fit in great.the gun is much more accurate and defiantly noticed less recoil
Wow & Wow Again
Perfect fit and adds not only a sinister look to the front end of my Colt Series 70, it gave me about a 50% reduction in recoil. A 17# flat wound recoil spring and shock buffers were added at the same time along with a set of star burst cocobolo grips. The vintage Colt has been transformed into something that is great to look at and better to shoot. I have NEVER been disappointed in Wilson Combat products ~ they are the best of the best!
perfect fit
I recently received my Multi-comp in the mail and in less than 5 mins had it installed on my Kimber raptor II. Truly a drop in. Only took a light sanding with 400 grit paper.
My Remington 1911 looks better and meaner
Bought this for my Remington 1911 R1 and with the help of the gunsmith at my local range got it to fit perfectly. Much less recoil and muzzle travel. I enjoy shooting my 1911 R1 even more!
conversation starter
this is a good looking piece and looks great on the gun, but as a compensator the only muzzle flip it may reduce is because of the weight at the end of the pistol. i have 2 1911s 1 w/ the bush comp and one w/o and theres no difference.
Just got this the other day and put it on my kimber TLE that ive had for a few years now,this is by far one of the best pieces for your money took me about 5 mins to do some sanding and the compensator fit like a glove the look and the job it does is awesome.
A 1911 must have!
The added accuracy this item adds pretty much pays for itself! As a full time family man I dont have tons of cash to throw down on every firearm I own, but the Multi-Comp Bushing Compensator is a great place to start on the road to custom 1911 pistols!
great product as always
Looks and works great on my Springfield loaded.
Great little addition
I bought this to go onto my kimber target II. It went on very easy, but the Wilson Combat two-piece guide rod is a must. I am not sure that it would have gone on with out it. I love the product.
Perfect Fit!
I had recently purchased one of the and installed this on my Springfield Armory Loaded edition, I also use the Wilson Combat recoil buffers and they both provide for a lighter recoil and enhanced accuracy.

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