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Bore Polish

Wilson Combat® Bore Polish will improve the condition of bores while removing copper fouling. Bore Polish contains NO ammonia or synthetics and will not harm metals.

  • Removes Copper
  • Polishes the Bore
  • Improves Overall Accuracy
  • Contains No Ammonia

Wilson Combat® Bore Polish will improve the condition of bores while removing copper fouling. Bore Polish contains NO ammonia or synthetics and will not harm metals. Bore Polish will remove copper from the lands and grooves while leaving the embedded copper, in the micro fractures of the bore, alone. The result is a smooth, polished bore which needs no fouling shot to be accurate.


We recommend Wilson Combat® Carbon Remover be applied as a first step to remove hard carbon buildup.

SHAKE WELL prior to use.

Step 1 - To remove stubborn copper or lead buildup use a good copper or bronze brush. For routine cleaning, a patch should do.

Step 2 - Wet the patch or brush with Bore Polish and apply to the bore using slow, complete (full length of bore), even strokes (approximately 20 passes) or until fouling is removed.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including petroleum products, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information go to

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This puts the Ultimate in Ultima
I am a revolver guy, both conventional and cap and ball black powder. What this Bore Polish has done to my barrels is nothing short of amazing. The bores are clean and have a mirrored finish to them. It has made a difference on the accuracy of all my revolvers, but especially on my cap and ball revolvers. I have no problem grouping in a 6 inch circle from 15 yards with my 1851 Navy. Just an amazing product that I would recommend for any firearm.
Shines Your Bore to a Mirror Finish!
The bore is the heart of your pistols potential for accuracy. WCs Bore Polish not only removes impurities but smooths out the metal leaving a brilliant shine that enhances your barrels ability to perform to its fullest extent. Using this polish as part of your barrels cleaning regimen will help you obtain the highest level of accuracy possible.
when cleaning my 45s I always thought the barrel should look better. when I got the polish is did not expect any difference.after cleaning it still looked the same. when I used the polish the barrel looked looked clean and everthing looked very clear to the naked eye
Bore Polish really works well
I cleaned a new AR today and was confident it was clean. Patches came out clean and white. I used the Bore Polish and was amazed at the crud and black patch. I really do have it cleaned now. Tomorrow I will polish my Baer .223 and Stag 7 with the best cleaner I have ever used..Wilson Combat.
A+ Product
I recently purchased this bore polish for use in all of my 1911 pistols. This product just WORKS! My bores are clean, and shine like a mirror. Solvent is simply not enough. This bore polish will confirm that. I just wish I purchased this a long time ago. 10 bucks WELL spent.
Mirror finish for your bore
Just like you come to expect from Wilson Combat, and they dont disappoint. If you want your bore to have a mirror polish, than you have to use this stuff. Ive used Wilsons cleaning products in every gun I own and the result is always top shelf. I have found that the bore polish is at it peak performance when you use it with their Carbon Remover, but on its own it is still the product Id choose to use over any other brand. I recommend this to EVERY shooter/gunsmith in the world. Keep it up Wilson Combat.

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